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‘Move-to-Earn’ app RunBlox launches as the first release on the OpenBlox #Bloxverse ecosystem.

OpenBlox, an EVM-based NFT Gaming Platform focusing on Play and Earn and IP Branding, has ventured into the world of move-to-earn with the upcoming release of RunBlox.

RunBlox will be the first move-and-earn application which brings together the digital and the real world. It will be launched on Avalanche Ecosystem.

“At OpenBlox, we are all about creating a sustainable ecosystem — and we believe that in the long-run a healthy community also means encouraging and supporting members to stay fit. We are seeing Web3 taking over, and move-and-earn apps are growing their user counts daily, by combining game elements, sports and DeFi.” said Marketing Director, Sunil Chauhan.

To use RunBlox, users will require an NFT shoe to get started. The initial RunBlox NFT will be ONLY acquired by airdrop.

  • The Alpha version test will start with an invitation code.
  • The airdropping starts with the Korean community, which is one of the earliest supporters of the OpenBlox community.

“When discussing the creation of RunBlox, for us it was really about empowering our community, and rewarding those early supporters that have helped us grow to where we are today. To highlight the particular impact of the early Korean community during our journey, we’re starting there with our Shoe drop. We will then expand to all of our genesis holders — and will announce very soon.”, adds Dr X from the OpenBlox team.

Following this initial airdrop, more NFT shoe airdrops will be made to other areas, including all the genesis holders across the world.

To learn more about RunBlox, follow our dedicated RUNBLOX Twitter for all the latest news.

Website | Twitter | Discord| Telegram

Media and Partnership Contact:

Sunil Chauhan / Marketing Director /



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