70 Reasons to Celebrate- Meet Run for Something’s April 2024 Endorsement Class

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44 min readApr 25, 2024


Run for Something is thrilled to announce our largest class of endorsees so far for 2024! At 70 strong, these changemakers hail from 32 states and will appear up and down the ballot vying for offices ranging from Appraisal Board member and Justice of the Peace to College Trustee and State Legislator.

Learn more about April’s Endorsees below!


Sarah Tyree

School Board, Dysart USD 89, Dysart, AZ

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Sarah, born and raised in Arizona, hails from Laveen and Maryvale. With a challenging childhood marked by abuse and poverty, she overcame these obstacles to graduate from Trevor Browne High School at a young age. Following high school, she dedicated eight years to serving in the United States Army. Sarah earned her first Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at just 21, later adding a second in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work to her list of accomplishments. In her career in the non-profit sector, she collaborated with legislators in Tennessee and Utah, advocating on behalf of vulnerable populations and contributing to policy changes that enhance safety and security for constituents. Drawing on her personal experiences, she values schools as safe spaces for students and uses her background in social work to support individuals facing adversity. Committed to achieving justice and equity for all members of the community, Sarah believes in the collective success that can be achieved through unity and collaboration.

Haley Creighton

State Senate, District 7, AZ

Primary Date: Jul 30, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Haley, a native of Chandler, Arizona, relocated to Flagstaff six years ago to pursue education at Northern Arizona University. As the current Northern Regional Director for the Arizona Students’ Association, Haley dedicates their time to engaging and registering college students to vote, advocating for issues such as abortion access and free higher education, and nurturing the development of future student leaders. Additionally, they served as the campaign manager for Kyle Nitschke during his 2022 State Senate campaign. Growing up as the child of educators, Haley has firsthand experience with the need for increased public education funding and support for teachers and students in Arizona. At 24 years old, Haley, a queer individual, has actively participated in protests advocating for their rights and autonomy. Committed to driving change in their beloved state, they strive to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and challenge the status quo in decision-making spaces.

Rhiannon Ford

Governing Board, Osborn School District #8, Phoenix, AZ

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Rhiannon, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, serves as a Governing Board Member in the Osborn School District. She brings thirteen years of experience as a public high school teacher and is an active classroom parent and PTO volunteer at her son’s Osborn school. Rhiannon is dedicated to advocating for school safety, enhancing teacher recruitment and retention, and expanding Osborn’s Dual-Language and Montessori programs.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University, a Masters degree from Arizona State University, and an Administrative Certificate from the University of Arizona, Rhiannon is well-equipped to contribute to the district’s growth and success. She prioritizes providing all students with a high-quality and equitable education regardless of the Osborn school they attend. Rhiannon’s commitment to student advocacy and educational excellence makes her a valuable asset to the Osborn School District.

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly

County Recorder, Pima County, AZ

Primary Date: Jul 30, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Gabriella, a lifelong Arizona resident, is seeking re-election as Pima County Recorder. Since 2021, she has held the position overseeing Voter Registration and Early Voting for over 630,000 registered voters and managing the preservation of more than 9 million public documents. As a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Gabriella’s background as a former educator led her to run for office to address systemic barriers faced by Native American students in the voter registration process.

Additionally, she is a co-founder of Indivisible Tohono, a grassroots organization promoting education and civic engagement within her tribe. Gabriella made history as the first Native American to hold a countywide elected seat in Pima County, emphasizing her commitment to voting rights and equity. She holds a B.A. in English Education from the University of Arizona and an M.Ed. in Education Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Gabriella resides in Tucson with her husband and two adult children, and in her free time, she enjoys activities such as writing, drawing, and embracing her interests as a Trekkie, Xennial, and Indigenous politician. Follow her on Twitter @GabriellaCKelly.

Lacy Chaffee

School Board, Mesa Unified #4, Mesa, AZ

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lacy is a dedicated community advocate with a passion for education. A graduate of Mesa Public Schools and a parent of five children within the district, she believes in the transformative power of a quality education. With a focus on ensuring every child in Mesa has access to exceptional education, she strives to strengthen communities through strong schools. Over the past decade, Lacy has volunteered on various school committees and councils, ranging from elementary to high school levels. Currently, she serves on the board of the i.d.e.a. Museum Foundation, working to provide children in Arizona with hands-on literacy and creative experiences. As a school board member, Lacy’s key priorities include enhancing classroom learning experiences for all students, supporting and retaining teachers and staff, and prioritizing campus safety. She aims to foster better communication between schools and the community to create a promising future for Mesa’s students.


Will LaRue

Justice of the Peace, District 9, Faulkner County, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Will is a native of Arkansas with a deep commitment to advancing the interests of Faulkner County and the state as a whole. After earning a degree in Business Management at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Will returned to his hometown of Conway to join his family business, TFC Inc. With a focus on fostering connections, enhancing infrastructure, and promoting economic growth, Will is dedicated to creating opportunities that benefit all residents. His passion for criminal justice reform is reflected in his efforts to support employees from re-entry programs within his business, emphasizing collaborative solutions that prioritize community safety and individual empowerment. Now, Will is seeking a seat on the Faulkner County Quorum Court to bring a new perspective and proactive leadership to local government.

Justin Meeks

State House, District 18, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Justin is a devoted family man and experienced professional residing in Springdale, Arkansas. With a background in child maltreatment and adult protective services law, he has dedicated his career to advocating for the most vulnerable members of society. Currently serving as a senior manager for data policy at a leading global corporation, Justin focuses on promoting ethical and responsible use of data within the private sector.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, Justin is now seeking election to the State House. He believes that the current state legislature is not adequately representing the interests of his community. His campaign priorities include advocating for fair wages for teachers and support staff, enhancing Arkansas’s public education system, fostering economic growth that benefits all residents, and advocating for government transparency through measures like the Freedom of Information Act.


Juan Manuel Vargas

Escondido Union School District Trustee Area 3, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Juan, a dedicated father and labor leader in his local union, brings his passion for public education to his campaign for the elementary school board. Raised in Escondido, Juan attended the local public schools and has deep roots in the community. With firsthand experience as a school district classified employee, he understands the importance of every role in our schools in shaping the next generation of leaders. Juan is committed to advocating for all students, addressing barriers to academic achievement, and ensuring fair treatment and pay for all Escondido Union School District staff. By working closely with educational partners, Juan aims to remove obstacles that hinder student success and create a supportive environment for both students and staff. He believes that every individual, regardless of background, deserves respect and equal opportunities in education.

