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Run for Something is excited to share 19 endorsed candidates who will appear on the ballot on April 4th in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin! Take a look and see if any of them are in your neighborhood and sign up to ensure they are on the ballot in November by volunteering this weekend.


Candi CdeBaca

Denver City Council, District 9

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Candi is a policy expert, social worker, community organizer, and the co-founder of Project VOYCE, Cross Community Coalition, and Tierra Colectiva/GES Land Trust. She is a proud fifth-generation native of northeast Denver and is the first LGBTQ Latina and first Democratic Socialist to serve on the Denver City Council. As an elected official, Candi successfully led the charge to divest from halfway houses run by private prison companies, co-sponsored the Eviction Defense Right to Counsel ordinance, and co-sponsored a charter amendment to bring balance between the branches of government when it comes to mayoral appointments. She has sparked many of Denver’s most exciting ideas from re-imagining policing, making the independent monitor truly independent, investing in cooperatives for a new economy, investing in historic businesses through a legacy business fund, participatory budgeting, modernizing the city’s community engagement and customer service practices, reforming neighborhood organizations to foster equity, campaign finance reform, and anti-displacement efforts. In 2020, Candi began convening a Food Desert Solutions stakeholder group that has since developed into the East Denver Food Sovereignty Initiative, and it is launching the first community-owned and sourced co-op grocery store in District 9. Candi has continued to be a fierce advocate for housing as a human right, food as a utility, environmental justice, and preservation/stabilization of Denver’s Black and Brown communities. Looking forward, she will continue to center the margins of society, and infuse city government with policy expertise, a lens for justice, and ancestral wisdom.

Sarah Parady

Denver City Council, At-Large

Election Date 4/4/2023

Sarah is an experienced advocate for economic justice and workers’ rights. Her drive to run for Denver City Council comes from her belief that when we invest in each other, we all win. In Denver, this means making city-owned social housing a reality, moving public safety resources away from criminalizing poverty, funding housing first and harm reduction models, and transforming transit with equity, climate resilience, and accessibility in mind. Sarah began her career at Colorado Legal Services, fighting to protect older Coloradoans, young families, and other vulnerable homeowners from foreclosure. She then cofounded a small public interest law firm focused on representing workers. She is a go-to resource for policymakers fighting for the constitutional, civil, and workplace rights of their constituents, and was a primary drafter of the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which made Colorado a national leader in pay transparency. Sarah’s advocacy has led to: a verdict believed to be the largest disability discrimination verdict in Colorado history, the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen wages to 200 drywall workers on a luxury condo project, a seven-figure settlement for a family injured in a mistaken police raid, and a change in nationwide policy by the Centers for Disease Control leading to coverage for mammograms for low-income trans women, among many other outcomes. Aside from her legal work, Sarah participates in mutual aid groups, shows up on picket lines, and mentors a broad range of young people. She has two small kids.

Shannon Hoffman

Denver City Council, District 10

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Shannon, a resourceful advocate, educator, and former small business retail employee, is a candidate for Denver City Council, District 10. She would bring a unique perspective on housing to council, as there are no current council members who are renters, despite making up more than 50% of the city’s population. As someone from a working class background who has worked primarily in education and nonprofits, Shannon has seen firsthand how policies impact people directly — for better and worse. From access to affordable housing to prioritizing the planet and community co-governance, she is determined to find solutions to the biggest challenges the city faces. And, most importantly, she has the experience and tenacity to make it happen. Shannon currently works for a nonprofit developing mixed-used affordable housing and formerly served as the Project Manager for From Allies to Abolitionists, an Emancipation Theater project, where she led a research team of local individuals who filed more than 40 Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests. This resulted in 427 documents that provided insight into how city funds are used to conduct sweeps or forced displacements of unhoused neighbors. The advocacy of this community group resulted in the City Auditor including the cost of sweeps in his future audit plan. Shannon believes the city needs more representatives on the city council that reflect its working class population and who will prioritize the needs of people over profit.

