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Stories from June 1 to June 14th 2024

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Run With Intention bi-monthly newsletter! This collection is from the start to the middle of June, and we have 11 great articles in this issue.

The topics covered in this edition are:

  • experiences of ultra running in China
  • people running their first marathon or first trail race
  • some great running podcasts and YouTube channel recommendations
  • running for a charity supporting spinal injury research
  • how to cope when injury hits
  • new running tech review
  • the joy of running with others
  • running and its impact on mental health
  • some tips and advice on how to improve in our running!

So without further ado, let’s get into the latest content in the Run With Intention Publication.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

Jade Dragons and Bears: Racing at Altitude in China By Harriet Gaywood

It Is OK To Not Always Be OK By Andy B. Hahn

Using Visualisation Techniques to Help Me Win My First Marathon By Alex Shiell

Photo by Andrew Tanglao on Unsplash

4 Running Content Creators You Should Follow: YouTube channels and podcasts to get you pumped by Shelby Davies

Wings For Life World Run by Tetiana T

My Latest Bit Of Running Gear by Caitlin McColl

Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash

How To Cope When Injury Strikes by Kelly Benson

Karst Caverns and Cuckoos: A Colorful 101K in Guangxi, China By Harriet Gaywood

Four Easy Ways to Improve at Running Longer Distances By Michael Leonardo

Photo by Unsplash on Unsplash

What I Learned During My First Trail Run by Shelby Davies

Running With A Partner by Jeff Allen

And that’s all for this edition/issue! I hope you found some great running content to read that inspired or motivated or that you found helpful or relatable!

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