Austin Bruckner Carrillo

School Board, At-Large, Hayward, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Austin is a dedicated community advocate and proven leader running for the Hayward Unified School District. Raised by adoptive grandparents who rescued him from a challenging environment, Austin’s firsthand experiences drive his commitment to positive change. With a background in collaborating with government leaders and grassroots activism, Austin serves as Chair of the City’s Community Services Commission, advocating for LGBTQ rights and marginalized voices. A proud union member and Hayward resident, Austin focuses on creating a more inclusive future through community service. His platform aims to improve student achievement, promote attendance, expand extracurricular activities, enhance safety and emotional support, increase parental involvement, support teachers, protect education funding, and strengthen local partnerships.

Ryan Khojasteh

District Attorney, San Francisco, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ryan is a dedicated prosecutor vying for the role of San Francisco District Attorney. His passion for public safety stems from a personal tragedy in which he lost a family member to gun violence at a young age. Motivated by this event, Ryan has committed himself to preventing crime, supporting victims and families, and enhancing public safety measures. With experience as an Assistant District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney in San Francisco and Alameda County, Ryan has worked tirelessly to steer youth away from criminal paths, prosecute serious offenses, and address neighborhood crime effectively.

His advocacy for evidence-based programs reflects his unwavering dedication to promoting long-term safety outcomes. Ryan’s belief in a balanced approach to law enforcement, focusing on accountability and rehabilitation, sets him apart in his pursuit of the District Attorney position. Join Ryan in his mission to prioritize genuine public safety initiatives over political agendas.


Calyn Rieger

Town Council, Avon, CO

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Calyn, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in lobbying and campaign management, is running for office in Avon, Colorado. With a platform focusing on 11 key areas of concern for the community, Calyn has a diverse background that includes involvement in Future Farmers of America, Americorps, and athletics. Committed to working collaboratively with the community, he is dedicated to providing practical solutions to real issues. His campaign slogan “I CAN. WE WILL!” reflects his determination to effect positive change.

Sarah McKeen

State House, District 51, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Sarah, a candidate for Colorado House District 51 Representative, is dedicated to addressing the concerns of her constituents. With a Master’s in Social Work and 8 years in the local nonprofit sector, she brings a wealth of experience to her campaign. Having overcome personal challenges as a single mother in Loveland, Colorado, she is committed to advocating for affordable housing and accessible healthcare for the residents of HD 51. Sarah’s platform also includes a focus on education and childcare, reflecting her deep personal and professional connections to these issues. By combining her community service background with a willingness to listen and learn from others, Sarah is prepared to make a positive impact if elected.


Emily Rodrigues

State House, District 98, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emily, a native of Oakland Park, is deeply rooted in District 98, where she has resided her entire life. Her passion for advocacy was ignited during her college years following a personal experience with sexual assault on campus. As a survivor, she has become a strong voice for victims’ rights. With a B.S. in Political Science from UCF and currently pursuing an M.A. in Political Communication at UF, Emily gained valuable experience working in the Florida Senate under State Senator Shevrin Jones. In this role, she played a key part in passing impactful bills, securing substantial state funding, addressing constituent concerns, and organizing community events. Publicly sharing her story as a survivor, Emily has been actively involved in raising awareness about sexual assault on college campuses. She co-founded a student organization at UCF, focusing on advocacy and support for survivors, and served as a keynote speaker for One Billion Rising UCF, an annual event advocating against violence towards women. Looking ahead, Emily aims to bring her advocacy to the Florida Legislature, where she plans to champion policies benefiting survivors through Emily’s Plan. Additionally, she will strive for reproductive rights, address the property insurance crisis, support public education, and promote affordable housing solutions for Floridians.

Rodney Jacobs

State Senate, District 35, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Rodney has over a decade of experience in public service, holding the role of City Executive for the City of Miami and serving as the Executive Director of the City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), overseeing independent investigations of police misconduct. Additionally, Rodney is a Captain in the United States Army Reserve (USAR), where he commands a unit of over 100 soldiers and provides counsel on various governmental and social matters. He has a diverse educational background, with a B.A. from Hiram College, a master’s degree in Public Health and Public Administration from the University of Miami, and a Law Degree from the University of Dayton School of Law. Furthermore, Rodney shares his expertise as a lecturer and adjunct professor at Florida International University (FIU), teaching courses in Criminal Justice, Law, and Public Administration.

Nick Carey

City Council, District 3, St. Petersburg, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nick, a former chemist turned community organizer, leads campaigns for housing affordability, voting rights expansion, and more. Collaborating with local faith communities and residents, he advocates for an inclusive community and a fair economy while undertaking a grassroots campaign for St. Petersburg City Council District 3. Nick resides in the Euclid Heights Neighborhood with his wife, Aileen. His platform emphasizes lowering the cost of living, improving infrastructure, safeguarding the environment, enhancing government accessibility, and expanding public services. Nick envisions a community prioritizing people over profits to create an inclusive St. Pete for all.

Cassie Gonyer

School Board, District 2, Volusia County, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cassie, a dedicated teacher in Brevard County and parent in Volusia County, brings a unique perspective to the education field. Balancing her roles as both an educator and a parent, Cassie understands the importance of collaboration between teachers and families to ensure students’ success. Whether engaging with parents in her virtual classroom or keeping track of her own children’s progress in school, communication plays a crucial role in supporting students.

Recognizing the significance of community involvement in education, Cassie volunteers her time with various PTA organizations, including serving as the DEI Chair on the County PTA board. She also actively participates in community meetings, advocating for her historically Black neighborhood’s interests in the rezoning process for a new school.

Cassie believes in the power of families working together with schools as a united team for the benefit of students. By fostering open and honest communication and building strong partnerships, she strives to create a positive impact on education at both the local and district levels.

Max Tuchman

School Board, District 7, Miami-Dade County, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Max, a tech entrepreneur and educational equity advocate, is the creator of the interactive video-calling platform Caribu, which she sold to Mattel. Hailing from Miami, Max, a first-generation Cuban-American, is a proud alumna of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. She holds a BA from New College of Florida, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. With experience ranging from teaching at Miami Northwestern to serving as Executive Director of Teach For America, Miami-Dade, Max has worked extensively in the education sector.

Recognized as Female Tech Leader of the Year by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Max’s startup, Caribu, has contributed to Florida ranking among the top five states for app economy jobs. She has also received an “In the Company of Women” Award from the Miami-Dade Commission for Women in partnership with the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade for her accomplishments.

Shan Rose

Commissioner, District 5, Orlando, FL

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: May 21, 2024

Shan is a dedicated advocate with a vision to unify and uplift District 5 in Orlando. Through personal trials such as loss and homelessness, Shan emerged stronger and more determined to make a difference in her community. With six years of experience with the City of Orlando, Shan’s professional background includes roles in the Economic Development Department, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), and as a union steward for SEIU. Her mission is clear: to heal and empower communities facing adversity through mentorship and support. Shan’s efforts were recognized when she coordinated the distribution of over 10,000 vaccines, earning accolades from WKMG-TV and the President Joe Biden Service Award for her volunteerism. Shan’s journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, has equipped her to serve and uplift every corner of District 5.


