Welcoming the Latest Class of Leaders: Introducing our May 2023 Endorsees!

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As state houses across the country wrap up their sessions, Run for Something is celebrating 45 up-and-coming leaders ready to fight for their communities. This unique class of endorsees feature crucial municipal races and represent 12 of the most contested states in the nation — Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, Washington, New York, Virginia, Louisiana, Kansas, and South Carolina. Get to know the endorsees below!



Erin Easter

Mayor, West Lafayette, IN

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

EErin is committed to fostering a community in West Lafayette where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and included. As a candidate for Mayor, her main goal is to create a diverse and growing city where university students, families, and long-time residents can thrive. Erin’s vision for the future of West Lafayette is based on her extensive experience in community development and preservation.

Currently serving as Director of Development for West Lafayette, Erin has worked tirelessly to drive economic and community growth. She has overseen numerous initiatives to improve the area’s public art, historic preservation, and human relations, as well as leading projects on redevelopment initiatives. Her expertise in these areas will be invaluable should she be elected as Mayor.

Erin’s own roots in West Lafayette are deep. She grew up in the area and attended Lafayette Jefferson High School and Purdue University, where she earned both her B.A. and M.S. degrees. Her passion for community development began during her time working as a field organizer in Ohio for Obama for America back in 2008. Her experience there solidified her belief that everyone deserves a voice in their community.

She is aware of the various challenges faces the people of West Lafayette, including issues with transportation, early childhood education, and housing. If elected, she will work closely with local government partners and university leadership to address these challenges head-on and ensure that everyone in the community has equal opportunity to a better life.

Hannah Trueblood

Mayor, Valparaiso, IN

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Hannah Trueblood is a respected leader with a strong commitment to improving her local community. With over six years of experience as a licensed real estate broker, Hannah has built a reputation for her honesty, ethical approach, and exceptional skills in negotiating contracts. In addition to her work in real estate, Hannah has been actively involved in politics since 2008, when she started volunteering for Organizing For America.

In 2022, Hannah served on the Porter County Tax Board of Appeals, where she demonstrated her ability to make sound decisions and her commitment to making a positive impact on her community. Throughout her nearly two decades of advocacy work, Hannah has always remained dedicated to helping those in need. She has fundraised extensively for The Caring Place, which is Porter County’s domestic abuse shelter, and has organized various community events, such as park cleanups, donation drives for refugees, and volunteering for the overnight warming shelter.

Hannah is passionate about championing education, equality, and affordable housing in Valparaiso. She grew up in the Hilltop neighborhood of Valparaiso and has always been committed to making the town a more inclusive and welcoming place for all its residents. She has a deep understanding of the issues facing the community and is dedicated to finding solutions that meet the needs of all residents.

As a highly skilled and empathetic leader, Hannah Trueblood is a valuable asset to the Valparaiso community. Her commitment to improving the lives of those around her is evident in everything she does, and her passion is sure to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

Samantha Chapman

City Council, District 6, Fishers, IN

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Samantha is a dedicated animal advocate and the Indiana State Director of the Humane Society of the United States. With a passion for better protection of animals, Samantha has committed her life to changing policy and laws at the state and local level.

Samantha graduated with honors from Manchester College in 2012, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Psychology. She later received her J.D. in 2015 from Indiana University McKinney School of Law and has been advocating for animal welfare ever since.

As a new resident of Fishers, Samantha is eager to use her knowledge and expertise to contribute to her community. She is running for city council to represent her neighbors in the November elections and to provide a fresh perspective. With a focus on building a welcoming Fishers, Samantha believes in supporting smart investments and advocating for the city’s families and schools.

Samantha’s dedication to creating a safe, inclusive city for all exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact wherever she goes. By serving as a leader in her community, she hopes to continue to promote change and growth in Fishers.


Jessica Hembree

Shawnee Mission School Board, South Area, Overland Park, KS

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jessica, an incumbent of Shawnee Mission School Board, is up for re-election as a District Member 3 representative, dedicated to supporting and continuing the district’s excellent track record. Despite facing unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Shawnee Mission School District persevered, and Jessica is proud of the progress the district has made even in these trying times.

As a candidate, Jessica focuses on three core priorities. Her top priority is putting students first, ensuring that the school district continues to offer the best possible education to students. Her second focus is attracting and retaining exceptional educators who will help students achieve academic success and career growth. Jessica’s third core priority is ensuring safe learning environments where students can thrive emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually.

Jessica was first elected to the Shawnee Mission School District Board of Education in 2019, earning a seat for a four-year term in January 2020. She will again appear on the ballot in November 2023. She is the owner of a small business that provides strategy, learning, and evaluation services for advocacy nonprofit organizations. Hembree is a passionate fifth-generation Kansan and a settled resident of Overland Park for the last fifteen years. She has been married to her high school sweetheart and has three sons, aged 13, 10, and 6, all of whom attend Shawnee Mission Schools.

With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to students, educators, and the community, Jessica is the ideal candidate to serve the Shawnee Mission School District.


Madison O’Malley

State House of Representatives, District 91, New Orleans, LA

Primary Date: Oct 14, 2023; General Date: Nov 18, 2023

As a candidate for State Representative in Louisiana’s District 91, Madison is passionate about pushing forward a bold, progressive agenda that benefits everyday Louisianans. Growing up with a Teamster father and a part-time waitress mother showed this candidate the value of hard work and perseverance. She was the first in her family to attain a four-year degree, having attended public schools for the entirety of her education.

After moving to New Orleans for college, she interned for the city’s Public Defender’s Office and worked in a local hospital’s emergency room during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her goal was to become an active member of the community and grow her understanding of the issues impacting Louisianans each day. Her dedication to community service continued after Hurricane Ida, where she recognized that her legal training and policy background could make a difference in assisting homeowners with denied or underpaid claims for home repair. As a result, she founded a company with the sole purpose of aiding those in need, ensuring equity, equal opportunity, and economic security in Louisiana.

Madison’s primary focus is on providing every Louisianan with access to a good education, a decent-paying job, affordable healthcare, and other opportunities. Her passion for fighting for equity and equal opportunity has driven her to throw her hat in the ring for state office. She believes that the key to achieving true change and progress is through strong leadership, and she is ready and willing to do the work necessary to bring her goals to fruition. With Madison in office, District 91 and Louisiana as a whole will have a representative wholly dedicated to the interests of its constituents.


Domenica Perrone

City Council, At-Large, Worcester, MA

Primary Date: Sep 5, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Domenica is an Ecuadorian immigrant with a passion for advocating policies that result in equal opportunities for all. Having grown up witnessing the societal and economic inequities embedded in our communities, Domenica has dedicated herself to being an agent of change. She has spent her life in various roles like a public health worker, a researcher, an educator, and a youth worker.

