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“Lacing Up”: My path to and first month at ASICS Digital

Who I am and how I ended up here

A little about me and my role at ASICS Digital

My name is Erica. I’m from New Jersey (unabashedly) but have lived in Boston for the last 7 years. When I’m not in the office, I’m usually training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or working on pieces for a book I’m writing. As far as my 9 to 5 goes, at ASICS Digital I’m a senior program manager on the eCommerce team, and I work on strategic tech projects involving the Asia-Pacific (APAC)…

Fitness, technology, and how we see the world.

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Erica Zendell

Erica Zendell

Quitter of the corporate grind in favor of the open road, a writing career, and a whole lot of jiu-jitsu. Currently writing from San Diego.

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