Bryce Berry

State House, District 56, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Aug 5, 2024

Bryce is a candidate for the Georgia State House, aiming to become the first Gen Z member and public school teacher to hold the position. Motivated by a desire to address issues such as lack of healthcare, violence, and financial struggles faced by his students and their families, Bryce’s journey into politics was sparked by the events surrounding the Michael Brown shooting when he was 13. With a background in activism, including involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement during the Ferguson uprising, Bryce continued his advocacy in Atlanta by serving as a state youth leader for President Biden and Vice President Harris’ 2020 election.

After earning his degree in Economics from Morehouse College, Bryce has also taken on leadership roles such as President of the Young Democrats of Georgia and Deputy Political Director for the 2022 Coordinated Campaign. His campaign focuses on creating opportunities and delivering results for the residents of Georgia’s 56th District, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and justice. Bryce is dedicated to representing and uplifting his community, striving for a better future for all.

Gabriel Sanchez

State House, District 42, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Gabriel, a native of Cobb County, Georgia, is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and social justice. Inspired by his Colombian immigrant parents, he has dedicated his career to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. With a background in community organizing and legislative work, Gabriel is committed to championing the rights of immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those in need of affordable housing.

He recognizes the challenges faced by working-class families in Georgia, including skyrocketing housing costs, inadequate healthcare access, and stagnant wages. By rejecting corporate contributions, Gabriel is prioritizing the needs of constituents over special interests. Through his grassroots campaign, he seeks to bring about meaningful change by centering the values of community empowerment and equity. Gabriel’s platform focuses on advocating for housing security, healthcare affordability, and economic equality for all Georgians, underscoring his unwavering dedication to serving the people.

Joshua Anthony

State House, District 20, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Joshua, a 21-year-old candidate for State HD 153 in Albany, Georgia, is dedicated to enhancing economic development and empowering rural communities across Southwest Georgia. He advocates for modernizing rural infrastructure, fostering sustainable development, and supporting entrepreneurship through tailored programs and incentives.

Joshua also focuses on workforce development and collaboration with educational institutions. Emphasizing regional cooperation, he works towards economic growth and environmental sustainability, advocating for education improvements too. With unwavering passion, Joshua aims to ignite positive change and prosperity in Southwest Georgia.

Danielle Bell

State House, District 44, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

With a background in social work and small business ownership, Danielle is a candidate for Georgia House of Representatives. Her goal is to represent her constituents with transparency and build a more compassionate community. Having experienced the inequalities in the healthcare system, Danielle is motivated to bring about lasting and fair change. She has a history of community advocacy in various health settings and is a certified business coach who has supported local professionals.

Recognizing the significance of successful small businesses, she knows they are essential for a thriving community. Living in Marietta with her husband, a Navy veteran, and three daughters, Danielle is passionate about advocating for public schools and ensuring a bright future for young people. As a business leader and rural community native, she values collaboration with individuals of diverse viewpoints to develop thoughtful solutions that address community needs. Danielle is dedicated to being a positive force for change and a reliable advocate for her constituents.


Victoria Garcia Wilburn

State House, District 32, IN

Primary Date: May 7, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dr.Wilburn is a respected figure in Occupational Therapy, with a background as a public health advocate and leader in community-based research. Hailing from a Chicago suburb, she pursued higher education and earned a degree in occupational therapy, later obtaining a doctorate in health science. Dr.Wilburn, now residing in Indiana with her family, has dedicated her career to enhancing the well-being of individuals in her community, particularly advocating for mental and behavioral health services.

Drawing from personal experiences, including her husband’s service as a police officer, she has actively supported initiatives to improve public safety and promote accessible healthcare. Dr.Wilburn’s work has led to increased resources for families impacted by substance use disorders and the implementation of trauma-informed care practices in health education. Currently, she is committed to running for office to address key issues such as strengthening public schools, enhancing public health services, and advocating for sensible gun safety legislation to benefit the residents of Indiana.


Anna Banowsky

State House, District 92, IA

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Anna, a candidate for Iowa House District 92, is a graduate student pursuing an M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Iowa. With a passion for community, she purchased a home in Washington, Iowa, where she was drawn to the vibrant downtown area. Originally from Norman, Oklahoma, Anna spent her formative years in Redmond, Washington. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma, where she also served as treasurer of the Constitutional Studies Student Association. Raised by a schoolteacher and an attorney, Anna values education and advocates for the affordability and accessibility of two-year institutions. As a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Iowa, she has taught courses like Rhetoric, Ancient Medicine, and Greek Civilization, offering her insights into Iowa’s educational landscape. Anna’s goal is to champion policies that ensure all students in Iowa receive a quality education and feel empowered to succeed from K-12 through higher education.


Christina Haswood

State Senate, District 2, KS

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christina, a member of the Navajo Nation, is a candidate for Kansas Senate District 2, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to the Kansas Senate. Raised in Lawrence, Kansas, Christina’s background in public education led her to a career in public health. Drawing from personal experience, Christina understands the importance of community support programs like WIC, Section 8 Housing, and Tribal Clothing programs in helping families thrive. As one of the youngest representatives in the Kansas House, Christina empathizes with the challenges faced by many in the community, balancing multiple jobs, student loan debt, and renting. In her time in the Kansas House, Christina played a vital role in passing significant legislation, such as Kansas’ first Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples law and advocating for the Indian Child Welfare Act. She actively represents her constituents on various platforms and has been recognized for her advocacy work at both state and national levels. Christina is committed to increasing government accessibility for marginalized groups, particularly Native and young people. With a track record of environmental policy advocacy and leadership awards, including recognition at SXSW and the Climate + Energy Project, Christina is dedicated to advancing policies that benefit her community in the Kansas Senate.


Emma Curtis

Urban County Council, District 4, Lexington, KY

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emma, a Lexington native born in 1996, is a dedicated independent filmmaker and issue-based organizer in Kentucky. With a strong work ethic instilled from her upbringing on a family farm, Emma focuses on increasing civic engagement, voter registration, and advocating for fairness for all residents of Kentucky. Seeking to represent District 4 on the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council, Emma aims to address key issues such as improving traffic flow and safety on Nicholasville Road, tackling the affordable housing crisis, and enhancing accessibility and transparency in local government. Emma’s commitment to community service is evident in her roles as a voter engagement organizer at Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and her volunteer work with organizations like the ACLU of Kentucky and the Fairness Campaign. Engaged in various community-focused groups like CivicLex and the Lexington Forum, Emma collaborates with others to foster dialogue and strengthen civic participation in Lexington. With a forward-thinking approach, Emma is determined to create a better future for Lexington by ensuring all voices are heard and working collaboratively to move the city forward.

