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Welcome to RUNE

Rune is an open-ended dark fantasy gaming ecosystem launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Rune’s first game is Rune Farm, a game to distribute the $RUNE governance token and attract liquidity to the ecosystem. The $RUNE token will have a capped supply.

Runes are small stones inscribed with magical glyphs. From April 2021, 33 different runes will be distributed to players through the Rune ecosystem over a two year period. Each rune builds on the last, expanding the universe with new storylines, games, and unique collectibles that make your heroes stronger. Several runes (BEP20 tokens) in the ecosystem can only be earned by raiding yield farms.

Runes are needed to mint Runewords, rare NFTs that make your character more powerful. The first use-case for the Runewords equipped on your Character will be unique farm bonuses based on the attributes on these NFTs.

Why Rune?

  • Created by gamers for gamers
  • Continuous updates and open source by a highly experienced developers.
  • We have a philosophy of open data, transparency, and provability.
  • Community-feedback and development welcomed and rewarded.
  • Detailed roadmap & game plan.
  • Integrated latest security recommendations including timelock and removed migrator code.
  • Minting lock mechanism to cap supply and be fully deflationary, at some strategic point in time.
  • Vault fees used for buybacks, burns, promotion and any other way to increase value for RUNE holders.



  • $RUNE token and $RUNE pools.
  • Complete NFT smart contracts.
  • Character creation. Exclusive NFT airdrops for first 1000 characters (future).
  • Initiate release of the first BEP20 runes. New runes will be released one-by-one. See the full Rune List here.


  • Character inventory system
  • Rune Swap
  • Initial NFT Offerings
  • NFT decentralised exchange (DEX)
  • Leaderboard, achievements, and points


  • Affiliate program
  • Polygon Bridge
  • First play to earn game
  • Launch of seven new runes
  • More TBA


  • NFT lending contract
  • Exclusive partnerships
  • Marketplace v2
  • Rune Infinite (PvP game)
  • More TBA.

When did the token go live?

The $RUNE token has been live since March 30th 2021 at 9:15 PM UTC

You can help us out by retweeting the tweet below:

Or forwarding the telegram message:

Where are you getting listed?

CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, DappRadar, Defistation, BscScan, BSC Price BOT

What about the migrator code and timelock?

No migrator function. There is a timelock on the MasterChef contract which will own the RUNE contract. Please see Github.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

We initially launched on BSC due to the high gas fees on the Ethereum network. However, the Rune ecosystem is blockchain-agnostic. We’re currently building a bridge to Polygon, with additional crosschain support later in the year.

What are characters used for?

Choose a hero from one of 7 classes. Each class has unique skills and weapons. You equip your hero with powerful weapons and armor and take them into battle against other players, guilds, and AI. The first guild The First Ones will be closed within a few weeks, and will be airdropped bonuses later this year.

What can I do with my character right now?

Not much, just look at it. Achievements, guild creation, coming quite soon. Then unique item crafting + rune words. Game demo in summer will use your character + NFTs.

What are guilds for?

The First Ones are the early adopters who will receive airdrop bonuses later this year. Soon, anybody can create a guild for them and their friends. Among other things to be announced, Guilds will be able to earn higher farm bonuses and share those higher bonuses to those they invite to their guild.

Why does the deployer wallet have multiple RUNE tokens?

We did a lot of testing before the final deployment. None of those had more than a few hundred RUNEs or more than $1 liquidity. Everybody was instructed NOT to buy them.

What’s the marketing plan?

Build the best product on the market. Reward users for growing the Rune ecosystem. Paid advertising, esports, contests, affiliate program, and partnerships.

How big is the team?

I am Binzy. You are Binzy. We are Binzy. We have 12 working behind the scenes. The lead dev, 2 consultant devs, 2 consultant project managers, 1 marketing manager, 1 community manager, 4 mods, and some advisors. We estimate we’ll need 1–2 more Solidity devs over the next few months, and 1–2 frontend React devs. This will be funded by a portion of the vault fees.

Are you planning to increase the dev team?

Yes, we have a lot of connections in this sphere who can help

Can I apply for the team?

Definitely! Contact us on Discord

Will there be rewards for early believers in The First One guild? :)

It will be a surprise, but you can bet when $RUNE makes it big time that we will be rewarding the original guild.

Will you be able to buy items at the marketplace or the inventory with the runes you farm?

Yup, or combine the different runes to make items called Runewords.

Fair launch?


10,000 $RUNE minted:

9,210.28 exchanged for 525.65 LPs

525.65 LPs locked for 5 years:

789.72 burned:

Max supply?

$RUNE max supply is 22,529.999999. Burned: 3,030 Total circulating supply: 19,500


Working on it. Goal is to get Certik for April.




Rune is a dark fantasy role playing game (RPG). Earn crypto in this addicting game by raiding farms, crafting, lending, trading unique gear, and battling other players, guilds, and AI for victory.

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