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Rune raises $100,000 for marketing through NFT pet sale

Rune, the popular gaming universe on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) raised $100,000 through a limited edition sale of 32 unique pets, which are NFTs in the Rune ecosystem.

Most of the pets sold within 30 minutes of release, highlighting the excitement around the game and its growth. The funds are going to be spent on marketing, expanding the Rune user-base, and building new partnerships.

Black Drake pet NFT sold for $11,400

What is Rune?

Rune is an open-ended gaming ecosystem where players can immerse themselves in an epic dark fantasy role playing game (RPG). The game draws inspiration from the likes of Diablo II and Zelda, popular video games over 20 years old.

There is a lot one can do in the rapidly expanding Rune universe. To get started players create a hero (NFT) from seven different classes, such as a Barbarian, Amazon, or Sorceress and join a guild. Play one of the games in the Rune ecosystem and earn various runes, which are cryptocurrencies (BEP20s).

Use the runes to craft Runewords, powerful weapons and armor (NFTs) that can be used to make your unique hero more powerful. Gamers can earn crypto in a play to earn game, by raiding yield farms, crafting and trading unique gear (NFTs), and battling other players for victory.

Highlighting Rune’s successes

To date, over 20,000 NFTs have been minted in the Rune ecosystem, making Rune one of the top NFT projects on Binance Smart Chain by daily transactional volume according to BSCscan.

With a strong community of over 2,500 followers and the launch of the first few games, Rune is ready for its next phase of growth.

What’s in store for Rune?

Rune Evolution its first play-to-earn game, where you earn crypto playing against other players, is about to be released out of beta.

Rune is also building support for Polygon, so players can play on the chain they want to support. This means Rune will be the first gaming app that runs across multiple chains.

After the bridge is built, Rune will be launching Rune Infinite, an exciting player vs. player game where gamers take their heroes, equipped with gear, and pets that you’ve collected into battle against other players. The best part is you get to earn crypto by defeating other players.

Rune’s goal is to take these exciting games into a MMORPG in 2022.

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