Taylor Jolly

State House, District 33, KY

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Taylor, a dedicated father and pension actuary, is committed to improving the representation of Kentucky’s 33rd House District. Recognizing the need for a more inclusive and pragmatic approach in Frankfort, Taylor has decided to run for office despite it not being part of his original plan. His motivation stems from a desire to create a stronger future for his daughter and all Kentuckians.

With a focus on bipartisanship and dialogue, Taylor aims to address the divisive and discriminatory tones that have marked the state legislature. Raised in Kentucky, he values the principles of fairness, kindness, and respect, which he plans to uphold in his legislative duties. Alongside his husband, Justin, and their daughter, Lillian, Taylor is determined to protect the rights of all families in the Commonwealth and leave a positive impact on his community for generations to come.


Ellie Sato

State Representative, District 109, Gorham, ME

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ellie is a dedicated professional with a background in dance and hospitality from Maine. Her experiences have propelled her to advocate for change, transitioning into various political roles from grassroots organizing to serving as a legislative aide for the Maine State Senate. Currently, she chairs the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee of the Maine Democratic Party, focusing on amplifying underrepresented voices in the state. Ellie’s goal is to address issues like property taxes, healthcare access, climate change mitigation, and public education funding. She also supports policies to tackle housing challenges, protect abortion rights, and provide legal aid to survivors of abuse. With a vision to become the first Japanese-American elected to Maine’s Legislature, Ellie aims to champion diverse communities and drive positive transformation in Gorham and the state.


Hiruy Hadgu

School Board, District 4, Howard County, MD

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Hiruy is a candidate for the Board of Education, advocating for an inclusive school system that prioritizes the well-being of every student. Emphasizing the importance of celebrating diversity rather than just acknowledging it, Hiruy envisions an educational environment where every student feels their identity is represented and valued. This vision includes open dialogues on important issues and guidelines that amplify marginalized voices. Hiruy is dedicated to ensuring that all students feel safe and supported, rejecting superficial gestures of inclusivity in favor of meaningful, structural changes. By pushing for genuine inclusivity that challenges the status quo, Hiruy seeks to create a policy framework that embraces the individual identities of all students without judgment and presents an accurate portrayal of history. Through this approach, Hiruy aims to foster school environments where advocacy is encouraged, ultimately striving to make schools inclusive and safe for everyone.


Dan Hesse

County Commission, District 18, Kent County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dan, a lifelong resident of the 18th District in Kent County, is a dedicated individual ready to represent his community on the Board of Commissioners. Growing up on Marywood Drive and now residing on Knapp Street, Dan’s roots run deep in the neighborhood. With a professional background at Royce Rolls Ringer Company spanning fifteen years, he has always been closely connected to his local community. From running a successful lawn mowing business to actively participating in various Progressive organizations, Dan’s commitment to serving his neighbors is unwavering. He understands the challenges faced by younger generations in homeownership and affordable housing and is determined to address these critical issues if elected. Dan’s platform prioritizes public safety, innovative solutions for community challenges, and environmental protection. If given the opportunity to serve, he aims to advocate for increased funding and improved access to essential services to meet the needs of his constituents effectively.

Paul Giessner

County Commission, District 5, Livingston, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Paul is an electrical engineer, musician, and community activist seeking a seat on Livingston County Commission. With a background in electrical engineering and musical arts from the University of Michigan, Paul has dedicated his career to the energy industry as a power systems engineer specializing in grid energy storage systems. Alongside his wife, Ali, and their two dogs, Daisy and Dax, Paul relocated to Howell to embrace the natural beauty and sense of community that Michigan offers. Actively involved in the Livingston County Democratic Party, Paul spearheads website development and serves as the secretary of the Young Democrats of Michigan. He believes in prioritizing local issues, such as infrastructure, environmental quality, and family care services, over partisan politics. Passionate about making a difference in his community, Paul seeks to address the everyday challenges facing Livingston County residents with a focus on practical solutions and community well-being.


Huldah Hiltsley

State House, Ditsrict 38A, MN

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Huldah, a first-generation immigrant from Kenya, has been a Minnesota resident for 30 years. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in International Business, Political Science: International Relations, Sociology: Reconciliation Studies, and a Masters of Business Administration from Bethel University. Huldah’s career focuses on data privacy and protection, while her true passion lies in community organizing. She resides in Brooklyn Park, MN with her husband Bart and their two children. Inspired by the late US Senator Paul Wellstone, Huldah decided to run for office. A childhood experience of facing deportation with her family, only to be granted a second chance by Senator Wellstone, taught her the impact elected officials can have on communities through supportive policies. Huldah aims to honor her community’s values by running for office and creating a thriving and safe environment for generations to come in her district.


Jami Cox Antwi

State House, District 78, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jami, a third-generation native of St. Louis, Missouri, discovered her passion for public service after the tragic loss of a classmate to gun violence when she was just 14 years old. She founded a youth organization dedicated to ending gun violence and emerged as a community advocate striving for neighborhood improvement.

Jami’s candidacy for State Representative is driven by her desire to foster positive change in St. Louis communities through her expertise in public policy and community development. With a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Studies and legislative experience from her time as a congressional intern on Capitol Hill, Jami is well-equipped to represent Missouri’s 78th district. Her advocacy focuses on equitable economic development, early childhood care, education, and voting rights. Jami’s dedication to community service and her vision for a better future inspire her to seek leadership in the state capitol. Additionally, she takes pride in being a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Marty Joe Murray

State House, District 78, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Marty, candidate for the 78th District State Representative, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. With a background in corporate America, Marty has worked for prominent organizations like the Federal Reserve Bank, BJC Healthcare, and World Wide Technology, managing multi-million dollar projects and championing social issues.

His political journey began with grassroots activism during President Obama’s campaign, leading to roles as a community organizer and consumer advocate. Marty’s dedication to public service resulted in his election as the 7th ward Democratic Committeeman and chairman of Missouri’s 78th legislative district committee. He currently serves as State Committeeman for Missouri’s 5th Senatorial District in the Missouri Democratic Party. Marty’s commitment to his community is evident through his advocacy for issues such as raising the minimum wage, reproductive rights, and criminal justice reform. His mission is to represent the interests of his constituents and create positive change within the state.