With her comprehensive experience, Domenica has come to know how policies can either perpetuate inequities or serve as the solutions to eradicate them. The desire to promote policies that guarantee secure and healthy living for all the residents of Worcester fuels Domenica’s candidacy for Worcester City Council At-Large. Her vision encompasses funding early education, arranging affordable housing solutions, implementing sustainable and green development practices, encouraging positive youth development programming, and celebrating Worcester’s diversity via arts and culture initiatives.

Currently, Domenica works as the Director for Community Engagement and Volunteering at Clark University, where she drives her career in promoting volunteerism and community engagement to support youth development through experiential learning. Through her work, Domenica has touched many lives in Worcester and created abundant possibilities for the youth-driven community’s continually improving and developing future.

Jacob deBlecourt

City Council, District 9, Boston, MA

Primary Date: Sep 12, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jacob is a former City Council staffer, renter, and policy nerd who is now running for Boston City Council District 9. With nearly three years of experience as a city council staffer, Jacob has a proven track record of listening to people in crisis and creating progressive policy wins that benefit everyone. From groundbreaking tenant’s rights protections to expanded language access for all, Jacob is committed to advocating for policies that bring neighbors together rather than forcing them to move away.

One of Jacob’s top priorities is creating more affordable housing and strengthening tenant protections in Allston-Brighton, a majority-renter neighborhood. They firmly believe that everyone deserves access to safe, stable, and secure housing, regardless of their income or background. If elected, Jacob would work tirelessly to increase the supply of affordable housing and make sure that tenants are protected and treated with dignity and respect.

Jacob is a trailblazer in more ways than one. If elected, they would become the first non-binary person to serve on the City Council and the youngest person elected to the Council in over 50 years. Their fresh perspective and commitment to progressive values make them the right choice for District 9.

With a passion for making a positive difference in their community, Jacob is a candidate who is dedicated to creating a future where everyone can thrive. If you live in Allston-Brighton, be sure to support Jacob in their bid for City Council.

Juan Pablo Jaramillo

City Council, At-Large, Revere, MA

Primary Date: Sep 19, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Juan, a passionate supporter of social, economic, and racial justice, has made a name for himself as a union organizer and immigration rights activist. Born to hard-working Colombian janitors who migrated to the US to escape violence, Juan quickly became involved in advocacy efforts to help undocumented individuals achieve legal status and better opportunities.

During his time in college, Juan worked alongside his parents as a janitor at a prominent hospital in Boston. He witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by janitors working in the healthcare industry, which strengthened his resolve to advocate for workers’ rights. Juan’s commitment to social justice led him to become a union organizer, where he has served as a tireless advocate for fair wages, better working conditions, and job security.

Juan’s current campaign for political office centers on tackling some of the most pressing issues facing his community. He aims to make public transportation free for working-class individuals, create a universal childcare program, and address the housing crisis by making housing more accessible to all. With his strong record of activism and advocacy, Juan is well-equipped to successfully implement these policies and improve the lives of those living in his community.

Through his tireless efforts and dedication to social justice, Juan’s story is a powerful testament to the idea that anyone can make a positive impact on their community with hard work, commitment and a vision for a better future.

Samantha Perlman

Mayor, Marlborough, MA

Primary Date: Oct 10, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Samantha is a seasoned civic educator and nonprofit professional, and currently a Councilor who is vying for the position of mayor in Marlborough. Samantha’s main aim is to foster innovation, encourage civic participation, and increase transparency in the town. At the young age of 24, Samantha made history by being elected as the first Jewish woman and youngest woman in a citywide council. In the 2021 election, she emerged as the top vote recipient in any race, winning her re-election bid.

Samantha is a graduate of Marlborough High and Emory University and has had an illustrious career in civic education and democracy nonprofit. Her advocacy work helped pass the 2018 MA civic education law. She has also created Youth for Sam, a program that enables young people to gain first-hand experience in local government and encourages voter registration.

Samantha’s direct resident engagement and advocacy are well-known in the town. She has advocated for public input on ARPA funding and public art initiatives in a bid to revitalize the downtown area and support small businesses.

Samantha has an impressive background, having previously chaired the Cultural Council, and is also a graduate of Emerge Massachusetts. In 2020, she was named one of IGNITE National’s 30 under 30 Womxn to Watch in Politics, reflective of her hard work, dedication, and contribution to the town and the nation.

Samantha is currently completing her J.D. at Boston College Law School and is simultaneously pursuing an M.A. in Urban Planning at Tufts University. With her extensive experience, strong track record, and ambitious vision, Samantha is fully equipped to serve as Marlborough’s next mayor.

Sheila Rachels

City Council, Ward 2, Malden, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Sheila has always had a special connection to her beloved hometown of Malden, which is why she’s running for Ward 2 City Council. Her vision for the community centers around bringing people together through community-focused events and improvements. Eager to enhance the transparency and accessibility of information coming from City Hall, Sheila brings experience in grassroots organizing through her work with Friends of the Malden River.

As a City Councilor, Sheila is committed to bringing residents together, making civic involvement more accessible to all. She intends to collaborate with residents to establish a neighborhood block club, regularly hosting town halls and coffee chats to keep in touch with her neighbors. To encourage greater engagement, Sheila wants to bring farmers markets and block parties to the area, promoting local businesses and strengthening the community. Additionally, she hopes to foster a sense of community by building community garden plots in Ward 2, promoting fresh food options and healthier eating habits.

Sheila’s commitment extends beyond connectivity and promoting healthy living; she plans to focus on walkability in Malden. One of her objectives is to plant more shade trees, making the city a greener and more beautiful environment. She also wants to address critical issues like potholes and sidewalks. As a longtime resident with deep roots in her hometown, Sheila is uniquely positioned to make a difference. By bringing transparency and accessibility to City Hall, fostering community engagement, and enhancing walkability throughout Malden, Sheila’s goal is to create a happier and stronger community for all.


Aaron Martinez

Mayor, Novi, MI

Primary Date: Aug 8, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

As an experienced attorney, advocate and former chair of the Novi Dems, Aaron has become a prominent figure within the Democratic Party. With a background as the son of a union steelworker and nurse and being the grandchild of immigrants, he always had an interest in public service and helping those in need. In his 16 years of campaign and legislative experience, Aaron has been passionate about collaborating on solutions that impact a variety of issues such as the opioid crisis, childcare costs, and first responders.

Known for his ability to speak truth to power, Aaron has never shied away from voicing his opinions on matters that require attention. He understands the importance of being truthful, even if it means presenting uncomfortable truths. It is this unwavering determination and honesty that has propelled him to run for Mayor of Novi.

