Back to Marathon-ing

Man, it’s been far too long since my last post. I need to get better about that but it has been a very busy year.

Since my last post, I have decided to sign up for a marathon, with the intent of hopefully getting a Boston qualifying time. Now that I am old, my BQ time of 3:30 is more within striking distance. I don’t think it will be easy by any means, but I do think it is do-able under the right conditions.

The marathon I signed up for is the Madison Marathon, in early November. I figure I can kill two birds with one stone by visiting my son in college and running this race. I haven’t fully examined the race course yet, but I think it’s moderately difficult.

As part of my training, I have been backing off the trails a tad bit and focusing more on the road and track. Track workouts in particular have been somewhat enjoyable, the pain nonwithstanding. I’ve typically been hitting the track on Tuesday mornings, early, and mixing it up a bit with mile repeats, Yasso 800s and 400’s. Nice way to start the day. If anyone has any marathon-centric track workouts that they would recommend, I am all ears. I’ve also been doing track tempo workouts on Thursdays.

This will be my first road marathon in almost a decade. The reason? Those things hurt. Much more than the longer distances.

But that said I’m ready to embrace the pain and see if I have one last really good race in me. Will definitely be an interesting journey.

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