Emily Harris

State House, District 79, MT

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emily, a Helena, Montana native, is dedicated to giving back to her community through her passion for politics. With a degree in American Politics and Women & Gender Studies from Seattle University, she has spent the last ten years working tirelessly to support progressive candidates at all levels of government. From fundraising to campaign management, Emily has been actively involved in numerous congressional, gubernatorial, and statewide campaigns across the country. Her experience includes serving as Chief of Staff in the Montana Senate and running her own small business. Emily’s advocacy focuses on ensuring access to abortion rights, advocating for affordable housing, supporting public education, and protecting clean air and water. She is currently advocating to enshrine the right to abortion in the Montana Constitution, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact on her community.


Christine Clerc

School Board, Bellevue, NE

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christine, a trained physician assistant and mother of two, believes in the importance of a robust education system for a thriving community. With a focus on supporting local families and nurturing the next generation, she is dedicated to enhancing Bellevue Public Schools. Drawing on her expertise in child development and problem-solving skills, honed through her healthcare career, Christine is committed to elevating programs to benefit children and families with diverse needs, particularly those in vulnerable situations. Prioritizing the empowerment of educators, she aims to address community concerns with a receptive and inclusive approach, fostering respectful and fruitful dialogues to drive positive change.


Alex Velto

State Assembly, District 27, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alex is a dedicated labor attorney, passionate about workers’ rights, reproductive rights, affordable housing, and education improvement. He has represented esteemed professionals like educators, firefighters, and police officers. With a background in education, including coaching debate at McQueen High School and teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno, Alex brings a unique perspective to legislative changes around education. His roles as Chairman of the Reno Planning Commission and Vice-Chair of the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission have given him valuable insights into housing challenges and community planning for the future. Proud of Nevada’s strong reproductive rights, Alex is committed to defending and expanding them. Running for Assembly, he believes in the state’s diverse potential and aims to leverage it for a brighter future for all.

Selena La Rue Hatch

State Assembly, District 25, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Selena is a dedicated teacher, parent, and Assemblymember based in Reno, NV. As an advocate for more representation of educators in decision-making processes, she strives to address critical issues facing Nevada, including underfunded education, climate change, and affordable housing. Though these challenges may seem overwhelming, Selena believes in the power of courage, transparency, and innovative solutions to overcome them. With a commitment to progress and collaboration, she envisions a promising future for the people of Nevada.


Emmett Soldati

Executive Council, District 1, NH

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emmett, born in 1988 in Somersworth, NH, is an entrepreneur and advocate with an extensive educational background. He holds degrees from Emerson College, York University (summa cum laude), and London School of Economics. In 2011, Emmett opened Teatotaller in his hometown and worked at Athenium Analytics, a weather data company. He also co-founded the non-profit Farmers First Africa, focusing on climate knowledge and food security in Central Africa.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emmett helped small business owners navigate emergency orders and transformed Teatotaller into a beverage delivery service. He expanded his business with Teatotaller Cafe locations in Concord and Dover and co-launched Fold’d Community Diner in Somersworth.

In 2024, Soldati represented himself in a legal battle against Meta Inc., establishing a precedent for tech giant accountability. He is the son of Lincoln Soldati, a former Strafford County Attorney and Somersworth Mayor, and Kathleen Soldati, a prominent figure in New Hampshire’s arts and communications community.


Cindy Nava

State Senate, District 9, NM

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cindy, a devoted immigrant and advocate, has a background rooted in policy. Her experience as the Executive Director of Transform Education New Mexico showcases her commitment to advancing education reform that incorporates diverse cultural influences, prioritizes educators, and secures resources for public school success. A first-generation college graduate and a DACA recipient, Cindy has broken barriers and made history as the first Dreamer appointed by the White House as a Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In this role, she expanded resources for affordable housing, developed innovative strategies to address homelessness, and promoted collaboration with Tribal communities. Cindy resides in Bernalillo with her husband and their two dogs, Pebbles and Khloe. She is dedicated to helping residents of District 9 achieve their New Mexican dream through a top-tier public education system, accessible affordable housing, and comprehensive healthcare.


Rebecca Kassay

State Assembly, District 4, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Rebecca, a SUNY New Paltz graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies and Communications, is a multi-talented individual. She is a community organizer, small business owner of The Fox and Owl Inn B&B, and an elected official serving as a Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor. Rebecca’s passion for environmental stewardship led her to create and direct a youth environmental volunteer program, working on various projects with nonprofits to preserve Long Island’s natural heritage. Active in the business community, Rebecca holds memberships in Rotary and Chamber of Commerce organizations, enabling her to advocate for thriving Main Streets and address housing affordability issues in the region. During the 2020 pandemic, she spearheaded the Long Island Open Source Medical Supplies initiative, facilitating the creation and donation of over 40,000 pieces of PPE and comfort care items to essential workers with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Committed to responsive leadership and community involvement, Rebecca focuses on climate resilience and science-based solutions in her role as an elected official. Her campaign aims to amplify the voices and concerns of Long Islanders by advocating for practical, local experience in decision-making processes.

Kate Wood

County Legislature, District 5, Albany County, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kate, a social worker and labor organizer, is a candidate for Albany County’s 5th Legislative District. With a background in community outreach and coalition-building, she is dedicated to addressing issues such as affordable housing, accessible mental health resources, and equitable economic opportunities in the community. Kate’s career began at St. Catherine’s Center for Children, where she provided vital support to youth and families by connecting them with resources and navigating Albany County systems. Currently, she serves as a labor organizer for United University Professions (UUP), advocating for workers’ rights on SUNY campuses. Kate holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University at Albany and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Women and Gender Studies from SUNY Oneonta. Recognized for her activism, Kate received the 2019 Activist of the Year award from SUNY Oneonta and the 2023 Resourceful Women’s Award from YWCA of the Greater Capital Region. Committed to community empowerment and social justice, Kate believes in creating a more equitable society through collaborative action and advocacy.

Eon Tyrell Huntley

State Assembly, District 56, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 4, 2024

Eon, a proud Brooklyn resident, devoted father, retail worker, and parent advocate, has always been a champion for his community. Stepping up as PTA President at his daughter’s school during the pandemic, he initiated a local food bank to support families in need. Having experienced the challenges of being a lifelong renter and growing up in NYCHA housing, Eon understands the struggles that many New York City families face due to the housing crisis. He believes in regulating rents, preventing evictions, and putting an end to rent hikes to support his community.

Facing the burden of rising healthcare costs firsthand, Eon recognizes the need for affordable healthcare access for all. Through his experience as a retail employee and active union member of Workers United Local 340, Eon values the transformative impact of collective bargaining in securing better wages and job security. He advocates for the importance of supporting one another to foster a thriving Brooklyn community and is prepared to represent his constituents effectively in Albany.

