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I heard there’s a game plan?

Hey all, I’m here to share what Rune is doing and where it’s going. 👋

You may know Rune is a place to farm tokens. But is that it? What’s the game plan?


We love games. You love games. Lets build games. We want to build an ecosystem that will satisfy not only our games, but a marketplace of games. We’re building the first three ourselves to kick it off. Rune is an open-ended gaming ecosystem where players have complete ownership over their gameplay, gaming assets, and future direction of the universe.

Rune Evolution

Rune started as a yield farming game to distribute the governance token and bring liquidity to the ecosystem. However, Rune is much more than just yield farming. Introducing Rune Evolution, the first play to earn game built for the Rune ecosystem. Set in Mage Isles, you start as a dragonling that can fly around and eat sprites to eventually evolve into a dragon. Each round lasts for 5 minutes and has a different game mode with objectives, from collecting the most crypto, to killing the most opponents.

Each new game builds on the storyline within the Rune Universe.

Arcane Sanctuary

Full-fledged 3D RPG digital world. A lot has been drafted so far, but full-time development is slated to start later this year.

The ultimate goal of these games is to provide a shining example for the game industry on what a blockchain game should look like. We know a lot of game devs struggle with this, and are on tight timelines, so they do not have time to pursue risky endeavors. And marketplaces are a HUGE challenge for them. That’s what we’re here for. We’re the DeFi adopters, we’re the Rune Raiders.

We want our children to get their first Master Sword, with the ability to keep and upgrade that same sword throughout their life. Or take his very first Charizard into battle years later. Just like the anime, and how it should be. To be able to verify you own that Charizard, or that physical card using a digital NFT. To be able to fluidly transition into official and unofficial games with these NFTs. That’s what the future holds.


As many of you know, the $RUNE token is the underlying token that drives the Rune ecosystem. Then we have 33 different tokens called runes, such as: $EL, $TIR, $HEL, $ZOD, etc. Runes are magical stones used to craft, or mint, Runewords (NFTs), or powerful weapons and armor for your character. Each of the 33 runes has a different distribution mechanic from airdrops, play to earn games, and yield farming. We believe this will result in more holders, a dynamic economy that is like none other in blockchain.


You can acquire the first NFT for these games on by exchanging 1 EL and 1 TIR for the Steel Rune Word, which is truly randomly generated and gives instant utility in our farms.

Cube your way to glory, with a perfect Steel rune word

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Unique Rune Universe website.
  • Character creation system.
  • $RUNE farmed in an interesting way, cutting off supply to 22,500 on day 1 after dumpers dumped. Something probably never done before.
  • 3 rune farms, one per week. Never done before.
  • Airdropped 1 rune specifically on Rune characters. Never done before.
  • First farm with a requirement (Rune character). Never done before.
  • Truly random item crafting system with real utility. Never done before.
  • Arbitrage bot to start providing stability vs whales and bots.
  • 8 communities, each with dedicated CMs:
  • JP 🇯🇵 | CN 🇨🇳 | PH 🇵🇭 | FR 🇫🇷 | ESP 🇪🇸 | IN 🇮🇳 | DE 🇩🇪
  • Lots of giveaways, contests, quizzes, and fun!

What’s coming up?

  • Airdrops.
  • Improved inventory and more item crafting.
  • More unique distribution mechanics: reflect, rebase, LP lockups, etc.
  • Fluid farming: easy transition between farms.
  • Arbitrage bot improvements.


  • Continuing to work hard on listings, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, etc.
  • Rune swaps, BEP20 <-> NFT.
  • Achievements, points, etc.
  • Shop. Purchase skins, pets, NFTs directly with BNB.
  • Bosses. Stake $RUNE to earn runes in boss battles.
  • DeFi marketing kicks off (DappRadar etc).
  • Stretch Goal: Leaderboards.
  • 4 new rune farms.


  • Partnerships. Exclusive partner NFTs with unique mechanics.
  • $RUNE governance voting.
  • Marketing Fundraiser Event (pets).
  • 4 new rune farms.


  • Rune Evolution alpha.
  • Polygon <> BSC bridge for Rune NFTs. Bring your NFTs to ETH + OpenSea.


  • Rune Evolution launch.
  • Rune Infinite alpha.
  • Start work on NFT licensing/upgrading.
  • Start work on Marketplace.


  • Marketplace v2
  • NFT licensing + upgrading system finalized.
  • Team starts working on Arcane Sanctuary.

Please see the roadmap for more details.


We will be developing a full-featured marketplace for our games, and any other games that want to join us. It will be a desktop + web app, and something like a combination of OpenSea and Steam.

Marketing Fundraiser Event

We’ll be offering unique NFT pets that can only be received through this event. We’re going to bridge them to Polygon, so they enjoy the ecosystem already built there like OpenSea. Then in June, we’ll offer a bridge between blockchains.

Depending on how much we raise, the contributors will get different tiers. Tentative pets: Forest Turtle, Wyvern, Hippogryph, Goblin Drake, Fairy Drake, Black Drake, White Drake, Golden Lion Cub. Each of these will have viewable 3D models on OpenSea.

We’ll also be accepting custom item requests for donations over 10 BNB.

Goal: Raise funds for a large marketing campaign. We’re talking original media, large audience stuff. Not giveaways or contests.

Rune Ultimate Tournament

This will be a series of tournaments, where each winner/winning team will receive a generous portion of the SHAEL rune supply. If you want to be a SHAEL whale, you’re going to prove your worth in battle.

Goal: Reach a wider very-relevant audience.

ELD rune + ETH rune

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for the game plan for these airdropped runes. There’s a few reasons why we didn’t rush to announce anything. 1) We don’t need people with the mentality of getting the airdrop and dumping it immediately. 2) We are gaining 1 rune per week, and we have to try really hard to find utility for them all. Which is no small challenge.

As always, ELD and ETH will be required in future Rune Word item recipes. Which means they will be consumed and can be burned. That’s a good first step but we need more. All SHAEL transfers will automatically buy and lock ELD-ETH LPs. This will give them additional deflationary mechanics. SHAEL will be the official token of the Rune Ultimate Tournament, which will be a huge marketing event for us and should bring volume to the SHAEL token, and thus lock up a lot of ELD and ETH runes.


We’re hiring for these part-time roles:

Marketing Manager
Graphic Designer (NFTs)
Project Manager

Benefits include: working at home in underwear, more time with GoldenLion, potentially exclusive NFTs, lots of runes. Partial payment in stablecoins is acceptable, but RUNE is ideal 🙂

It’s going to be a jam packed year full of fun, games, NFTs, and hopefully a very profitable experience for all raiders.

Binzy signing off!

aaaaaand signing on again cause dev never stops



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