Alongside his wife April, Aaron is excited to welcome their first child this August. They want to ensure that the city of Novi is a safe, connected, inclusive and sustainable community for their child and future generations. As the mayoral race takes shape, Aaron is dedicated to ensuring that Novi is a city that prioritizes the needs of residents while maintaining its status as a prominent city.

With a wealth of experience and a dedication to serving his community, Aaron is the ideal candidate for the role of Novi’s Mayor. Novi residents can be assured that a vote for Aaron is a vote for positive change for all.

Andrea Hendrick

Mayor, Grand Haven, MI

Primary Date: Aug 8, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

As a longtime resident of Grand Haven, the mayoral candidate knows firsthand the importance of reliable and proactive leadership. With four children growing up in the area, they understand the need for a strong economy, clean environment, and citizen-centered decision-making. The candidate recognizes the critical point at which the city currently stands, requiring an innovative and forward-thinking approach to leadership.

Among their primary goals for office, the candidate is focused on addressing Grand Haven’s unfunded liability and collaboratively pursuing solutions for Harbor Island. They believe that by prioritizing talent retention, economic growth, and affordable housing, the city can work towards these objectives while remaining relevant and competitive among neighboring lakefront communities.

If elected, the mayoral candidate is committed to collaborative efforts with fellow Council members to ensure Grand Haven’s continued success. With a keen understanding of the challenges facing the city and the opportunities for growth and development, they are looking towards the future with a clear vision of what can be accomplished through effective leadership and community-driven decision-making.

Emily Hornbeck

City Council, Trenton, MI

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Emily is a dedicated advocate for Trenton, known for her work as a teacher, mother, and community leader. She is running to serve on Trenton City Council, driven by her desire to continue the positive momentum and progress the city has experienced in recent years. As a mother of five, Emily’s top priority is to ensure that Trenton is a safe and welcoming place for families. She will seek to encourage walkability throughout the community, improving access to the downtown area and expanding the city’s parks and recreation programming.

Emily’s experience as Vice Chair of the Downtown Development Authority has helped foster a thriving local business community. If elected, she will continue this work, supporting entrepreneurs and promoting economic growth. Emily is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and ensuring that Trenton’s waterways remain clean and protected. As a member of the recycling committee, she played an active role in bringing curbside recycling to Trenton.

Emily’s three youngest children are actively involved in the community, attending a nearby preschool and elementary school, as well as participating in local sports and martial arts programs. Her hands-on involvement in her children’s activities gives her a unique perspective on the needs and concerns of Trenton families. With her combination of experience, passion, and deep roots in the community, Emily will make an outstanding addition to Trenton’s City Council.

Mai Xiong

City Clerk, Warren, MI

Primary Date: Aug 8, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Mai is a well-known public personality, having served two terms as County Commissioner in Macomb County. Currently, she is running for the post of Warren City Clerk. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, Xiong’s parents were from the Hmong community, which supported American soldiers. The family immigrated to the U.S. in 1987 when Mai was three years old to avoid persecution. After nearly ten years in the U.S., Mai and her family became naturalized citizens.

Mai’s educational achievements are impressive. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College for Creative Studies. She has also been a part of the Harvard Kennedy School — Senior Executives in State and Local Government and the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP) at Michigan State University.

Her background in creative studies has helped her in her public work, making her a popular County Commissioner. Her passion for public service is evident through her achievements in office. She has worked to improve public health, public safety, and education in Macomb County. She has an impressive track record, working to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring healthcare centers had essential supplies during the pandemic.

Mai is no stranger to the world of politics, having served in her county for a considerable period of time. With her background in creative studies and vast experience in public service, she is a candidate you can trust.


Alex Valdez

County Legislature, District 9, Hudson, NY

Primary Date: Jun 6, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Alex is a former Sergeant in the New Jersey Army National Guard and a non-profit leader who has dedicated his life to serving his community. Raised in Kearny by an immigrant mother who came to Hudson County seeking a better life for her family, Alex is a product of Kearny public schools and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers-Newark.

Over the years, Alex has worked tirelessly to coordinate after-school and summer programs for low-income youth in the cities of Passaic and Paterson, showing his commitment to ensuring the next generation has access to the support they need to achieve their goals. In addition to his work in New Jersey, he has spent time on humanitarian missions abroad providing aid to Ukrainian refugees displaced by the Russia-Ukraine war, vulnerable Afghans who were evacuated to the United States, and asylum-seekers fleeing oppressive regimes in Central and South America.

Motivated by his desire to protect the opportunities that allowed him to achieve success in Hudson County, Alex is now running for Hudson County Commissioner in District 9. His goal is to make sure that our communities remain safe, affordable, and accessible to all. He recognizes the challenges that face our district and is committed to working tirelessly to promote environmental safety, affordable housing, and economic growth while ensuring that the American Dream remains attainable for everyone. Alex’s lifelong dedication to serving his community makes him the perfect candidate for Hudson County Commissioner.

Eleana Little

County Executive, Hudson County, NJ

Primary Date: Jun 6, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Eleana is a dedicated environmental engineer, advocate for progressive policies, Democratic Committeewoman, and former president of the esteemed Harsimus Cove Association. A long-time resident of Jersey City, Eleana has seen first-hand the plight of ordinary citizens in the area, grappling with problems ranging from steep rent hikes, increasing flood risks, unsafe roads, and affordability challenges.

What sets Eleana apart is her genuine belief that county officials should tirelessly serve the people, rather than simply paying lip-service to the concerns of politicos and their affluent allies. As someone who struggles with the everyday issues faced by her constituents, Eleana has an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties facing working-class families and marginalized communities.

With sharp analytical skills and a natural leadership ability, Eleana has made tangible contributions that have impacted numerous communities in the region. She is a champion of environmental justice, routinely pushing for sustainable development and measures that protect the environment for future generations. Her dedication to social justice issues is equally legendary, exemplified by her tireless efforts to ensure that all residents have equal access to essential services and resources.

Whether she’s working behind the scenes or on the front lines, Eleana’s passion for positive change and dedication to service is an inspiration to many in the community. Her ability to bring people together, foster dialogue and build consensus has resulted in real-world solutions that have benefited countless families and individuals in the region. Eleana’s leadership, passion, and commitment to serve at the highest level ensure that county officials remain accountable to the people they represent.

Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez

City Council, Ward 2, Pleasantville, NJ

Primary Date: Jun 6, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Irvin is a first-generation Mexican-American who’s dedicated his life to education, community organizing, and leadership for Latinos. He is running for Pleasantville City Council in Ward 2 to fight for the working-class community and make a difference where it’s needed most.

