Introducing Run for Something’s May 2024 Endorsement Class- 83 Reasons Summer just got even better!

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50 min readMay 30, 2024

As summer rolls in Run for Something is rolling out its May 2024 Endorsement Class- we are officially beginning Summer with 83 new and promising young, change-oriented leaders. This diverse group of candidates represents 31 states, with 53% being people of color, 43% identifying as LGTBQIA+, and over 50% are women. Learn more about these amazing candidates below!



Carol Vella

Justice of the Peace, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Carol is a businesswoman, mother, wife, and community leader running for Justice of the Peace, District 8, in Benton County, AR. Her dedication to the residents of Benton County stems from her experiences as a foster parent and refugee co-sponsor in Bentonville. Witnessing the challenges faced by low-income families firsthand, Carol aims to allocate County resources towards supporting the community rather than expanding jail facilities.

Her vision includes affordable housing, childcare, public transportation, and healthcare accessibility for all residents to ensure long-term success across generations. This marks her second run for office as she remains committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in Benton County.

Gayatri Agnew

City Council, Ward 1 Position 2, Bentonville, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Gayatri is a trailblazing business leader and devoted mother of two children. She made history as the first Asian American woman elected in Arkansas, representing Ward 1 on Bentonville’s City Council. Since 2020, Councilwoman Agnew has focused on enhancing community walkability by spearheading projects to build sidewalks around schools and parks. She is passionate about increasing access to affordable housing and recently led a public art installation celebrating the sport of cricket, beloved by locals. In her role as the head of the Accessibility Center of Excellence at Walmart, Gayatri develops strategies to improve accessibility for customers and employees. She has been honored with the prestigious Sam Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Additionally, Gayatri is the founder of Mother’s Monday, a group advocating for a better balance between motherhood and careers. Recognizing the challenges faced by working parents, she successfully advocated for campaign funds to cover childcare expenses for candidates running for public office in Arkansas. Committed to expanding early learning opportunities, Gayatri collaborates with small businesses to support working families. She serves on the Advisory Board of Vote Mama Foundation and as an Advisor for the Skill-Up Coalition.

Blake Tierney

City Director, At-Large, Position 10, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Blake is a candidate for At-Large City Director, Position 10 in November’s upcoming election. With a vision to advocate for every neighborhood in Little Rock, Blake aims to address key issues like homelessness and public safety by uniting public and private sectors.

With a background in managing grants and collaborating with government and nonprofit agencies, Blake brings over a decade of experience to the table. Beyond his professional endeavors, he has demonstrated leadership through involvement in community groups such as Mercy Community Church of Little Rock and the Age-Friendly Little Rock Commission. With a focus on inclusivity and proactive governance, Blake is committed to shaping a brighter future for all residents of Little Rock.

Steven Baker

Justice of the Peace, AR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Steven, an architect and community advocate, resides in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he has built a successful career transforming restaurant and retail spaces. With a decade of experience in Northwest Arkansas, Steven is now a candidate for Justice of the Peace in Benton County District 5. Apart from his architectural work, he actively participates in various community initiatives such as the Bentonville Public Art Advisory Committee and chairs the Board of Directors for the Ozark Mission Project. Steven’s strategic problem-solving skills and empathetic leadership have been honed through his involvement in organizations like the American Institute of Architects and his recent completion of Leadership Benton County in 2022.

These experiences have fueled his passion for ensuring that Benton County’s investments align with its core values of prioritizing its residents’ prosperity and well-being. Steven believes in creating a community where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive and make choices that support their families’ success. Through his leadership, Steven aims to foster a county that provides essential support systems and resources to enable every resident to reach their full potential.


Ysabel Jurado

City Council, District 14, Los Angeles, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ysabel, a tenants’ rights attorney and affordable housing activist, is running for Council Member in District 14. A dedicated Angeleno and daughter of undocumented Filipino immigrants, she was raised in Highland Park and holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA. While balancing the duties of single parenthood, Ysabel earned her Juris Doctorate from UCLA School of Law.

Throughout her professional journey, she has been a staunch advocate for tenant rights, with a special focus on protecting communities of color from evictions. Ysabel’s priorities include advocating for increased homeownership, preserving green spaces, and promoting reparative justice. Her campaign for District 14 aims to enhance affordable housing options, address homelessness, support small businesses, tackle the climate crisis, and foster a more inclusive economy. With a strong passion for driving positive change, she is dedicated to representing and empowering her community on the City Council.

Genevieve Serna

City Council, At-Large, Arcata, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Genevieve, a Humboldt State University graduate, is a dedicated advocate for active transportation and community livability. Specializing in promoting safe pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, Genevieve’s campaign for the Arcata City Council prioritizes addressing transportation systems and broader issues affecting the city. Her key focuses include tackling the housing crisis, promoting environmentally responsible infrastructure, and enhancing connections between the Cal Poly Humboldt community and Arcata residents.

By emphasizing inclusivity, vibrancy, and sustainability, Genevieve aims to lead Arcata towards a brighter future. Emphasizing collaborative efforts and community engagement, she is passionate about thoughtful policy-making to benefit all stakeholders.

Valerie Taber

School Board, Area 5, Redlands, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Valerie is a candidate for the Redlands School Board, driven by her belief in the importance of a safe and supportive educational environment for all students. With a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Redlands, Valerie has a background in working with children, youth, and families. Through her experience as a therapist, she witnessed the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student engagement and the importance of appropriate support for neurodiverse learners. Valerie is committed to promoting inclusion, early intervention, and addressing systemic issues within the Redlands School District, particularly concerning Title IX violations.

Having benefited from Redlands Unified public schools herself, Valerie understands the significance of a nurturing school environment and aims to advocate for educators through effective policy-making. As a mother, licensed therapist, and a member of a family of educators, Valerie Taber offers a unique perspective and valuable insights to the Redlands Unified School Board.

Anyse Smith

City Council, District 3, Palm Desert, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Anyse, a candidate for Palm Desert City Council in District 3, is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and thriving community. With over a decade of residency in Palm Desert, Anyse has firsthand knowledge of the city’s challenges and successes. Her priorities include public safety, sustainable development, expanding green spaces, and supporting seniors and working families through community programs.

Anyse aims to diversify local industries, create job opportunities, and retain young talent to drive economic growth. Her personal experiences of homelessness and incarceration drive her passion for advocating for affordable housing and mental health services. As an educator and attorney, Anyse is committed to representing a diverse range of voices in shaping Palm Desert’s future to meet the needs of all residents.

Katie Causey

City Council, At-Large, Palo Alto, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Katie, a Palo Alto native and proud member of the LGBT+ community, is a candidate for the Palo Alto City Council. With a background in working for housing nonprofits and advocating for seniors and working families, she aims to enhance the city’s sustainability, affordability, and inclusivity. Witnessing the struggles faced by residents, such as housing insecurity and financial hardships, has fueled her determination to make a difference in her community.

Katie believes in the resilience and unity of Palo Alto residents, highlighting their unwavering support for one another in times of need. She is dedicated to establishing Palo Alto’s first pride celebration and developing housing solutions for seniors and working families as part of her platform. Through her candidacy, Katie seeks to be a voice for those who may otherwise feel unheard and aims to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all residents of Palo Alto.

James Coleman

City Council, District 4, South San Francisco, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

James is currently serving as the youngest and first openly LGBTQ+ Mayor in South San Francisco’s history. Elected to the city council in 2020, James made history as the city’s youngest council member and LGBTQ+ representative. Raised in South San Francisco by a FedEx worker father and Taiwanese immigrant mother who works as a lab assistant at Kaiser, James learned early on the challenges faced by working families.

