Runa Capital statement on war in Ukraine

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Global investors tend to stay away from politics, but we must break our silence and speak out.

All war is evil, and Runa firmly stands for peace. This war is devastating and unjust. We feel tremendous sorrow and pain for the Ukrainian people affected by this tragedy. As for the Russian-born part of our team, we are ashamed, deplore the aggression, and believe this war is catastrophic for the Ukrainians and all those who are impacted across the globe.

At Runa, we have been taking the time to make sure our team is safe. All our partners and investment team members are safe and currently based outside the countries involved in the conflict. Our portfolio is concentrated in the United States and the European Union, so our exposure to the affected region is minimal. We all are actively helping the few portfolio companies affected by the war ensure the safety of their Ukrainian employees and maintain operations.

As an international venture firm, we have always carefully chosen our limited partners. None of them is affiliated with sanctioned entities or individuals, so there are no threats to the fund, our LPs or our portfolio companies. Runa Capital continues to operate as usual and invest in new companies.

We hope that Russian troops will be withdrawn soon from Ukraine.




Runa Capital is a global VC firm built by serial entrepreneurs investing in early stage tech companies and focusing on deep tech, cloud business applications, fintech, edutech and digital health.

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Runa Capital

Runa Capital

Global VC fund investing in early-stage tech companies and focusing on #deeptech, #Cloud B2B apps, #fintech, #edtech, and digital health.

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