Getting out from under the cloud

It’s time to start making plans, setting goals, and cheering up

Eight weeks post-surgery, life is as normal as it ever was. But I found it would take more than a new lippie and a blow dry to get me back in the game they call life.

Barriers be gone! (Pic taken by myself, in Forest of Dean last month)

A gradual return to work meant I could spend a little time getting myself feeling fitter and stronger. But it all felt so hard, and felt angry with myself. So slow, so heavy, so tired…. I’ve really been hating running and can barely run a mile without needing to walk. I know it’s ok and I am in recovery but still, I’ve given myself a hard time and have been feeling pretty unhappy about it all.

So…I’ve decided to draw a line under all that. If I am going to improve my mindset I am going to need some new goals.

New shoes are essential in achieving new goals!

I ran about 18 races last year and almost every single one I had the goal of ‘just getting round.’ It’s not good enough any more. I need something to aim for, to spur me out of this rut and help me enjoy running again. I’ve been inspired by Gemma Hockett, a sub-3 marathon runner who, in her recent Woman’s Running Magazine interview talked about ‘Getting uncomfortable every day.’ I need to do this.

I also faced my fear at the gym and booked a couple of PT sessions, which initially included an MOT on the Boditrax system. This analysed my body composition and my worst fears were glaring at me from the screen. My body fat is 38.8% (should be around 25–30% for my age), I am around a stone overweight and have the metabolic rate of a 50 year old.

But I ran a marathon in April, right?! Yes, but all that steady plodding with hardly any cardio, coupled with not enough cross training and over indulging food-wise, hasn’t done me any favours.

With all this in mind, here are my goals for between now and Spring 2018:

  • Drop 10% body fat by end of the year
  • Come within five minute of my half marathon PB (2:09) at the Milton Keynes Winter Half on 10 Dec
  • Lose 7lbs by end of September (and a stone overall by end of the year)
  • Two HIIT circuits/ two strength sessions per week, in addition to my running training
  • Enter my first Ultramarathon*

This sounds drastic, but it’s achievable. My PT has shown me some fantastic circuits which I can easily replicate at home (I bought a kettlebell — ha!) or at the gym by myself. I am feeling less self conscious in the beefcake section of the gym, as I know how to work the machines now.

I am also making the following small changes:

  • No more processed protein products (with hidden sugar and other crap) in my diet… Bounce balls, pre packed protein shakes, cereal bars…gone
  • 50% of each meal to be protein
  • Instead of a weekend blowout, have a small treat each day, to minimise cravings and stop that disappointing feeling of all good work being undone
  • Alcohol. Gone. None in the house. I have to be all or nothing with alcohol, and for now it is nothing.
Coventry Half Marathon 2015–2:09 and where I want to be again

I’ve been on my new regime for 2 weeks and have lost 4lbs, my stomach is flatter and I feel so much happier. I stomped out a quick (ish) 5k yesterday feeling a glimpse of pre-menopause me…I’m on my way back.

Thanks for reading

*more on my mad Ultra marathon plan next next time!