Skyler Johnson

State Assembly, District 4, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Skyler, a Long Island native and Stony Brook University graduate, is deeply involved in local activism. He currently serves on the boards of Temple Beth Emeth of Mount Sinai and Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund. At Planned Parenthood HPAF, Skyler fights for reproductive rights and access to critical care. He co-chairs the Equal Rights Amendment working group, advocating for equal protections in New York’s constitution. In addition, Skyler chairs the Suffolk County Young Democrats, where he is committed to promoting progressive values. With a background in nonprofit work, Skyler has experience in advocating for women, children, and families by providing valuable resources. Currently, Skyler works for Zero Overdose, an organization dedicated to combatting the opioid crisis through overdose prevention plans. As a consultant for various nonprofits in New York, Skyler addresses important issues like healthcare, criminal justice, and public safety. His advocacy efforts include lobbying in Albany for legislation such as Fair Access to Victim’s Compensation, which supports victims of crime in accessing essential state funding.


Caleb Theodros

State Senate, District 41, NC

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Caleb, a candidate for the District 41 seat in the North Carolina Senate, draws on his Eritrean heritage and Charlotte upbringing to advocate for the community. With a background in Economics and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, his blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience is a cornerstone of his platform. Through roles in banking and entrepreneurship, Caleb gained firsthand insights into economic challenges, especially for small businesses. He is known for his community service as the Mayor-appointed Chair of the Charlotte Equitable Development Commission, demonstrating a commitment to inclusive growth. As the former Chair of the Black Political Caucus, he has been a strong voice for diversity and community engagement. In his Senate campaign, Caleb promises a future where education, economic prosperity, women’s rights, and community well-being are prioritized for all North Carolinians. With a vision for a more equitable and prosperous North Carolina, Caleb is dedicated to leading the way.

Kendall Fields

County Board, District B, Forsyth County, NC

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kendall, a proud lifelong resident of Forsyth County, North Carolina, has a diverse background that has shaped his perspective on life in the community. With experiences ranging from growing up in northwest Winston-Salem to working as an educator at different high schools in the area, Kendall understands the disparities that exist within the county. He believes that all residents should have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute positively to the community. By running for a seat on the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, Kendall aims to represent the voices of the next generation and advocate for issues such as equitable education, affordable housing, and sustainable employment. His fresh outlook and commitment to progress make him a valuable candidate for ensuring a brighter future for all residents of Forsyth County.


Pavan Parikh

Court Clerk, Hamilton County, OH

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

As the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts since 2021, Pavan has made significant strides in enhancing transparency, accessibility, and innovation within his office and throughout county government. Seeking re-election to maintain the advancements achieved and his commitment to the role, Pavan has prioritized bridging legal service gaps by expanding the Help Center, establishing community partnerships for increased service availability, and implementing technological upgrades for streamlined document processes. These initiatives have garnered recognition from various levels of government, with the United States Department of Justice citing them as exemplary models for improving access to justice. Drawing from his broad professional background as an attorney, community advocate, educator, business professional, and Army officer, Pavan applies diverse insights to drive transformation and address challenges in Hamilton County. Through collaborative efforts and strategic actions, he continues to ensure that the courthouse functions inclusively and upholds the core American value of justice for all.


Shanaè Joyce-Stringer

Mayor, Eugene, OR

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Shanaè, an educator and entrepreneur, is running for mayor of Eugene. With a background in education and business, she offers a unique perspective on local governance focused on compassion and addressing issues directly. Shanaè, a millennial leader and community advocate, has been involved in various advisory roles, working to remove barriers and increase access to resources for youth and families in Eugene. Building on her family’s tradition of community service, she has expanded educational, artistic, cultural, and health opportunities in the area. Shanaè is passionate about inclusivity and is dedicated to creating a more prosperous Eugene for all residents, particularly focusing on housing, economic growth, and public health. She is committed to driving positive change and is eager to use her innovative approach to bring real progress to the community. Shanaè is determined to propel Eugene towards a better future.

Timur Ender

City Council, District 1, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Timur is a dedicated parent, community advocate, and non-profit board member with a strong passion for promoting healthy communities. With over 6 years of experience managing infrastructure projects at the local level, Timur has been actively involved in enhancing community priorities by overseeing initiatives such as sidewalks, street trees, and curb ramps in the underprivileged neighborhoods of East Portland. As a board member of Oregon Walks, a non-profit organization focused on pedestrian safety, Timur has been instrumental in advocating for policies to improve safety on East Portland arterials.

Born to Turkish immigrants, Timur is the first in his family to be born in the U.S. and the first Middle Eastern candidate to run for city council. Seeking to represent Portland’s most diverse council district, Timur aims to be a voice for the neighborhoods with over 100 languages spoken. He has demonstrated his commitment to supporting immigrants and refugees by volunteering as an immigration lawyer to provide legal aid services to those escaping violence.

Timur holds a degree in criminology from North Carolina State University and a law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. Together with his partner, Timur raises three children in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Portland. In his free time, you can find Timur coaching his daughter’s youth soccer team, supporting the Portland Thorns, or indulging in a search for vegan ice cream.

Daniel DeMelo

City Council, District 3, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Daniel, a 26-year-old queer man and second-generation American, is an experienced organizer advocating for schools, climate action, racial justice, and government accountability. With a background in software engineering and education, Daniel brings a unique perspective to solving Portland’s issues. Living in Portland’s Kerns neighborhood with his fiancé Morrissey, Daniel is committed to promoting government transparency and accountability.

In various leadership roles, such as Chair of the Multnomah County Central Community Budget Advisory Committee and Chair of the Multnomah County Joint Office of Homeless Services Community Budget Advisory Committee, he has worked to amplify community voices and address critical issues. Daniel’s dedication to justice and his diverse skill set equip him to confront the challenges facing Portland with compassion and attention to detail.


Fern Leard

State House, District 120, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Fern is a dedicated advocate for healthcare reform from NEPA with a background in finance. She serves on the Luzerne County Democratic Party Executive Committee and focuses on aligning Pennsylvania’s 120th District with community values. Fern’s career journey started in the service industry, and after obtaining her Nurse Aid Certification from Marywood University, she found her passion for healthcare. She worked with the differently-abled community before transitioning to political advocacy. Her efforts in Congress resulted in bipartisan support for a preventive healthcare bill she championed. Fern is also involved in addressing food and housing insecurity and supporting families and the homeless population. In Harrisburg, she plans to utilize her political and practical experience to tackle issues such as affordable housing, healthcare access, reproductive rights, education funding equity, and promoting local businesses. Fern is committed to community empowerment and aims to enhance the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.