Irvin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Stockton University in 2015 and went on to complete his Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from the same institution in 2022. His impressive academic qualifications are matched by his impressive track record of community involvement.

Currently, he serves as the Board President of El Pueblo Unido of Atlantic City. This advocacy organization works tirelessly for immigrant rights in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Irvin has held various other high-profile positions in the past, including Executive Member of the Hispanic Advocacy Committee for Equity (H.A.C.E), Secretary and Advocacy Chair of the Hispanic Association of Atlantic County (HAAC), and Co-Chair of the Education Committee of the NAACP’s Atlantic City Branch.

In recognition of his tireless work and dedication to promoting Holocaust education in the state of New Jersey, Irvin was appointed by Governor Phil Murphy as a member of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education in 2021. By leveraging his experience, he is fighting for the underprivileged communities he represents by standing up to the institutions that have often failed them.

The residents of Pleasantville can trust Irvin’s experience, dedication, and qualifications to be their champion and make a real difference in their community.

Stephanie Martinez

County Legislature, District 8, Hudson County, NJ

Primary Date: Jun 6, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Stephanie is a dedicated environmental advocate with a passion for community organizing. Throughout her academic years at Saint Peter’s University and in her community in North Bergen, Stephanie has been committed to promoting environmental justice as a means to achieve social justice. As the first Gen Z candidate to run for District 8, she is a fresh and forward-thinking voice in the quest for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Stephanie strongly believes that environmentalism is about more than just protecting the planet — it encompasses issues such as gender equality, food sovereignty, and public healthcare. By addressing these critical issues, she believes we can create a more just and equitable world for all.

Above all, Stephanie is passionate about putting everyday people first. She firmly believes that by working together, we can build a stronger, more united community that prioritizes the best interests of its residents. With a focus on clean, healthy, and sustainable living, Stephanie hopes to create a bright future for generations to come.

Let us come together as a community and put the Unity in our commUnity — with Stephanie leading the way towards a cleaner, more equitable world for all.

TJ Senger

County Legislature, District 1, Hudson County, NJ

Primary Date: Jun 6, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

TJ is a devoted advocate for the rights of renters who is seeking a seat on the County Board of Commissioners to represent his community. As someone who was born and raised in Hudson County, he utilizes his years of experience in real estate to bring innovative solutions to the area’s growing housing crisis.

TJ is determined to address a range of pressing issues affecting his district, including the lack of affordable housing and infrastructure improvements. His vision includes bringing a community land trust program to the county and securing funding for safer roadways designed for both cyclists and pedestrians.

For more information about TJ and his campaign, visit his website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. He is committed to utilizing his skills and expertise to serve his community and create positive change in Hudson County.


Angela Marinucci

City Council, At-Large, Amherst, NY

Primary Date: Jun 27, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Angela is a community-oriented lawyer with a deep commitment to service, family, and public welfare. As a mother of three young girls and a former clerk for Youth, Rights, & Justice, Angela has developed a passion for helping families navigate the challenges of the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Throughout her decade of private practice and in her current role at Erie County government, Angela has honed her skills in problem-solving and advocacy to better assist and empower her clients.

Currently serving as the Commissioner of Erie County Senior Services, Angela has made it her mission to ensure that older adults can age in place with dignity and autonomy. She brings her legal expertise to bear on complex social and financial issues, designing programs and initiatives that make life better for seniors and caregivers throughout the county.

But Angela doesn’t limit herself to her professional responsibilities. She is also committed to improving the well-being of the community at large. As an Executive Board member in her children’s public school PTA, she advocates for policies that promote equity and opportunity for all students. As a Girls Scouts volunteer and a Girls on the Run coach, she seeks to instill values of courage, compassion, and resilience in the next generation of young women.

Now, Angela is running for the Amherst Town Council to take her public service even further. Her vision is to create an Amherst that enables every person, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, to live their best life. With her unique blend of legal expertise, human services knowledge, and community-mindedness, Angela is well-positioned to contribute to the town’s success and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Campbell Roth

City Court Judge, Rochester, NY

Primary Date: Jun 27, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Campbell is a dedicated public defender with more than a decade of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has witnessed the systemic biases and inequalities that pervade the criminal justice system. She is running for Rochester City Court judge with the goal of promoting access to justice for all members of society, particularly those who have been historically marginalized.

As a judge, Campbell is committed to upholding the principles of fairness and justice. She is determined to ensure that every individual who comes before her receives a fair and impartial hearing. Her extensive experience in public defense gives her a unique perspective on the needs and challenges faced by those who are caught up in the criminal justice system.

Campbell is passionate about expanding access to justice for all members of the community, regardless of their background or circumstances. She is dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to be heard and treated with dignity and respect.

If elected as Rochester City Court judge, Campbell will use her experience and dedication to promote equality and justice in the community. She is committed to working tirelessly to ensure that all members of society receive a fair and just hearing, and to help to build a more equitable and just future for all.

Charlotte Lloyd

City Council, Ward 1, Kingston, NY

Primary Date: Jun 27, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Charlotte is a determined and passionate advocate for affordable housing and tenants’ rights. Born and raised in Bloomington, Charlotte graduated from Kingston High School and dedicates her free time to volunteering at the local SPCA. After years of searching for an affordable living situation, Charlotte finally secured a spot in Stony Run Apartments only to be met with intimidation tactics from her landlord. Despite working three jobs, Charlotte’s rent has increased by 10% and she now spends 60% of her income on housing. Frustrated by her own struggles and those of her neighbors, Charlotte is committed to making a difference in her community.

With this goal in mind, Charlotte is running for Alderwoman in Ward 1 of Kingston. By prioritizing the needs of her community, she believes that she can help ensure that families and individuals have a place to call home. Her platform is centered on championing policies that protect tenants and create more affordable housing options. Charlotte is committed to fighting rent hikes and evictions, while also working to make sure long-term residents are not priced out of their homes.

A hard worker with a deep sense of empathy, Charlotte is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of those around her. She believes that her own personal struggles, along with her commitment to equity and fairness, make her the right candidate for the job. Charlotte’s candidacy has been met with enthusiasm in Ward 1, and many residents are excited to work with her to create lasting change. With her advocacy and leadership, Charlotte hopes to help create a community where everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

Monica Ferguson

Town Council, Ward 1, Clarkstown, NY

Primary Date: Jun 27, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Monica is a proud New Yorker who is passionate about creating positive change in her community. With a desire to contribute to her community’s growth, Monica lives in New City with her husband James and their two sons: Oliver, 10, and Parker, 8.

