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How ASICS Digital makes remote work a no-brainer

I have spent approximately 5,220 hours commuting to work. Commuting consists of taking a bus, getting on a train, walking, and driving. That is a lot of time I could spend doing other meaningful things.

The ongoing pandemic has put the world of work into perspective for a lot of people. Despite the pandemic’s damaging effects, I am happy to share that it has helped me realize just how precious our time is. The two hours commuting can instead be spent connecting with friends and family, finding new hobbies, listening to music, going on a hike, planning travel plans — the possibilities are limitless.

Having worked in communications for ten years, going through the grind of waking up two hours before the workday just to get to the office on time was weighing on my mind. I knew it was time for a change.

When an opportunity to work for ASICS Digital (ADI), fully remote, popped up in my job notifications, I was excited and scared.

As a fan of the brand, joining ADI was an obvious career move. What I struggled with most is accepting the new normal workforce.

Can I really accept a job where I connect with an organization digitally? Where physical whiteboards are replaced by tablet whiteboards? Where employee engagement event office decorations are replaced with virtual call backgrounds? Where impromptu brainstorming sessions are replaced with quick calls?

My skepticism was at an all-time high. But now that I have worked at ADI for three months, I am happy to say that fear was unfounded.

Here is how ADI makes remote work a no-brainer for me.

ADI Technology setup is smooth

I remember starting past jobs and not having my laptop set up for almost a week. I was given a laptop with login credentials not set up yet. I would drive into the office and literally do work on a notepad, with plans to transfer it to my laptop once I logged in. I guess I still have PTSD from that week.

Then you can imagine my apprehension about getting started remotely with almost no access to technical support. I am happy to report that ADI’s technology setup may be the smoothest I have experienced to date.

My brand-new laptop came in the mail a week before my start date. Consistent email communication from HR and IT walked me through how to get set up. And on day one, I was ready to go with all my login information setup.

Not only was the login and security process seamless, but so too was adding additional software I needed. After a few quick instant messages, I was up and running with the software I needed to create content for ADI.

Lastly, ADI offers reimbursement if I need any additional working from home equipment. With that, I opted to set up my home with a wireless mouse and a case for my laptop.

ADI puts human connection front and center

I was nervous that I would not connect with others. Not only am I remote, but I am also on the other side of the country with being in Los Angeles while ADI is based in Boston. The nervousness quickly faded when I was informed that I would be getting a buddy to help with my onboarding.

The buddy I received was not selected arbitrarily. ADI managers chose someone they thought would be beneficial for starting my career at ADI, and I could not be happier with who I was paired with. Bi-weekly check-ins, open and honest conversation, and general concern about how I was getting on were very much appreciated. Not to mention happy hour drinks when I visited the office in September.

In addition to the buddy system, ADI shares extensive resources on mental health well-being and living Sound Mind, Sound Body™.

Everyone at ADI is welcoming, and after just a few short days of introductions via meetings, I could already tell connecting is valued at ADI. Speaking of connecting…

ADI understands the importance of digital culture

Have you ever messaged someone at work to not get a response? Or get a response a day later? Worse yet, expect an email instead?

Ghosting is non-existent at ADI.

With an instant messaging community of well over 1,000 channels and almost 200,000 instant messages sent in one month, you will instantly feel connected with other ADI employees. The instant message community has work channels, pet channels, music channels, and just about any channel you can think of — and if you do not see the one you are looking for, create it!

It is hard to put into words, but ADI’s digital community puts out a friendly vibe, with everyone ready to collaborate there or on video collaboration tools.

ADI empowers its employees

“Do not be afraid to do the things we need to do.”

One of my teammates gave me that as her piece of advice, and it resonates with me. So much that it is a sticky note on my monitor.

The feeling of empowerment at ADI is palpable. During organization meetings, goals and roadmap plans are shared and clearly articulate how everyone in the organization plays a part in reaching those goals. Embracing new ideas to reach those goals is also welcomed regularly.

If there is a new idea I want to roll out at ADI, a quick chat with my manager has already yielded the green light — as long as I have a sound plan of getting to the result. I have been at organizations where I must wait through countless meetings, emails, and brainstorming sessions to even think about challenging the status quo.

At ADI if it needs to be done, we will collectively find a way to do it. And bringing all this value to an organization while doing it from the comfort of my home just feels right.

If you are thinking about disconnecting from the commute and want to join an organization that embraces remote work, check out ADI’s careers page.

Hey, we might even be buddies!




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