With a passion for improving early childhood education, addressing climate change, and ensuring South City is a safe and affordable place to live, James has been a driving force in local initiatives. During his three years on the council, he played a key role in passing significant legislation, including the county’s first Hazard Pay ordinance for essential workers, a universal basic income pilot program, and advocating for universal childcare.

A Harvard University graduate with a degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Government, James has dedicated himself to community service. In addition to his council duties, he is involved with various organizations, including Fixin’ San Mateo County, the San Mateo County REACH Coalition, the San Mateo County AAPI Alliance, and Peninsula Clean Energy. James remains committed to creating positive change and fostering equity in South San Francisco.

Sasha Renée Pérez

State Senate, District 25, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Sasha, Vice Mayor of Alhambra, is a dedicated Democrat, educator, and champion of equal rights. As a lifelong resident of the San Gabriel Valley, Sasha is known for her leadership in promoting fair access to higher education and supporting working families in the region.

Committed to advancing social, racial, and economic justice, she is currently running for State Senate to build a prosperous future for all Californians. Through her advocacy, Sasha aims to uphold progressive values and ensure that the State Capitol effectively serves the needs of working families and every individual in California.

Melissa Ayala-Quintero

School Board, Area 3, Redlands, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Melissa is a passionate candidate for the Redlands School Board, advocating for equitable access to education. With a personal background as a low-income student, Melissa is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations without financial barriers.

She strongly believes in creating a safe and inclusive school environment where students can thrive academically and socially. Drawing from her own experiences, Melissa aims to safeguard students from adversity, allowing them to envision ambitious futures and work towards achieving their goals.

Dan Hall

City Council, At-Large, Santa Monica, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dan, a West Point graduate and LGBTQ+ veteran, is a candidate for Santa Monica City Council. With a background in the military, including leadership roles in various countries, Dan is now focused on addressing issues such as housing affordability and neighborhood safety in Santa Monica. A Harvard Business School graduate, he has transitioned into the technology and logistics sector, playing a key role in implementing the largest electric delivery van fleet to reduce carbon emissions.

Dan is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, working to empower underrepresented groups in the workforce. He also serves on the Santa Monica Pier Board of Directors, where he leads efforts to create a thriving business environment. Dan’s involvement in the Santa Monica Democratic Club demonstrates his commitment to community organizing and support for labor initiatives. Recently earning a Master of Public Administration, Dan is dedicated to making a positive impact on his local government.


Tim Hernández

State House, District 4, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Tim is a dedicated teacher and community activist hailing from the Northside of Denver. Serving as a representative in the Colorado General Assembly for the Northside and Westside of Denver, Tim gained recognition for his involvement in the largest student walkouts in half a century in support of Chicano studies, Chicano teachers, and increased diversity among educators in Denver Public Schools.

At the age of 27, he is the first Gen Z member in the Colorado House, advocating for fully funded public education, accessible housing, and gun violence prevention. Notably, Tim played a key role as a prime sponsor in passing the historic Assault Weapons Ban in the Colorado House.


Whitney Nieves

Bay County School Board, District 1, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Aug 20, 2024

Whitney, a first-generation high school and college graduate running for Bay Co. School Board, Florida — District 1, is dedicated to combating social inequalities within the public school system. With a focus on safety, community, and supporting teachers, Whitney strives to provide all students with a high-quality education in a nurturing environment.

As a military spouse, she has a broad perspective that informs her campaign, ensuring every student feels valued and safe. Whitney’s commitment to adequate resources for student safety and promoting equality in the classroom drives her vision for positive change. If elected, Whitney plans to engage with stakeholders, prioritize teacher support, and address the evolving needs of the community to create a more inclusive educational experience for all students.

Q’Vaunda “Q” Curry

Tax Collector, Gadsden County, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Q’Vaunda is an educator and wellness coach with a passion for community engagement. Running for Gadsden County Tax Collector, she aims to utilize her background in education to provide valuable resources to residents.

With a strong commitment to serving her community, Q’Vaunda sees this opportunity as a way to empower citizens and enhance their understanding of property taxes. Her belief in youth empowerment and early civic engagement drives her motivation to inspire others to take an active role in local politics. Holding a master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and a background as a former Division 1 athlete, Q’Vaunda brings a unique perspective to the political landscape.

She aspires to bring fresh ideas and encourage young individuals to participate in shaping the future of local government.

Ashley Gantt

State House, District 109, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ashley V. Gantt, Esq. serves as the Florida House Representative for District 109 since 2022, alongside her legal practice focusing on Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, and Probate. Formerly an educator in Miami-Dade county public schools for five years, Ashley has dedicated her career to public service. Her notable accomplishments include securing lactation spaces in Florida courthouses, advocating for justice reform, and supporting youth development programs.

Ashley is a staunch advocate for accurate Black History education, workers’ rights, and women’s reproductive rights. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida and a law degree from NSU Shepard Broad College of Law, where she later served as an adjunct professor. Active in various organizations, Ashley is a member of The Links, Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and the University of Florida Association of Black Alumni South Florida chapter.

Nate Douglas

State House, District 37, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nate is a Gen-Z, first-generation American with a strong background as the son of a public-school teacher and small business owner. In 2020, he made history by becoming the youngest elected official in Orange County when he joined the Soil & Water Conservation District Board. Nate is a passionate climate activist dedicated to creating positive change in his community.

Now, he is aiming to win back House District 37 to help break the Republican supermajority in Tallahassee. His key priorities include holding insurance companies accountable, restoring rights to safe abortion access, and protecting the community from the harmful impacts of human-caused climate change.

Derek LaMontagne

Mayor, Port Orange, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Aug 20, 2024

Derek, a proud native of Port Orange and a Spruce Creek High School valedictorian, is deeply committed to protecting the city’s natural areas and resources. With a passion for environmental conservation, he actively engages with various non-profit organizations to advocate for sustainable development practices and community well-being. Derek strongly opposes harmful developments that threaten the city’s environmental integrity and public health. He is dedicated to preserving Port Orange’s forests and wetlands, and promoting transparency and accountability within the local government.

As a concerned citizen, Derek has successfully challenged government decisions that prioritize corporate interests over community welfare. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the advocacy against the proposed I-95 Interchange in the sensitive Spruce Creek wetlands. To support Derek’s efforts to safeguard Port Orange’s natural beauty and quality of life, individuals can visit for volunteering opportunities, donations, or additional information. Join Derek in his mission to uphold environmental values and empower residents for a sustainable future.


Nicole Love Hendrickson

County Commissioner, Gwinnett County, GA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nicole made history in 2020 by becoming the first African American Chairwoman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. With over 20 years of experience in public service, Nicole has been a dedicated advocate for her community since she arrived in Gwinnett County in 2006. In her downtime, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Keverne, and their 10-year-old son, Kaden, who is in 4th grade at Camp Creek Elementary School. They live in unincorporated Lilburn.

Nicole’s commitment to service extends beyond her official roles; she is actively involved in various local, statewide, and national boards, including the Atlanta Regional Commission, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Counties’ Community, Workforce, and Economic Development Committee. She is also a proud member of the Rotary Club of Gwinnett County and played a key role in establishing the Local Leaders Housing Action Committee to tackle housing affordability challenges in the Atlanta region.

Ashwin Ramaswami

State Senate, District 48, GA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ashwin, a Johns Creek, GA native and second-generation immigrant, is seeking election to the Georgia State Senate in District 48. With a background in serving the public through nonprofits, startups, and small businesses, Ashwin is passionate about utilizing technology for the greater good and fostering job creation. During his tenure at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), he focused on cybersecurity and election security, collaborating with state and local election offices to safeguard the integrity of the 2020 and 2022 elections. Additionally, he gained experience as a legal fellow in the Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

If elected, Ashwin would make history as the first Indian American in the Georgia state legislature. He would also hold the distinction of being the first Gen Z State Senator in Georgia, as well as the sole Georgia state legislator with both a computer science and a law degree. Ashwin’s key priorities include advocating for fully funded education, increased investment in entrepreneurship and wellbeing, and reducing expenses for working families.