Tiffany Caudill

Denver City Council, District 2

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Tiffany is an activist, organizer, and community advocate, who is dedicated to care-based work and young people. As a parent of two children living with chronic health conditions, she ensures they have their most basic needs met while navigating a broken healthcare system to keep them alive. In that process, Tiffany discovered she has a powerful voice and is working to ensure all families have access to resources and opportunities that help them thrive. Tiffany is dedicated to improving her community, and she works with those who have been pushed to the margins. She volunteers for organizations that help people access resources and outreach to voters. Tiffany got involved in electoral politics, alongside candidates, using her voice at the capitol or at local board meetings and marching for justice in the streets. She prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable people in society because all people need and deserve access to safe shelter/housing, food security, healthcare with mental health resources, thriving wages, green spaces, and safe/accessible transit. This is the vision she will fight for on the city council.


Alejandro Gallegos

Will County School Board District 201U

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Alejandro, or “Alex”, is a dedicated union member and father who is running to be a new voice for Crete-Monee School District 201-U. Alex, who is the son of a Mexican immigrant, attended public schools himself and is passionate about providing a quality education to all students in the district. As a member of the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee for 201-U, he is committed to representing the interests and needs of the growing bilingual community in the district. If elected, Alex would be the first and only Latino member of the board. Alex believes that now is the time to make a difference for his community, and he is ready to work tirelessly to improve the education of children in the district and renew a sense of pride in the community. He is committed to empowering residents, supporting policies to retain good teachers, and keeping open lines of communication between the school board, teachers, and district residents. Alex is a hardworking individual who is dedicated to supporting students, teachers, and taxpayers alike. His family, consisting of his wife of nearly 15 years and his two children, is extremely important to him, and he is committed to making sure that all families in the district have the opportunity for a better life. By electing Alex, the community can have a passionate and dedicated representative who will work to make the district a better place for everyone.

Deniz Namik

Algonquin City Council At-Large

Election Date 4/4/2023

Deniz is a community-driven advocate who prioritizes positively impacting her surroundings and uplifting the stories and voices of marginalized communities. As a first-generation daughter of refugees and a dental student, she is deeply committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Deniz has been involved in community organizing in Algonquin since middle school, attending school board meetings and working with local organizations to better serve residents’ needs. As a Trustee, Deniz’s priorities include infrastructure, economic, and environmental development. She understands that being a public servant means more than just holding a title; it requires putting in the work for the community and ensuring that community members’ voices are heard. If elected, Deniz will be the youngest woman of color to hold a public office position in Algonquin, which is crucial for a town that serves a diverse demographic but lacks representation for these communities.

Lindsay Prigge

Barrington Library Trustee

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Lindsay is a payroll specialist at one of the top ranking payroll companies in the United States. She completed her undergraduate degree in marketing and international business at UW-Milwaukee and her master’s degree in human resources management from Colorado Tech Graduate School after having her first child. As a mom of three, she is deeply invested in the resources of her community, including the Barrington Area Library, in which she is seeking a six-year term as a trustee. Barrington and its surrounding towns have not been spared from the effects of the pandemic and recent inflation spike. The students are still on the path of recovery from learning loss, and the community has seen a rise in opioid overdose, teen suicide, and death. Empty storefronts are increasing, as the cost of doing business has skyrocketed. Lindsay believes the library can work in partnership with local schools, businesses, and village boards to provide support in these areas. She promises to bring responsible money management, be a voice for all, and utilize library resources to expand community services. Lindsay lives with her husband, children, and three dogs in Barrington, IL.

Ronnie Mosley

Chicago Alderman, 21st Ward

Election Date: 4/4/2023

A seasoned organizer, Ronnie has created wins on local and national levels for issues like gun violence prevention, cannabis, education reform, youth health, voting rights, and entrepreneurship. With over 15 years of professional experience ranging from community outreach to intergovernmental affairs, he has proven his abilities to navigate through challenges and build an infrastructure effectively. In 2017, Ronnie co-founded Homegrown Strategy Group, a policy and organizing firm that believes in the power of community and in the idea that achievement comes through collective effort. It is there that he serves as a founding partner and has managed clients that ranged from the JB Pritzker for Governor Campaign to the Obama Foundation. Ronnie was elected to the Local School Council of Simeon Career Academy and Wendell Green Elementary. He also serves on the boards of Mikva Challenge and March For Our Lives. A native of the Southside of Chicago, Ronnie completed his studies at Simeon Career Academy and attended Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA). He resides with his wife and goldendoodle in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Chicago and is a proud son and brother.