Nick Jacobson

State House, District 85, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nick, a native of Central Pennsylvania, has a strong background in public service and a passion for advocating on behalf of his community. Starting his career early as a soccer referee, Nick has always been dedicated to hard work and excellence. His academic achievements include being recognized as a United States Presidential Scholar and a Calvin Coolidge Senator during his time at Lewisburg High School. Nick continued his education at Yale University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2023, making him the first Yale attendee from Lewisburg High. With experience in the Department of Health and the Department of the Auditor General, Nick has advocated for important issues such as healthcare access and education funding. Now, at 23, Nick focuses on representing Central Pennsylvanians by supporting local businesses, improving healthcare access, and investing in education and childcare. He believes in the power of collaboration in politics and is committed to providing authentic representation for his community in Harrisburg.

La’Tasha D. Mayes

PA State Representative — House District 24

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

La’Tasha, a Pennsylvania native from West Philadelphia, is a state representative focused on advocating for racial, gender, and economic justice. With 25 years of experience in reproductive health, rights, and justice movements, she made history in 2023 as the first out lesbian woman elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. La’Tasha prioritizes health care access, particularly Black maternal health and abortion access. Raised by a single mother who was an Army Veteran and union member, La’Tasha learned the importance of civic engagement from a young age. After moving to Pittsburgh for college, she became a community organizer and policy advocate in 1999. In her first term, La’Tasha has been a respected figure in Harrisburg and House District 24, cosponsoring over 180 bills, prime sponsoring 6 bills, and passing legislation like the CROWN Act in a bipartisan manner. She has focused on delivering high-quality constituent services, securing funding for her district, and engaging with the community through various events. La’Tasha is currently running for re-election to continue her work in disrupting politics and serving the people of Pennsylvania.


Giona Picheco

State House, District 14, RI

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Giona, a U.S. Navy veteran and sociology teacher, is also a community advocate seeking election as a State Representative in Cranston and Providence. Her campaign prioritizes grassroots efforts and volunteer engagement to challenge the incumbent conservative representative. Giona’s motivation for running stems from the lack of attention to persistent community issues by the current leadership.

She aims to address affordable housing, public education, and healthcare quality for seniors and veterans. Strongly advocating for environmental preservation, abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ equality, and gun safety laws, she plans to be a vocal supporter of progressive causes if elected. If successful, Giona would make history as Rhode Island’s first transgender legislator.

Kelsey Coletta

State House, District 42, RI

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kelsey is a bilingual licensed clinical therapist based in Providence, RI. She graduated from Rhode Island College and Simmons University School of Social Work. Kelsey’s dedication to advocacy and policy work is underscored by her completion of a nine-month fellowship with the Women’s Policy Institute in 2021. During this time, she championed key legislation addressing the rape kit backlog in Rhode Island and protecting living organ donors from insurance discrimination.

Living in Johnston, RI, with her husband, two cats, and two dogs, Kelsey is committed to representing all voices in her district. In 2022, she ran for a legislative seat, coming within 83 votes of the incumbent. Her platform centers around reproductive rights, harm reduction for individuals with substance use disorders, and improving mental health and substance abuse treatment accessibility. Additionally, she advocates for worker’s rights and infrastructure improvements to combat flooding in her community. If elected, Kelsey would be the first woman to hold the seat since 2004, a milestone she aims to achieve in her pursuit of impactful change.


Katie Crosby

State House, District 44, SC

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Katie, a candidate for the South Carolina House of Representatives in District 44, brings a unique perspective to the table with her background as a former educator and real estate agent. With a focus on securing basic freedoms in public education, the economy, and healthcare, she aims to improve the lives of South Carolinians. Katie’s vision includes creating a safe and inclusive learning environment in public schools, promoting strategic economic development through enhanced infrastructure and support for local businesses, and ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare. By prioritizing community resilience and individual freedoms, she seeks to make District 44 and South Carolina as a whole a place where rights are respected and opportunities are abundant.


Gabby Salinas

State house, District 96, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Gabby, a three-time cancer survivor, scientist, and healthcare advocate, immigrated from Bolivia to Memphis with her family 27 years ago for treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Gabby holds a BS in Biochemistry from Christian Brothers University and a masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, with her research published in the National Academy of Sciences. In her political career, Gabby ran for the TN Senate in 2018 and the TN House in 2020, focusing on Medicaid expansion, increased public school funding, and fair wages. She acknowledges the support of the Memphis community in her achievements and has been recognized as top 20 under 30 by the Memphis Flyer and top 40 under 40 by the Memphis Business Journal. Gabby served as chair of the Shelby County Democratic Party, leading the party to significant wins in 2022 and becoming the first Hispanic in that role. She firmly believes in giving back to the community that has supported her throughout her journey.

Ailina Carona

State House, District 57, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ailina, a dedicated community advocate, is running for Tennessee State House in District 57. She resides in Mount Juliet with her husband and three daughters who attend public school. Ailina strongly advocates for strengthening public education by supporting teachers, increasing school funding, and opposing the voucher system that she believes undermines public schools. As a mother with a daughter who has special needs, Ailina brings a personal touch to her advocacy for inclusive education policies. She is a vocal supporter of women’s reproductive rights and health, aiming to ensure access to necessary healthcare services. Ailina’s legislative priorities include advocating for safe gun laws like universal background checks and safe storage regulations to protect communities from gun violence. With a background shaped by her Mexican immigrant father, she is committed to representing all voices in her community, especially those often overlooked. Ailina champions transparency and authenticity in politics, striving to bring these values to the forefront of her district’s representation. Her campaign is focused on creating a community where every citizen is heard, valued, and given equal opportunities to succeed.

Aftyn Behn

State House, District 51, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Aftyn serves as the State House Representative for House District 51 in the Tennessee General Assembly. With a background in social work and a commitment to democratic values, Aftyn brings a unique perspective to her role in state government. She has a track record of advocating for a more inclusive and equitable Tennessee, both through her professional work and her political activism. Since taking office in October 2023, Aftyn has been proactive in engaging with constituents and community groups to address their concerns and priorities. She has successfully passed legislation, such as eliminating Tennessee’s grocery tax and working to overturn restrictive abortion laws. Aftyn is known for her enthusiastic approach to public service and her dedication to representing the interests of the people she serves. She is determined to be a strong voice for House District 51 and make a positive impact on the community.

Noah Nordstrom

State House, District 83, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Noah, a passionate advocate for justice and community empowerment, has emerged as a key figure in educational reform. Raised in Murphysboro, Illinois, as the son of a pastor, Noah’s sense of purpose was deeply rooted from an early age. His move to Knoxville, Tennessee, during his teenage years sparked his interest in activism, leading to an internship at the Knox County Democratic Party in 2015. As a traveling field organizer for the Tennessee Democratic Party, Noah championed various causes while studying International Affairs and Applied Spanish at East Tennessee State University.

Through teaching English in Mexico and managing a State Senate campaign, he gained diverse experiences that shaped his views on social issues. Transitioning to a role as a high school Spanish teacher in Memphis, Noah confronted the challenges of underfunded education with determination. His commitment to his students inspired him to seek systemic change, culminating in his candidacy for State Representative in Tennessee House District 83. Noah strives for a future where all children have equal access to quality education. As a candidate, he leads a movement for change, driven by his unwavering determination and belief in community-driven solutions.