Nabilah Islam Parkes

State Senate, District 7, GA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nabilah, a native of Gwinnett County, holds the distinction of being the youngest woman elected to the Georgia State Senate. She is also the first Muslim woman and South Asian woman to hold this position. With a background in community organizing, Nabilah is a passionate advocate for societal issues. Growing up in a working-class immigrant household, Nabilah witnessed the challenges faced by families, particularly in the realm of healthcare. Her determination to improve healthcare accessibility stems from personal experiences when her mother was injured while working.

In her role as a State Senator, Nabilah focuses on advocating for Georgia families by championing initiatives to reduce drug costs, enhance healthcare affordability, bolster public health agencies, expand Medicaid, and safeguard abortion rights. Noteworthy among her achievements are innovative efforts to remove taxes on essential household items such as diapers, menstrual products, and school supplies, aiming to ease the financial burden on hardworking individuals in Georgia.


Cross Makani Crabbe

State House, District 45, HI

Primary Date: Aug 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cross, a native of Wai’anae, HI, is a dedicated community advocate with a background in office management and case management. He is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus, Seattle Pacific University, and Hawai’i Pacific University, holding degrees in Life Sciences, Social Justice/Cultural Studies, and Public Administration.

Focusing on Housing, Education, and Public Safety, Cross is committed to addressing homelessness and educational disparities in Hawaii, with a particular emphasis on supporting Native Hawaiians. He is a vocal proponent of housing solutions for all income levels and initiatives to enhance education quality, especially in rural areas. Concerned about crime rates and police shortages, Cross advocates for hiring more law enforcement officers and empowering communities through public safety programs like neighborhood watch groups.


Erica Larkin

County Board, District 10, IL

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Erica, a McLean County resident for over 15 years, is actively involved in various community groups advocating for mothers, families, and children. With a degree in Economics from Illinois State University, she previously worked as an internal auditor at State Farm, specializing in bank laws and regulations, assessing risks, and reporting discrepancies to the board of directors. Currently, she serves as a parent liaison at Easterseals and substitutes at Brigham Early Learning in the Unit 5 school district.

In 2018, Erica welcomed her first child after facing four miscarriages. Her firsthand experience with women’s healthcare complexities fueled her passion for advocating for women at all life stages. In 2020, she had her second child, born prematurely at 34 weeks with a limb difference, leading to an unexpected diagnosis. This experience furthered her involvement in Early Intervention programs in Bloomington-Normal, strengthening her commitment to community service.

Looking ahead, Erica aims to leverage her experience and empathy by serving on the McLean County Board, particularly hoping to contribute to the Health Committee.

Saba Haider

County Board, At-Large, Dupage County, IL

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Saba, a candidate for the DuPage County Board representing District 5, holds a Master’s degree in Wildlife Sciences and has a background in the health and wellness industry. With a passion for community service, Saba also advocates for mental health awareness and values diversity on the board. Saba currently serves on the Public Health Board of the DuPage County Health Department, bringing valuable expertise to the position. Her experience in environmental conservation, sustainability, and non-profit work reflects her commitment to making a positive difference in the county.


Ben Carson

County Council, At-Large, Tippecanoe County, IN

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ben, a Purdue University graduate and resident of West Lafayette, is deeply involved in the local community. Serving on the West Lafayette Board of Public Works and running for Tippecanoe County Council At-Large, Ben is a dedicated entrepreneur in Education Technology and has a background in teaching. Passionate about community issues, he works with organizations like the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette and MatchBOX Coworking Studio, where he manages events for the local Diversity Roundtable chapter.

Ben is focused on addressing mental health resources, public safety, affordable housing, environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility in his campaign for County Council. He aims to transcend partisan politics and tackle problems facing his community without regard for labels. Beyond politics, Ben enjoys movies, art exhibits, coffee outings, and volunteering with environmental initiatives, embodying a commitment to his community and its future.


Megan L. Srinivas

State House, District 30, IA

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dr. Megan Srinivas, a devoted infectious disease physician and Iowa House of Representatives member for House District 30, is renowned as the youngest woman of color ever elected to the Iowa legislature. Her career has been dedicated to providing healthcare in rural and low-resource areas both in the US and worldwide. Dr. Srinivas has conducted influential research, including a notable NIH-funded study on legislative impacts on family planning health centers, published in JAMA. She has also contributed to a significant World Health Organization initiative to enhance access to sexual and reproductive health services in resource-limited regions.

As the host of the American Medical Association (AMA)/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s health equity podcast, Stories of Care, and serving as an infectious disease expert for Iowa Primary Care Association’s Project ECHO, Dr. Srinivas intertwines her medical expertise with a commitment to advocacy. With a remarkable educational background from institutions like Harvard University, University of Iowa Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, and University of North Carolina, Dr. Srinivas is well-equipped to lead legislative efforts surrounding reproductive health, mental health, and opioid harm reduction. She is also known for advocating workers’ rights, public education, and regenerative agriculture policies.

Heather Sievers

State House, District 40, IA

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Heather is a skilled healthcare professional with a background in counseling psychology and clinical nurse leadership. As a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, she focuses on implementing innovations to improve healthcare safety and quality. With a passion for community service, Heather has successfully reduced opioid-related deaths post-surgery and hospital-associated infections. She has also played a key role in establishing networks for easier access to mental health services.

Beyond her healthcare work, Heather is deeply involved in legislative advocacy. In response to personal experiences with a child with rare developmental disabilities, she founded Advocates for Iowa’s Children to push for reform benefiting students, educators, and children with special needs. Heather is committed to advocating for quality public school education, affordable healthcare, and improved mental health services.

She also fights for judicial system improvements, cost of living reductions, preservation of union rights, and protection of reproductive freedoms and civil rights for marginalized communities. Her advocacy work is driven by a dedication to representing the needs of the people ahead of political interests.


Brittany Hall

State House, District 46, KS

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Aug 6, 2024

Brittany, a dedicated single mother, juggles a full-time job while serving as president of the Board of Regents for Haskell Indian Nations University. Raised by her Native American mother due to her Mexican immigrant father’s abandonment, Brittany is passionate about addressing issues like the broken foster care system and healthcare costs in Kansas. Her advocacy for expanding Medicaid and promoting diversity mirrors the values of Lawrence, where she resides with her son, Mateo.

Living in the liberal college town of Lawrence, Brittany found a community where individuals feel comfortable expressing their identities. Her commitment to representing the district in Topeka aligns with the desire for a more inclusive statehouse. With the Kansas legislature having less than 30% female representation and a lack of Native American voices, Brittany’s candidacy offers a unique perspective. Lawrence residents appreciate her resilience in overcoming hardships as a working single mother, making her a compelling candidate to bring diverse voices to the state legislature.


Natalie Zimmerman

School Board, District 2, Montgomery County, MD

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Natalie, a University of Michigan graduate with degrees in Political Science, International Studies, and Gender and Health, has a passion for education. Transitioning to teaching after earning a degree in Elementary Educational Studies, she focused on second, third, and fourth grades in Montgomery County, Maryland. As an educator, Natalie observed a gap between policy makers and teachers, spurring her decision to run for a seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education.

With a strong commitment to student and teacher welfare, Natalie advocates for data-driven curriculums, safe school environments, and empowering educators in decision-making processes. Her goal is to ensure that the board prioritizes the needs of students and values the contributions of teachers, especially in challenging times. Natalie firmly believes that education is a crucial investment in shaping our students’ futures and aims to bring an educator’s perspective to education policy-making.


