Toronto’s Best

Elijah Fisher

2023 Elijah has skill, length, and upside that has not even surfaced yet. This positionless lengthy Canadian #emergingprospect dominated the class of 2023 in 2016.

With these physical tools, the opportunity to play Varsity as a 12 year old, a tenacious work ethic and competitive spirit, once he improves timing, shot selection, and range out to 23 ft. He will continue to lead the class in North America.

Walking in a scorching hot gym after Ubering throughout the city, I walked into St. John’s College High School in DC and automatically gravitated to the RED team in their warm up drills. I thought is was fatigue that impacted my vision. The face looked familiar but in 4 months time his frame and game changed. Bigger and more polished. Confident and more intent. All those thoughts ran through my mind watching the warm up.

Elijah will be attending Crestwood Prep to play on Varsity as a Class 2023. Head coached by well known Ro Russell, The Crestwood Prep Lions in the fall of 2016 will look to field a strong, competitive team to compete in The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CISAA). Throughout the season, Russell’s team will also be competing in various U.S showcases and exhibition games to gain experience and play against elite competition south of the border. Additional initiatives will include March Break and Summer camps commencing in June 2016.

This summer, Elijah played up with Grassroots Elite on the NYBL Circuit with 2022 and started on that team. “He’s put in the work this year on his ball handling and guard skill, last year he was a pure big, this year he’s exploring PG.” said his father Rohan Fisher. 1 of 5 boys, Elijah spends most of his free time getting up shots and handling the ball at Falstaff Community center in Toronto. On top of the constant player development, the Fishers are committed to staying challenged. After a rigorous travel schedule, they have attended the Middle School All American Game, Basketball Spotlight, will be headed to MSHTV camp and NYBL All Star Weekend in September before school basketball cranks up. Much more to come on this #emergingprospect. Keep a close watch. #runnareport

October 30 update

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