COVID-19: Why Texting is the New Handshake 🤝

Dana Cichon
Mar 11, 2020 · 3 min read

How campaigns can lead the way in slowing the virus spread while still connecting with millions of voters on a personal level.

Here at RumbleUp, we believe in being prepared.

That’s why we’re taking the threat of Coronavirus extremely seriously. This week the entire RumbleUp team moved to working remotely to help ensure that our team will be healthy and available to support you.

We believe the virus will significantly impact our nation and the way we conduct campaigns and elections. Campaigns will soon be unable to rely on public rallies, meet-the-candidate events, face-to-face canvassing and traditional phone banking for ID, persuasion and GOTV.

In voters’ eyes, campaigns serve as a preview of how the candidate, if elected, would govern. Therefore it is not just good policy, it is necessary for campaigns to put the health and wellbeing of their supporters and volunteers first by limiting in-person contact as much as possible — even if it runs counter to their basic assumptions about what retail politics should look like.

Luckily, peer-to-peer texting is an extremely effective way to continue engaging voters directly in a one-to-one, personal manner. RumbleUp’s turnkey platform, blazingly fast sending and replying speeds and ease-of-use make it an ideal solution for the challenges campaigns are facing.

To name just two examples; instead of asking volunteers and staff to go door-to-door to dozens or hundreds of homes, or coming into campaign headquarters to phone bank elbow-to-elbow, now these same volunteers and staff can quickly and personally communicate with even more potential voters and supporters from the comfort and safety of their home.

Smart campaigns were doing this before the Coronavirus outbreak. It is already a tested and proven method of voter contact. Now it is also the solution to a broad public health crisis and, for our audience, an organizational and strategic crisis.

How we can help make this transition fast, simple and easy:

  1. RumbleUp’s unparalleled delivery means you don’t have to worry about your increasingly critical text messaging programs becoming blocked as spam.

2. We have expert for-hire texting teams that have done outreach to groups impacted by natural disasters (hurricanes, etc.) if you need to outsource your texting program.

3. Our support team can help you craft a plan and messaging for GOTV, voter ID, persuasion, fundraising and a dozen other proven uses of peer-to-peer texting.

4. RumbleUp has the highest uptime of any P2P vendor and our support team has an established track record of providing prompt assistance to our clients at any stage — we’ve worked with over 500 clients coast-to-coast.

Together, we can continue to ensure that citizens remain engaged and informed during these uncertain times.

Please reach out to our sales team at if you want to learn more or sign up to create an account and start texting today at

Finally, please let us know how you and your company/campaign is preparing to combat COVID-19 — we’re all in this together!

Learn more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting at our website.

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