Chris Crothers

County Commissioner, District 4, Ottawa County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Chris is a candidate for Ottawa County Commissioner in District 4, drawing inspiration from his grandfather’s influence on his passion for civil discourse. Observing mature debates at Socrates Café with his grandfather left a lasting impact on Chris, teaching him the value of being open-minded, using facts to support opinions, and embracing diverse perspectives. Raised in Zeeland after being born in Holland, Chris was deeply involved in his local church community. After studying engineering at GVSU, he co-founded Tulip City Brewstillery in 2019, fulfilling his dream of creating a space for community gatherings. As the head brewer and part of the leadership team at Tulip City Brewstillery and Hopland Brewstillery, Chris has actively engaged with various local nonprofits, fueling his commitment to community engagement and inclusivity.

With a background representing the working class and leadership experience, Chris brings a multi-generational viewpoint to the board, blending past economic successes with present challenges. Known for his problem-solving skills, collaborative nature, and strong work ethic, Chris is dedicated to driving progress and serving his community diligently.

Layla Taha

State House, District 25, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Layla is an adept community organizer and public health advocate with a Master of Public Health from Columbia University. Growing up in a single-parent household in Detroit’s suburbs, Layla developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the struggles of the working class. She has dedicated her career to championing accessible healthcare and affordable housing.

With experience as a health policy analyst focusing on Medicare reimbursement and nursing home quality, Layla transitioned to grassroots organizing, particularly around voting rights and reproductive freedom initiatives. She played a crucial role in advocating for reproductive rights as part of the Michigan Reproductive Freedom for All campaign. As the former Program Director for Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s Youth Civic Engagement Fellowship, Layla oversaw organizing training for youth on social justice issues in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. In her bid to represent Michigan’s 25th House District, Layla prioritizes affordable healthcare, fair wages, and environmental justice. She believes in centering people’s well-being above corporate interests in her endeavors to protect public health.

Ben Orjada

County Commissioner, District 6, Macomb County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ben is a dedicated union organizer and candidate for County Commissioner in Sterling Heights, Michigan. With a background in autism rights advocacy and direct care work, Ben has expanded his advocacy to include sustainability, fair housing, labor rights, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. Currently serving as the President of the Young Democrats of Michigan and working for the MI AFL-CIO, Ben is a proud member of Teamsters 243. His campaign focuses on creating homes for young families, improving support services for retirees and caregivers, and ensuring full funding for emergency services in Macomb County.

If elected, Ben would make history as the first openly queer member of the Macomb County Commission, aiming to shift the Commission from Republican to Democratic control.

Jessica Jackson

County Clerk, Berrien County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jessica, a licensed social worker and mother of two, is a candidate for Berrien County Clerk in Michigan. With a master’s degree in social work and owning a practice in Niles, Michigan, Jessica believes in the power of community building and advocacy. If elected, she plans to prioritize protecting the right to vote by addressing social, financial, and transparency issues in the clerk’s office. Jessica aims to advocate for pay increases for county clerks, collaborate with local libraries for educational presentations, and update voting technology.

Grounded in integrity, empathy, and compassion, Jessica is committed to representing all families in Buchanan, MI. She believes in meeting people where they are, listening to their voices, and incorporating their values into her work at the clerk’s office. Her campaign is centered on the belief that active engagement and ethical action can bring about meaningful change.

Alyssa Bell

County Commissioner, District 6, Berrien County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alyssa, a candidate for Berrien County Commissioner of District 6, hails from blue-collar and union backgrounds, championing hard work and community backing. With roots in Wayne County, Alyssa started her career at Meijer stores during high school and undergraduate studies. Graduating in 2011, she secured a temporary role at Quicken Loans, launching a 13-year journey in mortgage finance. As a certified mortgage underwriter, Alyssa led a team of skilled underwriters, delving into the complexities of mortgage applications that mirror our economy’s challenges.

A devoted mother to a two-year-old, Alyssa understands the struggles of securing affordable childcare and providing children with essential tools for success. If elected, Alyssa pledges to ensure a balanced budget, pursue beneficial grants, and prioritize affordable childcare, housing, mental health, and violence prevention initiatives for Berrien County. Committed to hard work, Alyssa envisions a prosperous future for Berrien County and seeks your support in November.

Christina Joy Root

County Commissioner, District 6, Oakland County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christina is a licensed clinical social worker with a strong interest in political engagement and community leadership. She draws on her personal experiences with therapy and navigating challenges like teen dating violence after her mother’s passing from ovarian cancer to advocate for accessible mental health services.

Currently, Christina serves as a mental health clinician for a wide range of clients, providing services in English and Spanish to diverse communities, including immigrants, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and survivors of violence. Her ambition as an elected official is to promote policies that advance women’s health rights, improve mental health care access, foster gender equality, and support anti-violence efforts.

Jon Mallek

City Council, Ward 2, Ann Arbor, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jon brings a wealth of experience in public service at multiple government levels to his candidacy for Ann Arbor City Council. With a commitment to upholding Ann Arbor’s standing as a premier place to reside, Jon’s campaign priorities center on enhancing city services, advocating for the A2Zero climate plan, and tackling the housing shortage through a holistic strategy.

Nickolas Lentz

Township Trustee, Meridian Township, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nickolas, a dedicated community member, is seeking the position of Meridian Township Trustee with a passion for making positive changes. With a background in non-profit leadership, he has spearheaded impactful projects such as establishing a new food bank warehouse serving 80,000 individuals annually and securing funding for child abuse prevention programs and homelessness prevention initiatives in downtown East Lansing. Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, Nickolas believes in the power of collective action to address challenges effectively.

If elected, Nickolas aims to prioritize the creation of a community center accessible to all ages, advocate for the preservation and enhancement of Meridian Township’s 904 acres of parks, and explore innovative partnerships to support various community initiatives. His commitment to fostering a thriving community is evident in his plans to address infrastructure needs, housing affordability, and economic development opportunities in collaboration with stakeholders.

With a focus on serving the public interest and a receptive attitude towards community feedback, Nickolas aspires to be a trusted advocate for Meridian Township residents and uphold the values that make this community special.

Tyler Fox

State House, District 57, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Tyler is a candidate for Michigan’s 57th House District, with a background in public service and local government. Currently serving as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Troy and as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Tyler also works as a Purchasing Coordinator for the City of Sterling Heights. With previous experience as a Union President, Tyler has a proven track record of negotiating wage increases and benefits for government employees.

Coming from a background of overcoming challenges, Tyler is committed to advocating for access to affordable housing, addressing zoning restrictions, and combating community blackouts. Tyler also aims to tackle medical debt by expanding successful programs from Oakland County, as well as improving childcare options for young families by introducing more overnight and infant care choices. Tyler’s platform revolves around creating positive change and improving the quality of life for residents in the State of Michigan.

Johnathon Wertheimer

Township Clerk, Waterford, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Johnathon is the Chief of Staff for State Representative Brenda Carter in Waterford, bringing a wealth of experience in public service and governance. With a strong background in political science, he excels in navigating legislative processes and collaborating with various stakeholders to address community needs. Known for his bipartisan approach, Johnathon has successfully crafted policies and resolved local issues, earning the trust of both colleagues and residents.

Seeking to broaden his impact, Johnathon aims to run for the position of Waterford Township Clerk, driven by his passion for community empowerment and transparent governance. With a focus on enhancing civic engagement and improving local services, he plans to leverage his expertise in government administration to benefit the township. With a reputation for effective leadership and a dedication to public service, Johnathon is committed to advocating for residents with integrity and diligence.

