10 Reasons to GOTV Text With Us

Dana Cichon
Oct 18, 2019 · 2 min read

It’s three weeks until the 2019 elections so we’ll keep it short and sweet. The clock is ticking! ⏱

Why go with RumbleUp for your Get Out The Vote texting needs? Simple.


GOTV texting works when you do it the right way. That’s why we’ve won top honors for our GOTV texting work in 2018. You’re in great hands with us. (So are the other 400+ clients who text with us.)


Phenomenal client success team offering email, text/live support and best practices so you’re never texting blindly (or get stuck). Check out our 5-star customer reviews.


Full-Service, Self-Service, or a hybrid setup — we’ve got you covered even if you are very pressed for time and need help with lining up texters, data, messaging copy, etc.


Highly competitive pricing with volume discounts starting at 100K texts.


Highest deliverability of any P2P vendor and 100% transparency: know your texts got to their destination!


Highest reliability of any P2P vendor: zero downtime during the 2018 election weekend outage.


Lowest carrier spam rate: reduces the risk of negative feedback, decreases undesirable blowback.


Extremely fast texting: 7,000+ texts per hour per texter!


Dead simple onboarding: fill out a form for full-service or log into our client portal and have your volunteers texting in under 15 minutes.


Free replies, free proxy numbers, including toll-free numbers; 320 character messages by default, 500KB attachments, and all the advanced features you need to succeed.

Convinced yet? Still have questions?

Get started today at RumbleUp.com or send us an email at sales@rumbleup.com.

See you at the victory party! 🎉


RumbleUp: Personal Scalable Messaging

Dana Cichon

Written by

Director of Accounts & Marketing at RumbleUp. We win races with powerful political tech. Launch your peer-to-peer texting campaign today http://RumbleUp.com



RumbleUp: Personal Scalable Messaging

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