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Weekly Report

Hey raiders,

It’s been an intense 7 days! Let’s recap what has happened since March 31st:

What’s coming up over the next week or so:

  • Site improvements. Showing LP values + your share % in farms. Vault stats on home.
  • Inventory is WIP but will show your runes, with some actions.
  • Bring your character info onto the homepage.
  • Characters will start with basic items for demonstration purposes, and existing characters can claim them if desired.
  • Roadmap visualization.
  • $ELD added to interface, airdropped on existing characters.
  • Starting more marketing campaigns.
  • More contests
  • Onboarding more team members.

Thank you so much for being part of our journey. Raid on, rune raiders!





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Here’s something to look at for you stats nerds 🤓







Rune is a dark fantasy role playing game (RPG). Earn crypto in this addicting game by raiding farms, crafting, lending, trading unique gear, and battling other players, guilds, and AI for victory.

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