Aisha Farooqi

State House, District 57, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Aisha, a candidate for Michigan’s House of Representatives, District 57, has a deep connection to her community in Sterling Heights, where she has resided for over twenty years. With roots in immigration at a young age, Aisha understands the challenges faced by children in lower-income areas through her own experience in Detroit public schools. Holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy-School of Law, Aisha has championed for the marginalized as a legal aid attorney and through her private law practice.

In the past, she served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for Sterling Heights until September 2023 and now works as an assistant prosecuting attorney at Wayne County. Aisha’s family history of activism has instilled in her a strong sense of advocacy for rights and freedoms. She believes in amplifying voices and fighting for justice for all, inspired by her grand-aunt’s legacy as a freedom fighter against the British Raj.

Chris Herweyer

County Commissioner, District 8, Kent County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Chris, a lifelong resident of Wyoming, Michigan, is a candidate for Kent County Commission District 8. With a focus on supporting affordable housing, advancing environmental sustainability, promoting equitable economic growth, and ensuring quality education for all children, Herweyer aims to bring new leadership to the region. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science from Albion College and is a graduate of Godwin Heights Public Schools.

Currently, he serves as a regional coordinator at the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, bringing his expertise in political campaigns, AmeriCorps VISTA service, and legislative director experience for State Representative John Fitzgerald. Herweyer’s dedication to his community drives his campaign to make a positive impact on Wyoming and Kent County.

Annie Somerville

County Commissioner, District 6, Washtenaw County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Annie is the current Washtenaw County Commissioner for District 6, advocating for the City of Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township, and Superior Township. Her re-election campaign focuses on improving human services, housing access, and support for youth and older adults in the county.

Annie’s commitment stems from personal experiences with poverty, food insecurity, and unstable housing during her upbringing. Witnessing her mother’s struggles with substance use and homelessness further fuels her dedication to addressing community needs. Annie prioritizes initiatives like permanent supportive housing, nutrition programs, and advancing projects like the Eastern Washtenaw Community and Recreation Center. She believes in providing enhanced services for residents of the Ypsilanti area and throughout Washtenaw County.

Austin Marsman

State House, District 42, MI

Austin is a dedicated public servant with a long-standing commitment to his community. With experience in various roles, including serving on the school board and working on initiatives like improving countywide broadband access, Austin has demonstrated his passion for advocating for the people he represents.

As a resident of West Michigan for his entire life, he possesses a deep understanding of the challenges facing the community and is determined to prioritize the needs of the 42nd House District. Austin’s focus on unity and progress sets him apart as a candidate who is ready to bring positive change to Lansing.

Emily Dabish Yahkind

Supervisor, Superior Township, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emily lives in Superior Township, Michigan, with her husband to raise their family. She is a candidate for Superior Township Supervisor with a vision to enhance community services, prioritize public safety and infrastructure, environmental conservation, accountability in government, township identity, sustainable economic development, support for youth, and inclusivity. With a background as Founder and CEO of SolSummit, a sustainable wine company, as well as Senior Michigan Advisor for CIV:LAB, Emily has a wealth of experience in sustainable business practices and nonprofit work.

She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan, an MA in Public Management from Johns Hopkins University, and a certification in Conflict Resolution from Johns Hopkins SAIS Europe. Emily also serves as a Planning Commissioner, volunteers at Mott Children’s Hospital, and is actively involved in regional boards and councils. She is committed to making Superior Township an even more exceptional place for current and future residents.

Morgan Foreman

State House, District 33, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Morgan is a dedicated advocate and community leader from Washtenaw County, with a strong background in education and a commitment to service. She has worked to empower voters and held local political leadership roles, focusing on issues such as education equity and affordable housing.

With her experience in organizations like the Washtenaw County Democratic Party, Morgan has gained the trust of local leaders. Her campaign prioritizes reproductive freedom, access to healthcare, consumer protection, and senior support to create thriving, safe communities for all residents of Washtenaw County.

Macie Gaines

Court Judge, Wayne County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Macie, a candidate for Wayne County Probate Court, boasts a diverse background in law, education, counseling, and advocacy. With a dedication to protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals, Macie draws from her experience as an attorney, former educator, federal legislative intern, and counselor to advocate for marginalized communities. Her commitment to upholding dignity and respect for all stems from her working-class upbringing. Specializing in areas such as elder protection, rights of individuals with developmental disabilities, and advocacy for those in involuntary hospitalization, Macie has the skills necessary to serve as a compassionate and effective judge.

Beyond her legal expertise, Macie’s personal experiences have shaped her character and work ethic. From her time working in challenging conditions in a warehouse to facing evictions as a child, she has cultivated resilience, adaptability, and a deep sense of compassion. Macie’s dedication to her family and her entrepreneurial spirit further underscore her capacity for hard work and dedication, qualities she aims to bring to the bench if elected.


Isabel Rolfes

State House, District 61A, MN

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Isabel, an adoptee from India, is a dedicated candidate running for State House. Motivated by a strong sense of social justice, Isabel became actively involved in the State’s DFL Party after the 2016 election, working on flipping seats and passing impactful legislation at the legislature. Her focus lies on advocating for education, climate and infrastructure policies, and ensuring the safety of all Minnesotans, with special attention to the queer community.

Having experienced oppression and exclusion as a queer BIPOC woman in rural Minnesota, Isabel is committed to amplifying voices that are often marginalized in critical discussions on issues like climate change and healthcare access. Her campaign, summarized by the slogan Fighter, Advocate, Friend, encapsulates her promise to fight for justice, advocate for her community, and be a supportive neighbor to all constituents.

Isabel’s mission is to ensure that every voice in her district is heard and valued, as she works tirelessly to represent their best interests in the State House.

Peter Butler

City Council, Ward 2, Coon Rapids, MN

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Peter, a Coon Rapids resident, is running for City Council with a passion for his community’s future. His background, influenced by his parents’ teaching careers, drives his commitment to address pressing issues like housing affordability, public safety, and infrastructure updates. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, Peter aspires to create a sustainable community that benefits all residents.

Drawing on his extensive experience in both state and local government, Peter is equipped to make tough decisions, engage with diverse perspectives, and manage budgets effectively. His adeptness in navigating political complexities, showcased during the COVID-19 pandemic and while overseeing sizeable programs within Minnesota’s Long-Term Care Medicaid system, underscores his capability to lead amidst challenges.

Whether lending his time to volunteer at the local library or advocating for workers’ rights as a state employee and union member, Peter is dedicated to enhancing community well-being. Committed to contributing to the betterment of Coon Rapids, Peter is eager to leverage his expertise and values to serve his fellow residents effectively.


Casey Cassidy

State House, District 117, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Casey, a candidate for Missouri House District 117, is a devoted advocate with a strong focus on championing the rights of the community. A resident of the district and parent, Casey brings a personal touch to their work. Having recently completed their studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, education holds a special place in Casey’s heart, and they are a vocal supporter of public education. With a firm stance in favor of workers’ rights, Casey opposes right-to-work laws and supports labor unions. They are a staunch advocate for reproductive rights and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Key priorities for Casey include advocating for affordable healthcare through Medicare for All, safeguarding Social Security, and striving to increase the minimum wage to benefit working families. Committed to democratic principles, Casey works to ensure equal representation and participation for all individuals. Casey Cassidy is driven by a sincere dedication to enhancing the lives of Missourians and working towards a brighter future for everyone.

Leslie Jones

State House, District 130, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Leslie is a devoted mother, experienced educator, music therapist, and small business owner based in Missouri. With a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, she has successfully run Musical Bridges Music Therapy for over 12 years, helping countless individuals through her board-certified therapy services. Alongside her business, Leslie has shared her expertise as an adjunct music therapy professor at Drury University.