Her strong work ethic and organizational skills have been exhibited since her university days when she worked full time in the healthcare field while pursuing her undergraduate and graduate degrees at SUNY New Paltz from 2002 to 2008. These traits continue to be a driving force behind Monica’s involvement in community organizations, which prioritize efficient and transparent community efforts.

In her current role as a candidate for the first councilwoman of Ward 1 in the Clarkstown Town Council, Monica is dedicated to preserving the area’s quality of life from over-development. She is also determined to continue using tax dollars responsibly to avoid raising taxes, allowing families to afford to stay in Clarkstown’s tranquil neighborhoods.

Monica’s unwavering commitment to public service and her proven track record of organization and efficiency make her an excellent choice for Ward 1’s councilwoman. Her vision for the growth of the community is thoughtful, practical, and considerate of the people she represents.

West Fox

City Council, Ward 2, Ithaca, NY

Primary Date: Jun 27, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

West is a notable artist, civic activist, and community organizer hailing from the lower Manhattan area, who has recently stepped up to run for Alderperson of Ward 2 on the city of Ithaca’s Common Council. With a solid background in fighting for the rights and protections of the most vulnerable, West’s professional and lived experience puts them in a unique position to effect change in their community. Their advocacy work has focused on issues such as homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, police reform, abolition, reproductive rights, and disability support among others.

West is passionate about creating a world that is fair, just, and equitable for all, and they believe that this starts with creating intentional spaces that foster queer community and work towards eradicating some of the most pressing issues that plague modern society. With a BA in Philosophy and Public Affairs from Claremont McKenna College, West is well equipped to navigate policy issues and provide solutions that are evidence-based, equitable, and just.

With a keen focus on fighting for tenant rights and protections as well as exploring humane solutions to homelessness, West is enthusiastic about the implementation of Ithaca’s Reimagining Public Safety (RPS) initiative and aims to engage with residents and stakeholders in a grassroots community-led public safety campaign. West is a vocal advocate for marginalized communities including Black, transgender, queer, low-income, and disabled persons, and will continue to push for a more intersectional, dynamic, and progressive community. As an Alderperson of Ward 2, West promises to channel their energy and expertise in initiatives that support greater inclusivity, transparency, and representation for all residents.


Kendra Mapp

School Board, At-Large, Cincinnati, OH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kendra is a driven individual with a passion for education and mental health advocacy. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s degree from Xavier University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, she started her career as an educator. Both education and counseling are her passions and Kendra went on to attain credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She continued to work in education as a lead counselor and Director of Counseling Services in two high schools, while also maintaining employment at A Sound Mind Counseling Service, LLC.

Through her diverse experiences, Kendra has gained invaluable knowledge and skills that have propelled her to work confidently and authentically with her clients and students. She believes in empowering individuals on their journey to self-discovery and healing. Kendra’s commitment to education and mental health is evident in the decisions she made while serving as a lead/director of counseling. She was responsible for developing curriculum, ensuring equitable practices through policy development, and practicing healthy communication skills that encouraged engagement from all constituents.

Kendra’s dedication to her community extends beyond her work. As a proud Hughes High School graduate and Cincinnati Public School parent, she is invested in ensuring that students across the district receive quality education that includes mental health support. Running for a board member position will allow Kendra to continue her advocacy work and contribute her skills and knowledge towards the betterment of Cincinnati’s education system.

Marcus Bedinger

City Commission, At-Large, Dayton, OH

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Marcus, a Dayton, OH resident, is a dedicated community advocate with a professional career that makes him an expert on the challenging issues faced by his community. As a retail manager, Marcus has a deep understanding of the need to raise wages and connect people to high-paying jobs with union protections. With two young children, Marcus also understands the importance of providing access to quality public schools, healthcare, and healthy food for all residents.

Growing up in Dayton, Marcus witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by the community, including food scarcity, inadequate public schools and transportation, and the effects of urban blight. Being a resident of the west side of Dayton has given him unique insight and personal experience with these issues. This personal perspective has inspired him to pursue community advocacy and eventually enter politics.

Marcus has worked as a congressional staffer, which provided valuable experience in navigating the complex world of government policy. He has combined his lived experience with his professional expertise to become a champion for community issues. His goal as Dayton City Commissioner is to bring lasting changes to the city, ensuring that every resident has access to the resources they need to thrive.

Running on a platform of addressing low-income neighborhoods’ struggles with blight, providing quality transportation options, and fighting for access to quality healthcare, Marcus is dedicated to serving his community. He is committed to being a voice for the underrepresented and making Dayton a better place for all its residents.


Asheleigh Forsburg

School Board, Hampden Township-Cumberland Valley School District, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Asheleigh, resident of Hampden Township, is a dedicated advocate for high-quality education in her community. She is a graduate of Milton Hershey School and holds a bachelor’s degree from Messiah University and a master’s degree from Canisius College. Asheleigh has a strong background in nonprofit work, having worked for various organizations that share her commitment to bettering society.

In addition to her professional work, she is an active volunteer within the CV School District, Junior Achievement, American Literacy Corporation, TFEC Fund for Women and Girls, and the Milton Hershey School. With two young children of her own, one of whom attends school in the CV district, she is deeply invested in ensuring that every child in her community has access to a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Asheleigh is running for a position on the CV School Board, driven by her belief that every student deserves the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the 21st Century economy. Her platform focuses on ensuring that the district provides its students with the resources and opportunities they need to flourish, both academically and personally.

If elected, she will work tirelessly to promote equity and inclusion in the classroom, to give educators the support they need to succeed, and to address the needs of students facing unique challenges. Her passion for education, combined with her experience and dedication, make her a valuable voice for her community. You can learn more about Asheleigh Forsburg and her campaign by visiting forsburgforcv.com.

Ashley Fortier

School Board, Pine Richland School District, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Ashley has devoted her career to making a positive impact on others. With a decade of experience in the social services field, Ashley has developed the skills necessary to advocate for the betterment of her community. Her passion for education is a prominent factor in her decision to run for School Board Director. She firmly believes that a quality public education is essential for all students to reach their full potential.

Ashley understands that there are challenges to achieving this goal. Opponents with differing values who use divisive tactics create an obstacle to providing a high-quality education for all students. These forced values have the potential to hurt our schools by driving out teachers and failing to prepare students for the real world.

As a School Board Director, Ashley’s priorities include creating strong connections between the school and families. It is essential that families are comfortable with the school and feel welcome to contribute to their child’s education. Furthermore, she recognizes the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Students need to feel secure to be able to learn and thrive. Finally, she is dedicated to establishing policies and providing resources needed to address student’s mental health needs.

