Runners Diary Week 2: Fight Gone Bad

Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

This week, I restarted interval training. After a warm-up, we completed twelve sets of 200 metres followed by a short relay race and a lap of the running track for kicks.

I trained without a watch because my battery was gone. That always feels like running naked. I’m guilty of spending way too much time worrying about the settings on my watch and other running gear.

Instead, I paced myself by keeping up with a faster runner who averaged 40-41 seconds per 200 metres. It helped that we had a coach who called out our times i.e. “Hurry up!”

My other running workouts were alone. They mostly involved slow runs of around five or six kilometres around the town where I live. I tried to keep my heart rate below 140bpm.

My weekly mileage is still a little low but it’s over 20 weeks to the marathon. Currently, I’m averaging 25 km per week. My long run is around 12.5km.

The Search for the Right Training Plan

I’m still looking for a training plan that includes an interval session, a tempo session, a long run and strength training.

In previous years, I used Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans. They worked and are easy to follow.

I’ve also experimented with the 80/20 training plans that prioritise volume (or lots of miles) at a low intensity. I’m less interested in going after volume this year as I struggled with these plans. It’s surprisingly hard to run at a low intensity for a long time.

I like having a training plan that I can stick on a whiteboard in my office and cross out each work out as I draw closer towards race day.

Total volume: 25km

CrossFit Training

My plan is to supplement marathon training with at least two CrossFit sessions a week, sacrificing at least one easy run if I have too. I completed two CrossFit workouts this week.

The first workout, Undercover, involved:

3 rounds of:

  • x15 power cleans
  • x20 pushups

2 rounds of:

  • 27 calorie row
  • 75 double unders (in my uncoordinated case that’s double under practice)

1 round of

  • 35 calories on the assault bike

Total score: 18:33 scaled

This week’s other CrossFit workout was Fight Gone Bad (I love the way CrossFit brands it work outs). I was tired going into this workout stacking it on top of three day’s of training.

That involved 3 rounds of:

  • x1 minute wall balls (7kg)
  • x1 minute Sumo deadlifts (35kg)
  • x1 minute box jumps (24 inches)
  • x1 minute push press (35kg)
  • x1 minute calorie row
  • x1 minute rest… phew!

Total score: 208 reps.