Derek Hawn

State House, District 41, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Derek has over 18 years of experience in emergency medical services and fire departments, with a strong dedication to public service. A native of Tennessee’s 41st District, Derek obtained his Paramedic certification from Roane State Community College and has since worked as a Paramedic, EMS educator, and volunteer firefighter. Currently serving as the Clinical and Educational Coordinator for Roane County EMS, Derek also teaches as a dual credit instructor at local high schools. His involvement in various community organizations, such as the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association and Morgan County Genealogical and Historical Society, reflects his commitment to preserving heritage and supporting local agriculture. If elected as State Representative, Derek’s key priorities include strengthening the economy, improving education, increasing healthcare accessibility, protecting the environment, ensuring community safety, and promoting transparent government. Derek’s strong ties to the district, coupled with his passion for service, drive his vision for positive change within District 41.


[Joey Rodriguez](under construction)

College Board of Trustees, District 7, Dallas, TX

Primary Date: May 4, 2024; General Date: May 4, 2024

Joey, a first-generation Latino hailing from Mexico, shifted from a former Dallas ISD teacher to a non-profit leader. Currently, Joey works closely with school board trustees and community members to enhance student outcomes across various Dallas County districts. Focusing on supporting first-generation college students, he established a nonprofit providing crucial resources for their educational path. With a strong commitment to advancing higher education results, Joey seeks a seat on the Dallas College Board of Trustees in District 7. His main goals involve bolstering workforce readiness, simplifying the transfer process, improving dual credit programs, and responsibly managing taxpayer funds.

Kendall Scudder

Central Appraisal District Board, Place 2, Dallas, TX

Primary Date: May 4, 2024; General Date: May 4, 2024

Kendall, a housing/real estate expert with a decade of experience, is a candidate for the Central Appraisal District in Dallas. Their goal is to help working families and seniors stay in their homes and combat the negative effects of gentrification. As the potential first person elected to this position, Kendall aims to promote transparency, integrity, and open communication with citizens affected by rising housing costs and taxes. They plan to ensure that mega-corporations and large commercial property owners fulfill their tax obligations, preventing the burden from falling on residential taxpayers. Kendall will prioritize treating all citizens protesting their appraisals with dignity and respect, regardless of their location, to ensure fairness for all.

Travis Boldt

School Board, Alvin ISD Position 2, Alvin, TX

Primary Date: May 4, 2024; General Date: May 4, 2024

Travis is a fifth-generation Texan and small business owner, married to a high school teacher with two young children. As a proud graduate of Texas public schools, recent legislative changes coming out of Austin have left him questioning if Texas is still the best place to raise and educate his kids. That’s why he’s running for School Board — to ensure a brighter future for all students in his community.

Sophia Anwar

Denton Central Appraisal District Board, Place 2, Denton County, TX

Primary Date: May 4, 2024; General Date: May 4, 2024

Sophia, a Texas native, is dedicated to serving her community and is currently vying for a seat on the Denton Central Appraisal District Board of Directors-Place 2. With a background in both state and federal government roles, Sophia aims to bring efficiency and transparency to Denton County government. Her involvement as a United Way of Denton County Board Member and with the Denton County Workforce Solutions Leadership Team has given her insight into the challenges faced by local residents.

Sophia’s civic engagement includes participation in programs like Leadership Lewisville and co-founding a young professionals organization with the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce. Growing up as the daughter of an immigrant small business owner has given Sophia a unique perspective on the impact of property taxes on businesses, schools, and families. Her experience as the Chief of Staff for the Texas House of Representatives has provided her with valuable knowledge on policy issues in North Texas. Sophia is dedicated to making Denton County a premier destination for families and homeowners.


Ali Faruk

School Board, Richmond, VA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ali is a candidate for Richmond City School Board in the 3rd District. With over 15 years of experience advocating for families and children in governmental and non-profit sectors, Ali is a dedicated Richmond Public School parent and community member. He believes in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment within schools to promote respect, belonging, and accountability. Residing in Richmond for more than two decades, Ali and his family are deeply rooted in the community. To learn more about his campaign, visit alifarukrva.com.


Maria Russo

House of Delegates, District 100, WV

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Maria, a candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates in District 100, was raised on a small farm in Jefferson County. With degrees in Public Policy and Latin American Studies from Brown University, Maria has dedicated her career to responsible policymaking and advocating for directly impacted individuals. Specializing in public education, restorative drug policy, criminal justice reform, and clean water advocacy, she is committed to justice and positive change. Maria’s motivation to run for office stems from her belief in a brighter future for West Virginia. Drawing upon her roots in the community, she aims to prioritize the needs of District 100 residents and collaborate across party lines to address challenges. Maria’s campaign focuses on key issues such as clean air and water, public education, public employee pay, infrastructure improvements, support for emergency services, public health resources, and job creation. To learn more or get involved, visit russo4wv.com.

Rosemary Ketchum

Mayor, Wheeling, WV

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 4, 2024

Rosemary is a candidate for Mayor of Wheeling, West Virginia, prioritizing affordable housing, infrastructure, small businesses, homelessness, and public transit. With a vision for making Wheeling a prime location in West Virginia for entrepreneurship, homeownership, and family life, Rosemary is dedicated to driving positive change in the community.

Lucia Valentine

House of Delegates, District 97, WV

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lucia is a candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates in the 97th District. With a deep-rooted love for her community and state, Lucia aims to bring transparency, attentive listening to community needs, and a focus on collaboration to the political landscape. Her campaign emphasizes the importance of serving the workers, families, and residents of District 97 by advocating for clean air and water, supporting public education, bolstering the labor force, and improving healthcare accessibility. Lucia’s overarching goal is to create a future where young West Virginians can thrive within their state, contributing to its growth and sustainability for generations to come.


Ted Chisholm

County Treasurer, Milwaukee County, WI

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ted, a Milwaukee resident with a passion for public service and effective administration, has held key roles within Milwaukee County government. He served as Senior Administrator for Management, Finance, and Strategy in the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court’s Office, where he oversaw administrative, financial, and IT operations and supported the Clerk of Circuit Courts. Ted’s previous experience includes serving as Chief of Staff for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, where he managed budgets, community partnerships, and operational functions, receiving recognition for his crisis leadership during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to his public service career, Ted worked in political advocacy, fulfilling roles such as policy advisor, research consultant, and campaign staffer for candidates in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Throughout his career, Ted has focused on criminal justice reform, improving community access, and fostering partnerships between law enforcement and public housing agencies.



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