Previously, Leslie held the role of Vice President at the Midwest Music Therapy Association and served as a Team Lead for the Springfield Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Her decision to run for office stems from her commitment to enhancing the lives of Missourians by advocating for public school support, public safety enhancements, increased access to healthcare and childcare, and the restoration of civil rights.

With a deep-rooted connection to Missouri, Leslie aims to address the state’s challenges and propel positive change for its residents. She believes in prioritizing the well-being of individuals and advancing the state’s infrastructure to create a better future for all.


Josh Seckinger

State House, District 62, MT

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Josh, originally from Florida and raised in Wisconsin, has called Montana home for the past fifteen years. With a diverse work background spanning seismic mapping, food distribution, newspaper printing, and construction labor, he discovered his true passion as a fly-fishing guide a decade ago. Specializing in guiding on Montana’s renowned rivers such as the Yellowstone, Gallatin, Madison, and Smith, Josh is committed to preserving the state’s outdoor heritage while advocating for important issues like increased public school funding, women’s reproductive rights, and property tax reform.

Understanding the importance of collaboration, Josh values engaging with the community and seeks to bridge gaps across party lines in the legislature. With a deep connection to Montana and its residents, he aims to be a voice for the hardworking individuals who call Big Sky Country their home.

Jacinda Morigeau

State Senate, District 46, MT

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jacinda, a member of the Bitterroot Salish tribe, is a candidate for Montana Senate District 46. Hailing from Arlee on the Flathead Reservation, she is deeply connected to her Montana roots as the daughter of Malissa and the late Dane Morigeau and the granddaughter of Salish elder Frances Vanderburg. Jacinda’s upbringing, shaped by her mother’s nursing career and her father’s service as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, instilled a strong sense of community engagement in her.

She currently holds the position of vice chairperson on the Board of Directors at All Nations Health Center and is a board member of Montana Women Vote. With a commitment to community service and a track record of leadership, Jacinda Morigeau is well-prepared to represent the interests of her constituents in the Montana Senate.


Terrell McKinney

State House, District 11, NE

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Senator Terrell McKinney, hailing from North Omaha, Nebraska, represents District 11 in the Nebraska State Legislature. Chairing the Urban Affairs Committee and contributing to the Business & Labor and Judiciary Committees, he brings a strong background in community engagement as a community organizer and wrestling coach in North Omaha.

Prior to his political career, Senator McKinney focused on addressing food insecurity, advocating for Medicaid expansion, and guiding individuals in their career paths. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Sport Business Management from Maryville University-St. Louis, a Master of Business Administration from Midland University, and currently pursuing a law degree at Creighton University School of Law, he exemplifies his commitment to education and professional growth.

Noteworthy for his leadership in the Economic Recovery Special Committees and the Nebraska Sentencing Reform Taskforce, Senator McKinney remains dedicated to driving positive legislative change for North Omaha and beyond.


Tara Webster

City Council, Ward 5, Reno, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Tara is a community outreach advocate and experienced higher education science and engineering educator specializing in justice-centered learning of social and political issues in STEM. With a strong background in community engagement, she actively participates in local mutual aid and education groups, advocating for initiatives that address systemic inequalities. As a candidate for Reno City Council representing Ward 5, her primary focus is prioritizing and humanizing the needs of underserved communities.

Tara is committed to ensuring diverse representation in leadership roles and decision-making bodies, amplifying voices from all backgrounds. She aims to create equitable opportunities for everyone, including access to affordable housing, safety nets, and early childhood education. Graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biology, Tara is pursuing her doctoral degree while serving on Reno’s Recreation and Parks Commission and as a founding board member for Desert Peach Montessori.

Kamilah Bywaters

School Board, District E, Clark County, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kamilah, a passionate advocate for education, is a candidate committed to ensuring all students have access to a quality education. With a background as a licensed special education teacher in various school districts, including the Clark County School District and the District of Columbia Public Schools, Kamilah has a deep understanding of the challenges in education. Holding advanced degrees in Education, Divinity, and pursuing a Doctorate in Special Education, she is well-equipped for the role of a school board Trustee.

Kamilah’s key priorities include Education Funding, Achievement Gap Reduction, and enhancing Board accountability and transparency. She values collaboration and believes in prioritizing student and community input in educational decision-making. Kamilah is dedicated to working with diverse stakeholders, including students, families, educators, and officials, to improve public education in the Clark County School District.

Carlos Fernandez

University Regent, District 1, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Carlos Fernandez was born in Colombia and raised in Nevada. A dynamic leader with a passion for education and community service, he has a proven track record of leadership and advocacy. With experience as the former Student Body President at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Carlos has championed student initiatives and secured funding for important university programs. As the youngest executive director of the Nevada and Las Vegas Chapters of the American Institute of Architects, he continues to drive innovation and progress in his professional roles.

Carlos’s participation in prestigious programs like the Vegas Chamber Foundation’s Leadership Las Vegas class of 2024 and the US Chamber Foundation Business Leads Fellowship demonstrates his dedication to bridging the gap between education and workforce development. Now running for the Nevada Board of Regents, Carlos is committed to making higher education more accessible and ensuring students receive the support they need to succeed.

With a focus on aligning educational programs with the demands of the labor market, Carlos aims to elevate the educational experience for all. Through his years of service and dedication to his community, Carlos is a visionary leader poised to promote educational excellence and economic growth in Nevada.

Michaelangelo Aranda

City Council, Ward 6, Reno, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Michaelangelo is a dedicated community leader with a decade of experience serving on non-profit and local government boards. With a background in Human Resources, he has led teams and provided workplace training on important issues like sustainability and human engagement. As a Parks Commissioner for the Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Spaces Board, he advocates for community resources and ensures developers involve neighborhoods in their discussions.

In his role on the Parent-Teacher-Organization Board, he pushes for safer roads and traffic mitigation to protect students and wildlife. Michaelangelo is passionate about creating a safer and well-developed Reno by amplifying the voices of his neighbors.

Joe Dalia

State Assembly, District 29, NV

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Joe is a candidate for the Nevada State Assembly, aiming to represent his hometown and create a brighter tomorrow for his three daughters. With a background in AI and privacy law, experience as a small business owner, and roots in a union family, Joe offers a diverse perspective. Being a first-generation college graduate and a young parent further shapes his priorities.

If elected, Joe plans to advocate for accessible childcare, healthcare, and education for working families. He also aims to safeguard union jobs amidst technological advancements and uphold essential rights, such as reproductive freedom, in Nevada.


Angela Brennan

State Senate, District 15, NH

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Angela, a New Hampshire Young Democrat, is a candidate running for the State Senate District 15 seat. With a focus on protecting freedoms, supporting well-funded public education, and defending democracy, she aims to create a brighter future for all Granite Staters.

As Chairwoman of the Bow Select Board and a State Representative for Bow/Hopkinton, Angela is actively involved in upholding democratic principles. She has also taken on leadership roles within the Democratic Party, serving as the Write-In Biden Team Leader for Voter Protection & Education and a Biden Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Recognized as an Emerging Leader by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Angela has participated in national fellowships promoting democracy and voting rights. Residing in Bow, NH with her family, she is dedicated to serving her community and advocating for positive change.


James Meyers

State Senate, District 53, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

James, a native of Upstate New York, learned the value of service from his blue-collar parents. His Army career, sparked by an ROTC scholarship, honed his leadership and problem-solving skills. After four years as an Intelligence Officer in the Active Duty Army, overseeing troops in various locations, he transitioned to a role as a program manager. Here, he excelled at assembling effective teams for large government contracts.