Alisha Sonnier

Saint Louis City Council, Ward 7

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Alisha is a passionate public servant, mental health advocate, leader, and visionary who is dedicated to community empowerment, social justice, and liberation. Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO, Alisha has almost a decade of experience as a community organizer. After running a city-wide campaign for the Board of Education and losing by 26 votes, she was appointed by Mayor Jones in May 2021 to the BOE. As a BOE member, Alisha has been instrumental in passing historic raises for teachers, supporting a $160 million dollar tax bond to invest in schools, and advocating for raising the district’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. She understands that too many individuals and families struggle to make ends meet and access basic necessities, such as safe and affordable housing, small business support, reproductive justice, and public safety. Alisha is now running for alder of the new Seventh Ward because she believes our city can do better and that the Seventh Ward should be a place for everyone. She is committed to investing in youth and families, promoting safe and affordable housing, and advocating for a holistic approach to public safety. Alisha’s dedication to community service is natural to her, and she is excited to bring her experience, passion, and vision to the Seventh Ward.

Daniela Velazquez

Saint Louis City Council, Ward 6

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Daniela is a lifelong public servant who is currently campaigning to become the very first Latina elected to the Saint Louis Board of Aldermen for the city’s newly drawn 6th Ward. Daniela has previously served as a Board Member of NARAL Missouri (now Pro-Choice Missouri), Vice-Chair of the Saint Louis Hispanic Leaders Group (HLG), and was on the staff at both the Ferguson Commission and the ACLU of Missouri. Daniela is also in her second term on the Board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis, which focuses on the success of business, economic development, and personal development for Latino leaders. If elected, Daniela will join the less than 2% of Latinos that are currently serving as elected officials in the United States.

Justin Short

Kansas City City Council, 4th District At-Large

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Justin was born in the Northland of Kansas City and now lives downtown. His father was an elected official, and his mother ran a major non-profit in Kansas City. Justin grew up experiencing public service and knew serving Kansas City was going to be something he would do. Justin remembers what Kansas City used to be and the amazing city it has become, but Justin also recognizes the work left to be done. Justin was appointed to the LGBTQ Commission and took a nosedive into the political scene in Kansas City. He is ready to serve our amazing city into the next chapter. Justin often says, “no iteration of my future involved anything other than Kansas City. Kansas City is my home, and I intend to serve it well.”

Michael Kelley

Kansas City Council, 5th District At-Large

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Michael is the policy director for BikeWalkKC, a local nonprofit which works to expand mobility choice and freedom throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. He’s running for the KCMO City Council in the 5th District At-Large for two important reasons: his daughters. Michael was raised to leave this world in a better place. When he looked at all of the challenges the community faces, he increasingly found himself saying he couldn’t sit on the sidelines. So he’s running to create a better Kansas City for his daughters and for everyone who calls Kansas City home. How does Michael plan to accomplish this? By focusing on four key areas: 1. Public Health: Helping Kansas City recover from the pandemic and to take steps to address long-standing issues, like mental illness and gun violence. 2. Neighborhoods: Addressing issues related to quality of life, affordable housing, and homelessness. 3. Infrastructure: Taking steps to repair roads and sidewalks. 4. Sustainability: Climate Change is real, it’s man-made, and it is accelerating. Doing everything possible to lower emissions while increasing preparedness for extreme weather events is important.


James Michael Bowers

Lincoln City Council, District 1

Election Date: 04/04/2023

James is a dedicated school social worker and mental health therapist who currently serves on the Lincoln City Council in Nebraska. He was first elected to the council in 2019 and has since spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of all residents in Lincoln. Some of his notable achievements include the implementation of Universal Home Visitation for new parents and infants, incentivizing apprenticeship programs to create job opportunities, funding for accessible playgrounds to ensure equal access to play for all children, and the banning of conversion therapy within city limits. James showed strong leadership during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and successfully navigated an attempted recall over directed health measures taken to protect residents. He is now running for a second term with a commitment to continue delivering positive outcomes and advocating for the best interests of all residents in Lincoln.