Ashley’s experiences, both personally and professionally, give her the skills and understanding necessary to be an effective School Board Director. Her focus on inclusion, safety, and access to resources demonstrates her commitment to the success of all students.

Brittany Stephenson

County Council, At-Large, Luzerne County, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Brittany is widely known as a passionate educator and a fierce social justice advocate, driven by years of experience in community building, rhetoric analysis, and policy reform. Passionate about issues of reproductive justice, access to affordable healthcare, and affordable housing, she steadfastly fights for equity and equality for all the residents of Pennsylvania.

Brittany brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and commitment to her role, as she campaigns to bring accountability back to Luzerne County. She believes in the power of proper allocation of funds across the county, which would ensure that infrastructure, housing, and small businesses are developed and progressing. With Brittany Stephenson at the helm, Luzerne County can expect a brighter future.

Brittany has a rich educational background with three bachelor’s degrees in Secondary Education, English Literature, and Interpersonal Communication Studies. She anticipates completing a Master’s degree in College of Student Affairs in December 2023. She is an active member of the NAACP and is committed to community rehabilitation. Brittany lives in Plymouth, PA, where she dedicates her time and energy to championing causes that benefit the community.

Brittany is an outstanding leader, with a deep-rooted commitment to social justice, education, and community development. She is the embodiment of hope for the residents of Luzerne County, and her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who dream of creating a better society.

Heather Broman

School Board, Penn Hills School District, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Heather is a dedicated school board candidate with a passion for improving the public education system in the Penn Hills school district. As the only LGBT board member and parent of a child with neuro-diversity, Heather is committed to ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education.

Penn Hills is currently ranked in the bottom 15% of all schools in Pennsylvania and faces significant attendance issues. The district also has a high number of Special Needs students and is considered the most diverse district in Allegheny County with a demographic ratio of 70% black, 25% white, and 5% mixed.

In 2024, Heather’s daughter, who has Level 1 Autism, will attend school in the district. This personal connection to the district’s challenges fuels Heather’s desire to make a positive impact. She plans to address the root causes of the district’s struggles and turn these ratings around.

Heather’s goal is to improve the district, not just for her daughter but for all children who are falling behind in the public school system. As a board member, she plans to work tirelessly to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances.

If elected, Heather will be a powerful advocate for the students, teachers, and families of the Penn Hills school district. Her dedication and drive make her an excellent choice for voters who believe in the power of education to transform lives.

Jaclyn Kressler

City Council, At-Large, Bloomsburg, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jaclyn is a passionate individual who was born and raised in Bloomsburg, where she graduated from high school before attending and graduating from Temple University. After spending almost 15 years living in Philadelphia, she returned to her hometown where she now resides in the west end of town with her pitbull, Georgia.

With a strong desire to bring fresh ideas and a new voice to Bloomsburg Town Council, Jaclyn has decided to run for election. Her aim is to work towards a brighter future for Bloomsburg by advocating for honest opinions and innovative approaches to the town’s challenges. She understands the need for a supportive and strong council member and is determined to represent the west end of town as Bloomsburg moves forward in providing much-needed flood and noise relief.

Jaclyn is also committed to enhancing tourism in the “Only Town in Pennsylvania” and striving to make Bloomsburg more accessible to all modes of transportation. She understands the importance of inclusive transportation options and plans to work towards making the town more inclusive and diverse in that regard.

With Jaclyn on Bloomsburg Town Council, the future is looking bright and promising for the town. Her passion for the betterment of the town and willingness to work towards its advancement are truly inspiring and set her apart as a great leader and representative.

Jaime Arroyo

City Council, At-Large, Lancaster, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jaime is a Chief Executive Officer at ASSETS and Lancaster City Council Member who is passionate about building an inclusive and equitable community. With a focus on helping women and BIPOC entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, Jaime leads the charge at ASSETS by providing equitable access to training, resources, capital and impact consulting.

Jaime has played a crucial role in the city of Lancaster, especially during a tough time, owing to the global pandemic and protests against racial injustice. Since joining the Council in 2020, he has been an excellent steward of the community, overseeing the distribution of funds allocated through the American Rescue Plan Act. As Chair of the Economic Development Committee, he has worked tirelessly to advance critical efforts aimed at uplifting the residents of Lancaster.

Jaime was instrumental in creating the Small Business Relief Fund, advocated for fair and just housing rental, and helped pass lead abatement ordinances. He led the process to allocate $10 million to support affordable housing and $5 million to fund community facilities projects. Jaime’s commitment to building an inclusive community is visible in every project he leads, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to grow and prosper.

Having been raised in Lancaster, Jaime understands the significance of creating a thriving community where everyone has a chance to succeed. He was motivated to run for City Council to address unequitable policies of the past and create a bright and promising future for his son. Jaime is passionate about working tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to stable housing, grow their businesses, and build prosperous futures.

Jaime Martinez

School Board, North Allegheny, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jaime is a dedicated and driven leader committed to serving his community. Jaime’s passion for public service began during his time at North Allegheny, where he graduated with honors and received the prestigious Eagle Scout award. With a desire to make a positive impact in his community, Jaime served twice as a student representative on the board, gaining valuable experience and insight into how school boards function.

Jaime’s commitment to effecting change in North Allegheny inspired him to co-found NA For Change, a youth-led coalition focused on empowering students and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups within the school system. The organization was recently recognized for its outstanding efforts with the Emerging Leadership Award from the largest civil rights organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Jaime’s extensive background and experience provide him with a unique perspective on the practical impact of school board decisions on students and staff. As such, he is of the firm belief that forward-thinking and consensus-based leadership is necessary to ensure the continued success of the North Allegheny community.

With a strong focus on bridge-building and excellence, Jaime is ready to take on the role of a vocal and proactive leader in his community. His passion for public service, alongside his determination to drive positive change, makes him an ideal candidate for advancing the needs and goals of North Allegheny.

Joanna Smith

County Council, At-Large, Luzerne County, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Joanna is a tireless community advocate and passionate public interest attorney, committed to serving the under-served and under-represented in her hometown of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Joanna holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Fine and Performing Arts from St. Joseph’s University and a J.D. from City University of New York Law School. With her education as a foundation, she has dedicated her life to practicing public interest law, which aligns with her values and sense of purpose.

For nearly a decade, Joanna served as a public defender at the county’s Conflict Counsel Office, where she worked diligently to uphold her client’s constitutional rights. Her work in this area earned her a reputation as someone who was dedicated to protecting those who needed it most. More recently, she has shifted her focus to help domestic violence survivors as a staff attorney at a local resource center. Joanna is inspired by her clients and is committed to serving them with dedication and compassion.