A proud veteran and current Army reservist, James returned to his hometown, eager to apply his strategic skills to drive positive change. His community-driven goals focus on fostering safe and healthy neighborhoods, improving education opportunities, and creating economic growth to ensure a prosperous future for residents.

Eli Northrup

State Assembly, District 69, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Eli, a public defender and policy advocate based in New York, has dedicated his career to promoting equity and social justice. With over a decade of experience as a public defender in criminal court, he currently serves as the Policy Director for the Criminal Defense Practice at the Bronx Defenders. Leading a team of advocates, Eli focuses on developing policies that aim to bring fairness and dignity to the criminal legal system. He has been instrumental in various legislative campaigns focused on protecting due process, ensuring transparency, facilitating reentry for individuals with criminal records, and advocating for criminal justice reform.

Apart from his work at the Bronx Defenders, Eli has a diverse background that includes being a clinical fellow at Georgetown Law and clerking for federal judges on the Third Circuit and SDNY. He holds a J.D. from NYU Law and a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University. Raised by a conservationist father and a poet-teacher mother, Eli developed a keen sense of environmental consciousness and a deep appreciation for the arts. In his leisure time, he enjoys attending concerts, participating in flag football and pickleball, and exploring the local parks in his neighborhood.


Crystal Lett

State House, District 11, OH

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Crystal, a graduate of The Ohio State University, has dedicated her career to serving her community. As a Certified Mental Health Professional at North Central Mental Health, Crystal’s personal experiences, including the loss of her brother to suicide and caring for her son with a rare genetic disorder, have fueled her passion for mental health advocacy. Her involvement in advocating for CHIP healthcare coverage led her to Washington D.C. to fight for funding alongside the Ohio Children’s Hospital Network and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s office.

Currently serving as the recruitment director at LEAD Ohio, Crystal focuses on recruiting a diverse group of community leaders to better represent Ohio families. With a commitment to public service, Crystal is a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives — District 11.


Nicole Maldonado

State House, District 88, OH

Primary Date: Jun 18, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nicole, a Queer Latina woman, is dedicated to defending democracy and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities impacted by the attacks of the MAGA movement. Raised in Colombia by a single mother and grandmother, she learned the value of strength and resilience early on. Nicole attributes her teachers for instilling in her the importance of acceptance and inclusion. Influential women and leaders in Oklahoma played a significant role in shaping Nicole’s beliefs in the power of community.

A Political Science graduate from Southeastern State University, Nicole also competed in collegiate tennis. With experience as a community organizer, Nicole has been involved in political campaigns and has worked with elected officials at the state capitol. Currently, she serves on the Oklahoma City Community Public Safety Advisory Board representing Ward 2.


Candace Avalos

City Council, District 1, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Candace is a first-generation American with a background in Virginia and Guatemala, making her a proud “Blacktina.” With a deep-rooted passion for government and politics, Candace has over twenty years of experience in civic engagement. Currently, she holds the position of Executive Director at Verde, a nonprofit organization based in Portland.

In her role, Candace is committed to addressing historical injustices affecting low-income and communities of color impacted by climate change. She advocates for a more inclusive and progressive city hall, emphasizing community engagement and empathetic leadership as key priorities in her work.

Angelita Morillo

City Council, District 3, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Angelita, a Paraguay native, immigrated to the United States as a child, sparking her passion for government and policy. With a background in Political Science and Legal Studies from Portland State University, she held roles in City Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty’s office before joining Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon as a Policy Advocate. Angelita engages with community members, legislators, and state agencies to shape anti-hunger policies in Oregon.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she serves on Portland’s Rental Services Commission and educates her followers on local government through social media platforms. Running for office, Angelita aims to bring inclusivity and transparency to governmental processes, drawing from her personal experiences with homelessness to advocate for underrepresented communities in Oregon.

Elana Pirtle-Guiney

City Council, District 2, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Elana, a resident of NE Portland for 16 years, has a background in advocacy and policy development. She is a candidate for leadership in Portland, aiming to unite the community and tackle important issues. Coming from a family of public servants, Elana learned the value of improving her surroundings from a young age. With experience as a labor advocate, working with Oregon Governors, and serving on various Boards, she is well-equipped to drive positive change.

Elana’s approach involves community engagement, negotiation, policy implementation, and budgeting that reflects shared values. Her campaign priorities include affordability, livability, and efficient governance, with a vision for a more equitable and sustainable future. Living with her wife, two young children, pets, and urban chickens, Elana is committed to creating a better Portland for everyone.


Nikil Saval

State Senate, District 1, PA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Senator Nikil Saval represents Pennsylvania’s First Senatorial District in Philadelphia. He is known for his commitment to justice for working people and coalition building, stemming from his background as a labor organizer. As Democratic Chair of the Senate’s Urban Affairs & Housing Committee and Chair of the Senate’s Philadelphia Delegation, he focuses on housing, mass incarceration, wage, and climate issues.

He championed the Whole-Home Repairs Program to address home repair needs in Pennsylvania and create local jobs. Saval is also a writer, with publications in The New York Times and The New Yorker, and has served as co-editor of n+1. He authored Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace and has another book, A Rage in Harlem: June Jordan and Architecture, forthcoming.

Davon Magwood

State House, District 55, PA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Davon, a devoted father of three, embraces the values of Mr. Rogers by aspiring to be a “helper” in his community. Seeking to make a difference, he is a candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative. With a commitment to bipartisanship and community revitalization, Magwood aims to unite people in pursuit of fulfilling the American dream.

John Inglis

State House, District 38, PA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

John is a dedicated educator and active member of the West Mifflin community. With 13 years of experience at his alma mater, West Mifflin Area High School, he recently transitioned from a classroom teacher to a School Counselor role and also coaches tennis. Aside from his educational roles, John serves on the West Mifflin Borough Council for his second term.

In his professional endeavors, John prioritizes public education, emphasizing the importance of investing in resources that support and enhance students’ learning experiences. Additionally, he is dedicated to promoting job opportunities in the 38th district and beyond, focusing on creating incentives for new businesses, sustaining small businesses, and strengthening unions.

Public safety is another key priority for John, advocating for the support and resources necessary for first responders to fulfill their duties effectively. During his time on the West Mifflin Borough Council, he has collaborated with colleagues to ensure top-notch emergency services for the community.

Overall, John is committed to advancing education, economic growth, and public safety within West Mifflin, striving to make a positive impact on the community he calls home.


Chiara Amendola

School Board, East Greenwich, RI

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Chiara, an experienced special educator and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.

With over 13 years of experience in public and private schools, as well as consultancy roles, Amendola brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. As a parent of a child with an IEP, she understands the challenges families face firsthand. This unique perspective allows her to advocate effectively for students and families in her community. Amendola’s focus is on improving access to quality education, promoting diversity and inclusion, implementing evidence-based practices, and using data-driven strategies to enhance the school district continually.


Taylor Culliver

State Senate, District 8, SC

Primary Date: Jun 11, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Taylor, a candidate for South Carolina State Senate District 8, is a dedicated South Carolinian and believes in a better future. With a background in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Taylor now serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Center for Courage & Renewal, focusing on supporting those in service professions. Through his nonprofit, Brother Box, he has positively impacted the lives of over 6,000 young men, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and education.

Taylor is also involved with Closing the Gap SC, a coalition that provides scholarships and assistance to students aiming for higher education. His platform prioritizes sustainable development, quality education, public safety, and women’s healthcare decisions. Taylor’s mission is to inspire others to believe in themselves, cultivate community, and approach challenges with hope and love. His vision is to create a stronger, more inclusive South Carolina for all its residents.