David Bowen

Milwaukee City Council, District 1

Election Date: 4/4/2023

David served as a Wisconsin State Assemblyman for a decade, completing his final term in January 2023. As a first-generation American and son of Jamaican immigrants, he was raised in Milwaukee’s Northside and attended Milwaukee Public Schools before graduating from Bradley Tech High School. David continued his education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying Educational Policy and Community Studies before running for elected office. During his time in the State Assembly, David served on several committees, including Education, Community Development, Children and Families, and Corrections. He has also held various board positions, including Program Director for Urban Underground’s youth leadership program and First Vice Chair on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Executive Board. David is a nationally recognized trainer for intergenerational community improvement strategies and a champion of issues to make progress in the lives of all people. As a Legacy Foundation Youth Activism Fellow and Steering Committee member for the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Violence Prevention Initiative, David has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his fellow Milwaukeeans. He is dedicated to serving his community, having also served on the City of Milwaukee’s Homicide Review Commission and Outreach Community Health Center Board.

Garner Moffat

Superior City Council, District 3

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Garner is a community activist and nonprofit specialist who is running for the 3rd City Council District in Superior, WI. He is an active member of the Superior Plan Commission, The Douglas County Historical Society Board, and serves as the secretary of the North Shore Community School. With extensive coursework in Community Development and Urban Planning, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from the College of St. Scholastica, Garner is well-equipped to take on the challenges of public office. His campaign is focused on building community health and wealth from the bottom up. He plans to work on dozens of policy ideas related to a variety of topics, with a focus on improving the lives of the people in his district. Moffat is passionate about improving his community and believes that everyone should have a voice in the political process. He is committed to working with his constituents to identify and solve problems and make Superior a better place for everyone.

Julia Matthews

Madison City Council, District 12

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Julia is a lifelong Madison resident, renter, and works in clinical research at UW-Madison. She is proud of her Madison roots and wants to continue to call Madison her home. She knows it is challenging when rent and home prices keep climbing, pushing out young people and those with lower incomes. She wants to serve as an alderperson to work towards lessening disparities across Madison, and increasing access to housing and transportation to help contribute to a future Madison that welcomes everyone. She’s young, dedicated, and eager to serve the people who live in her district. She’s also a very careful listener and will pay close attention to the needs of everyone she represents. Affordable, attainable, and equitable access to housing is a big priority for Julia, as well as responsible growth in District 12. Another priority is preparing for the incoming F-35s and advocating for direct city involvement to expand access to noise mitigation and run additional environmental studies. She also wants to look at ways the city can increase resources for families who are at risk of being priced out of the city due to rising rent and home prices, cost of childcare, and limitations on public transit in the most affordable neighborhoods. Julia is also passionate about the community engagement aspect of working as an alderperson. She believes that all voices have value and will be proactive about reaching people who have not always had the privilege, ability, or bandwidth to participate in city politics.

Juliana Bennett

Madison City Council, District 2

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Juliana is a young, queer, Black leader in Madison WI. They graduated from Madison West High School in 2018 and continued their education at UW-Madison. Throughout her time in Madison, Juliana has set herself apart as a community advocate. Juliana became a community organizer during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement and co-founded the Madison BIPOC Coalition, alongside fellow young, queer, people of color. Eventually, Juliana ran for and won her election to become an Alderperson on the Madison Common Council. During their time on the city council, Juliana championed affordable housing policies, violence prevention initiatives, community investment, fair maps during redistricting, equal access to transportation, and uplifting the voices of those most underserved in the community.

Maxwell Laubenstein

Madison City Council, District 4

Election Date: 4/4/2023

Max is currently a biological systems engineering student, who will graduate soon from UW Madison. He has been advocating for environmental action for years and is passionate about the intersections of climate action and access to clean water for residents. Max became an activist when he moved to Madison, working to organize around issues ranging from affordable housing to civil rights, and focusing on their impacts on marginalized members of the community. He has worked to build relationships with this community and if elected, will ensure that the seat is used to support the community with appropriate, sustainable, and affordable developments and policies to help fight the rising cost of living.

MGR Govindarajan

Madison City Council, District 8

Election Date: 4/4/2023

MGR is a student at UW-Madison who is running to represent District 8 on the Madison City Council. He is a first-generation immigrant and advocate for students. He spent the last two years fighting for issues that matter to students — such as affordable housing, access to mental health care, and more. As the Legislative Affairs Chair within the UW-Madison Student Government, he was able to make strong connections with local and state leaders, and he will continue to do so as alderman. MGR is running for District 8 on a platform of achieving more affordable housing, increasing access to mental health services, expanding safer and sustainable transportation, and more.



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