Not content to limit her work to the courtroom, Joanna is also a proud community advocate and an active member of several non-profit organizations in the area. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Charitable Foundation of the Luzerne County Bar Association, where she helps steer the organization’s efforts to serve the local community. Additionally, Joanna is committed to promoting the arts and serves as a board member of Fine Arts Fiesta, the state’s oldest public juried arts show.

Beyond her work with these non-profits, Joanna is an educator who shares her passions for music education and public speaking with the younger generation. She believes it is important to invest in the community’s future, and the best way to do this is by supporting its youth.

Joanna’s dedication to public service has earned her a reputation as someone who selflessly cares for others. Through her work, she aims to help ensure the betterment of her community for generations to come.

John Bender

Magisterial Judge, District 02–2–02, Lancaster, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

John is a Magisterial District Judge for District 02–2–02 in Lancaster, PA, known for his unwavering principles of fairness, integrity, and justice. As a former public defender for more than 8 years, John has extensive experience representing vulnerable members of the community who are battling substance abuse and mental health issues in court.

John’s campaign for District Judge is focused on bringing about much-needed reform in a system that has been historically over-represented by police, prosecutors, and constables. Through exploring alternatives such as diversion courts, treatment programs, and community service, John is fighting to alleviate sentencing disparities and build stronger community ties.

Unlike the current system that often inflicts arbitrary cash bail, John is committed to finding a fair solution that safeguards the rights of people who are in a vulnerable position, without punishing them for their inability to pay. He believes in reforming the system by making it more informative, transparent, and attuned to the needs of the community.

As a responsible institution, he views the court as a space where informative events can be hosted to educate the community members about their legal rights and how they can ensure that they are treated justly. All these principles and experiences that John possesses make him an ideal choice for the position of Magisterial District Judge for District 02–2–02.

Jon Irons

County Commissioner, Lehigh County, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jon, a candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner, strives to represent the interests of the people and make meaningful investments in the community. With a decade of experience in education and student services, he has developed a keen understanding of the challenges that working families face, especially when they lack access to critical resources.

As a dedicated volunteer organizer, Jon understands the importance of prioritizing and safeguarding housing affordability. He aims to protect rental assistance and support the Whole Home Repairs Act, while advocating for tenants’ right to counsel in court. Additionally, he believes in ending the use of solitary confinement in Lehigh County Jail and reducing the number of people with mental illness who are incarcerated.

Jon recognizes the need for responsible economic development in the region and will push back against excessive warehouse development. He plans to use his platform to advocate for economic development initiatives that prioritize the interests of the constituents he hopes to serve.

Finally, Jon’s expertise in data management and continuous improvement will enable him to make sustainable and proactive investments in human services for the county. His hope is to help those in need more efficiently and effectively by providing them with the resources they require.

Overall, Jon’s people-first approach and dedication to improving the lives of Lehigh County’s residents make him a compelling choice for the role of County Commissioner. With his leadership, Lehigh County can become a beacon of responsible governance and progressive values for the region.

Kaleb Best

School Board, Hempfield School District, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kaleb, a Lancaster County resident for the past 8 years, is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the distinguished University of Southern California. Currently working as a Controls Engineer, Kaleb specializes in designing automated warehousing and brings his expertise to the field.

Kaleb is a strong advocate for high-quality public education and firmly believes that every student should have access to the best education available. He is also an advocate for inclusive education and believes that everyone should feel welcomed in the community. Kaleb understands the importance of preparing students for their future and believes that schools should focus on equipping students with the necessary skill sets needed to navigate their paths.

Kaleb’s desire to serve his community drove him to run for a position in the School Board. He is committed to ensuring that the community’s children receive exceptional education and will work diligently to achieve this objective. Kaleb and his wife, a Lancaster County native, have two children attending East Petersburg Elementary.

Kyle Siskron-Leonard

School Board, Altoona Area School District, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kyle is a committed and passionate individual with remarkable accomplishments in community advocacy, music, and certified peer support. He has lived in the Altoona Area for a significant part of his life and is highly motivated to make a positive and lasting impact in the community.

Soon after he graduated from high school in 2017, Kyle actively involved himself in various community groups. In addition to participating in multiple music ensembles, Kyle participated in foreign language and drama clubs, demonstrating exceptional leadership and dedication. His enthusiasm earned him the position of Student Director in his senior year, an accomplishment he is particularly proud of.

Following his dreams of pursuing music education, Kyle enrolled at Penn State University. Though pursuing his goals and aspirations in the university, Kyle found that he wanted to have a more direct and meaningful impact on his community. With time, Kyle’s focus shifted to becoming a certified peer support professional to effect change in his community. He has since been at the forefront of advocating for policies that promote student well-being and mental health.

Through his initiative, Kyle has relentlessly sought to protect vulnerable students from all forms of violence and discrimination. He also seeks to provide valuable resources to teachers, such as adequate supplies and professional development opportunities, to ensure they have the tools necessary to support their students effectively. With his deep commitment to the community, Kyle has set his sights on occupying a position on the school board, where he believes he can contribute towards shaping the future of his community.

Michelle Rothenbecker

County Council, At-Large, Luzerne County, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Michelle (she/her) is a politician who breaks the mold with her unconventional looks and approach to politics. Although Michelle’s tattoos, facial piercing, and multicolored hair set her apart from the typical politician, it’s her passion for grassroots movements that truly defines her.

Michelle is a two-time graduate from Western Governors University, with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Education in Instructional Design. In 2021, Michelle founded Ruby Run LLC, a small educational consulting company, after working as an executive for an online education company. With her experience in managing budgets, modernizing operating procedures, and leading teams, Michelle aims to build a collaborative and effective government.

Michelle is deeply concerned about the high poverty rates in Luzerne County and is committed to investing in programs to help those who need it most. As a nature-lover, Michelle frequently explores the beautiful natural spaces in Luzerne County with her husband and rescue dog. She believes that the County Council needs to prioritize environmental protection and do more to safeguard the region’s natural treasures.

Michelle’s passion for making a difference in her community and her unique perspective make her an exceptional politician. Her election to public office would pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive government that benefits all Luzerne County residents.

Tyler Titus

County Council, At-Large, Erie County, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Dr.Titus is an accomplished Licensed Professional Counselor, small business owner, activist, and parent. Their remarkable achievements and contributions to the community have garnered well-deserved recognition.

As the first openly elected transgender public official in the State of Pennsylvania, Dr. Titus’ groundbreaking win in November 2017 shattered gender norms and paved the way for a more inclusive government. During their tenure on the Erie Public School Board, they held leadership positions as vice president and president, which enabled them to advocate for more resources and support for students struggling with mental health issues.