Heather Bauer

State House, District 75, SC

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Heather is a South Carolina State House Representative seeking reelection in 2022. As the only Democrat to flip a seat in the previous election, she is dedicated to serving her constituents. She is an active member of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and serves as Co-Chair of the Sportsman Caucus. In her first term, she has been a strong advocate for important issues such as judicial reform, women’s rights, and fiscal accountability.

Notable achievements include establishing the Annual SC Women in Hunting and Fishing Awareness Day, leading to the resignation of the SC Comptroller General due to a significant accounting error, and advocating for legislative changes to protect women’s reproductive rights. She has also played a key role in the establishment of the first SC Trade Commission with Ireland. Passionate about her work, she recently led a spirited effort in the House to extend abortion access. Heather’s commitment to public service and her track record of accomplishments make her a candidate worth considering in the upcoming election.


Jesse Huseth

State House, District 97, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jesse is a small business owner and Democratic Nominee for Tennessee State House District 97. With a background in public education and a strong belief in supporting working families, Jesse is dedicated to advocating for better funding and resources for teachers and students. He also champions women’s healthcare rights and believes in ensuring access to affordable healthcare for all. Jesse emphasizes the importance of state government in promoting effective public safety measures that prioritize local autonomy and practical solutions. He aims to offer improved representation for Memphis, challenging the status quo of hyper-partisan policies and corporate interests that have overshadowed the needs of working families in Tennessee.

Sable Otey

School Board, District 5, Shelby County, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Aug 1, 2024

Sable, a candidate for the Memphis Shelby County School Board District 5, brings a wealth of experience as a wife, mother, businesswoman, former educator, and community advocate. With a deep understanding of the pivotal role education plays in shaping children’s futures, Sable is dedicated to promoting general and financial literacy to equip students with crucial life skills for success beyond the classroom. Drawing from her background as a former USA Bobsled athlete, she is passionate about advocating for fully funding extracurricular activities to ensure every child has the opportunity to explore their interests and develop holistically.

Recognizing the vital contributions of educators and support staff, Sable is committed to prioritizing mental health support for them, including access to counseling services, stress management resources, and a nurturing work environment. With a focus on making a tangible impact in the community, Sable Otey seeks to create positive change by building a brighter future for Memphis Shelby County schools. Vote for Sable Otey to support progress, passion, and a transformative vision for education.

Tamarques Porter

School Board, District 4, Shelby County, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Aug 1, 2024

Tarmarques, a dedicated advocate for education reform, draws inspiration from his upbringing in Memphis, TN, and his experiences as a Melrose graduate. With a strong foundation in community challenges, he brings a unique perspective to his work. Starting as a teacher’s assistant in Memphis Shelby County Schools, Tarmarques collaborated with special needs students, developing a deep understanding of their diverse educational needs. His IT department role allowed him to assist students in navigating technology, enhancing their digital literacy skills. Recognizing the importance of early childhood education and technological proficiency, he also taught literacy and computer classes in daycare settings. As a parent with children in Memphis Shelby County Schools, Tarmarques Porter has a personal investment in the success of the school system.

Leveraging his varied roles as a parent, former employee, and community member, he is poised to tackle the district’s challenges. Focused on addressing the needs of a student population where over 60% come from low-income backgrounds, he prioritizes advocating for mental health resources and equitable funding. Tarmarques is committed to enhancing access to quality educational programs for all students, including literacy initiatives and progressive technology-driven offerings, to foster a supportive and effective learning environment.


Kenneth Bell

City Council, District 3, El Paso, TX

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kenneth is an Army veteran, community advocate, and political campaign organizer with a passion for public service. His dedication to supporting underserved communities shines through his work, whether it’s through military service, volunteering, or community outreach.

During his time in the Army Reserves, Kenneth collaborated with the US Embassy and the Guatemalan government to provide aid to those in need. This included distributing medicine and water filtration systems, organizing medical care in remote areas, and building a ramp for Guatemala’s sole shelter for disabled children.

Awarded with two Army Commendation Medals and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Kenneth’s commitment to service and advocacy is unwavering.

As a candidate for El Paso City Council District 3, Kenneth aims to represent and uplift marginalized groups within the community. His priorities include advocating for sensible legislation, opposing unnecessary spending, improving animal services and city infrastructure, implementing campaign finance reform, and enhancing the quality of life for all residents, including veterans and LGBTQIA2+ individuals.


Sahara Hayes

State House, District 32, UT

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Sahara, a dedicated community member and compassionate leader with over 20 years of residence in her district, has a background in nonprofit organizations and local government. Since her election in 2022, becoming the youngest Democrat and sole openly LGBTQ+ member of the Utah legislature, Sahara has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Her legislative achievements include bills on student suicide prevention, simplifying name and gender marker changes, gun safety, and gender-affirming healthcare policies.

Her main focus is on improving Utah’s education system, environmental protection, and supporting LGBTQ+ youth. When not working in politics, Sahara indulges in reading, hiking, knitting, and aerial arts. She holds a degree from Westminster College and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Utah. Sahara resides with her partner Lily and their rescued pets.


Alexis Mercedes Rinck

City Council, At-Large, Position 8, Seattle, WA

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alexis is a skilled professional with a strong background in advocacy, policy, and budgeting. Her expertise lies in championing progressive change and housing equity through collaborations and public demonstrations. As an Assistant Director at the University of Washington, she focuses on empowering future Seattle leaders in shaping the city’s development.

With firsthand experiences as a renter, public transit user, former restaurant employee, and multi-racial individual, Alexis brings a unique perspective to the table. She is passionate about ensuring diverse representation and providing valuable insights to the City Council to make Seattle a welcoming and affordable city for everyone.


Amanda Vincent

House of Delegates, District 88, WV

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Amanda is a United States Army veteran, farmer, small business owner, and mother seeking election to the West Virginia House of Delegates District 88. With a background in sustainable farming practices and a passion for rural economic development, she brings a unique perspective to the campaign trail. Drawing on her military service, Amanda is committed to serving her community and addressing the challenges faced by West Virginians. Her platform priorities include supporting local businesses and farms, enhancing public education, expanding broadband access, and advocating for healthcare equality.

Inspired by recent legal developments affecting reproductive rights, Amanda entered the political arena in 2022 to fight for a more inclusive and progressive West Virginia. She envisions a state that prioritizes the well-being and autonomy of all residents, especially women, children, and marginalized communities. Amanda’s campaign reflects her dedication to building a more equitable and prosperous future for West Virginia, guided by principles of justice, equality, and compassion.


Samuel D’Amico

State Assembly, District 82, WI

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Samuel is a third-generation Italian American and advocate for public education, infrastructure, economy, and workforce development. Running for State Assembly, Samuel aims to be a voice for the working class and advocate for equal opportunities for all children. With a strong belief in the power of optimism and community, Samuel is committed to upholding national values and working towards a brighter future for everyone.

LaKeshia Myers

State Senate, District 4, WI

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

LaKeshia is a candidate for Wisconsin State Senate, aiming to represent the 4th District. Her goal is to amplify the voices of constituents and advocate for improved quality of life.

Myers is focused on enhancing educational opportunities for students, addressing reckless driving concerns, and promoting access to comprehensive healthcare.

Brady Coulthard

State Assembly, District 14, WI

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Brady, a seventh-generation Wisconsinite, was inspired to pursue a career in pharmacy after working at a community pharmacy during high school. However, after the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018, Brady shifted his focus to political science and Spanish. He became involved with the March For Our Lives movement and has since been active in various Democratic Party campaigns, labor strikes, and gun violence prevention organizations.

Brady’s commitment to public service led to his appointment by Governor Tony Evers to the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board, where he worked to expand financial aid access for college students and support families with loan repayment during the pandemic. Today, Brady applies his passion for public health and safety to his small business while advocating for the well-being of all Wisconsinites.



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