Dr. Titus has been a driving force in the LGBTQ+ community for years and is the founder and board chair of Compton’s Table, a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of queer youth in the area. They continuously work towards creating a safe and inclusive environment where these young individuals can thrive and be themselves.

Moreover, Governor Tom Wolf appointed Dr. Titus to co-vice chair the State’s first LGBT Commission of Affairs in the summer of 2018, which is a testament to their expertise and undeniable impact in the advocacy sector. In 2020, they were reappointed to the same position, underscoring their unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of LGBTQ+ rights.

As Dr. Titus enters the next chapter of their career, they have their sights set on serving their community further by running for Erie City Council. With their impressive credentials and extensive experience in governance and advocacy, the people of Erie can be confident in their capabilities and the positive impact they will undoubtedly bring to the role.


Greg Perry

City Council, District 8, North Charleston, SC

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Greg is a driven figure with a heart for the community. Born and raised in North Charleston, Greg has dedicated his life to providing others with the help he wishes he would receive if he was in their shoes. Serving his community has become a fundamental part of who he is today.

In 2009, he founded a nonprofit organization catering to single mothers, providing them with the essentials they need to improve their everyday lives. Greg has also served as a mentor, youth basketball coach, and an adopted dad to young boys at local schools. Furthermore, he served as a volunteer Chaplain at the North Charleston detention center.

Aside from his philanthropic work, Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, a Master’s of Science in Higher Education, and has completed several graduate-level courses towards an MBA from The Citadel. With experience in education as a middle-school educator, Greg now works as a program manager of an entrepreneurial program and an adjunct professor for a marketing course.

Driven to continue his community service, Greg has decided to run for city council — an initiative he believes would greatly benefit North Charleston. He intends to use his skills and experience as a community servant to work closely with residents, organizations, and government leaders to create inclusive policies and make North Charleston a better place for all. His dedication to the community is unrelenting, and he’s determined to make a positive impact.


Natalie Oschrin

City Council, At-Large, Charlottesville, VA

Primary Date: Jun 20, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Natalie is a determined candidate for Charlottesville City Council with a strong passion for building a connected community with affordable housing options and safe transportation infrastructure. Coming from a background of city schools and the University of Virginia, she is dedicated to uplifting the area’s residents. Natalie recognizes that better housing, transportation, education, and employment opportunities go hand in hand, and she is committed to advocating for equitable policies to improve those areas together.

As someone who has spent years in the hospitality management sector, Natalie has become skilled in budgeting and consensus-building and has gained the expertise needed to see her goals through. Her ultimate objective is to address the root causes of displacement pressure and the insecurity surrounding housing, which pose significant challenges for community members concerning job retention, academic success, and managing their physical & mental health.

Natalie’s holistic approach to creating a connected community recognizes that transportation is an issue of equity since a car-centric city places a disproportionate burden on low and fixed-income members of the community. Therefore, her priority is to ensure that citizens have access to continuous sidewalks, a more frequent bus system, and protected bike lanes, making traveling without a car comfortable and accessible to all.

By making affordable housing and safe transportation a top priority, Natalie is working to shape a community where all Charlottesville residents can thrive. With her dedication to fostering a connected city and her strong leadership skills, she is primed to make a significant impact on the community.

Nate Murphy

County Board of Supervisors, Neabsco District, Prince William County, VA

Primary Date: Jun 20, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Nate is a proud resident of Prince William County and a graduate of Gar-Field Senior High School. With a passion for education, Nate pursued a career in teaching with the hopes of empowering his students to reach their highest potential. Nate firmly believes that education is invaluable and the mind’s potential is limitless. As a result, he strives to make a lasting impact on his students’ lives both inside and outside the classroom, inspired by his former teachers and coaches.

Nate’s service to his community extends beyond the classroom. As a veteran of the U.S. Army, he learned the value of serving others and continues to embody this ethos in his daily life. His commitment to selfless service is one of his guiding principles, shaped by his time in the military.

Our community knows Nate as “Coach Nate” or “Coach Murphy” due to his work with local athletes. With his eyes set on the Neabsco Supervisor position, Nate hopes to make a positive difference in his community and continue his legacy of service. With his passion for education, commitment to selfless service, and dedication to his community, Nate is a strong candidate to represent the residents of Neabsco.


Emily Clouse

Thurston County Commission, District 5, WA

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Emily is an inspirational figure, defined by her commitment to social justice and her extensive experience in public service. A proud member of the US Army, Emily has made a significant impact in several areas including the fields of law enforcement, social welfare, and affordable housing. As a co-founder of CARE Olympia, she has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of justice-involved youth and their families.

Emily’s wide range of work experience has provided her with unique insight into the many challenges that face her community, including affordable housing, public safety, and climate change. Her perspective on prisons, policing, and the justice system is informed by her time as a military intelligence analyst, and she firmly believes that it’s time for a new approach that prioritizes restorative justice and reintegration.

As a devoted abolitionist and democratic socialist, Emily is committed to the creation of equitable policies that will empower working people and help to address income inequality in Washington State’s Thurston County. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who have been marginalized and oppressed, and she is dedicated to building a more just and equitable future. As a copy editor, Emily’s bio is edited to 250 words and written in 3rd person with a business casual tone to articulate her incredible contributions to society and her unwavering commitment to creating positive change.

Paul Dillon

Spokane City Council, District 2, Position 1, WA

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2023; General Date: Nov 8, 2023

Paul is a dedicated advocate for the people of Spokane. As a candidate for Spokane City Council District 2, he aims to prioritize the needs of the community over political interests. With a focus on empowering people through effective public policy, Paul is committed to creating a city where everyone has access to affordable housing, economic opportunities, and safe neighborhoods.

Paul brings a wealth of experience to this role. He is currently the Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, where he leads grassroots efforts to mobilize communities and promote exceptional health care services, honest education, and advocacy. With this background, he understands the importance of community empowerment in achieving lasting change.

Paul has been a resident of District 2 for over 20 years and is proud to call it home. Along with his wife Tiffany and their daughter Hazel, Paul resides in the East Central neighborhood. He is no stranger to the neighborhood and can often be seen walking his beloved dogs, Walter and Fern, down Perry Street. As a member of the community, he has a deep understanding of the challenges facing its residents and is committed to working toward a brighter future for all.

In his campaign for City Council District 2, Paul brings a listen-first attitude that will prioritize the needs of the people. His commitment to empowering communities has proven to be effective in his work with Planned Parenthood, and he aims to bring that same spirit of community engagement to his role in city government. With Paul at the helm, Spokane will have a leader focused on creating a better future for all residents.



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