I’m calling it, 2016 is over.

As I write this I am snuggled up in my #UKRunChat hoodie having planned the rest of the year’s training activity around work, Christmas get togethers, hangovers and a toddler’s hectic social calendar. My plan is to ease back up to 10k distance, keeping my new found love for strength training too, before I start training for London officially in January. I am feeling really good and, as I said in my last post, I’ve really enjoyed incorporating spin and HIIT into my regime. At the minute I am not able to imagine getting back to where I was with running, but I know that, as long as I follow my plan whilst not being a total idiot about the whole thing, I am going to be just fine.

Making the most of autumnal running

So, this year in numbers:

  • 571 miles ran (would like to make it to 600 before end of year)
  • 15 medals earned
  • 3 pairs of trainers tried and tested
  • 1 horrible injury
  • 659265036 tantrums about being injured, pavements being icy, weather being too hot, hayfever stopping me running, forgetting trainers when on holiday, missing a run due to work, missing a run due to the kid being sick
  • £176,284,619 (feels like) spent on kit, magazines, ‘fuel’, sports massages, races, getting to races, accommodation for races and nutritionist appointments
Fridge diary: another runner essential

My favourite races were both in February — the Cancer Research Winter Series 10k in London and the Coventry Half Marathon. I’ve chosen these races mostly because of the way I felt having completed them. Both were raced in my favourite ever running conditions — perfectly ice cold wintry sunshiney days. I was around a stone lighter than I am now and in the best shape I’ve been pretty much ever. Both races earned a PB I’ve not managed to beat since — 55 mins and 2:09 respectively. Neither races I am running again in 2017, but hope to in future.

The most treasured medals of the year — PB x 2

And what have I learned? Well… I entered too many races, leaving no time to recover and train for the next. I dropped strength routines from my training. I let my diet slip. Basically I did all of the things that you totally shouldn’t do if you want to continue to enjoy running and not be benched with nasty shin splints like I was. But all in all, I learned not to friggin WORRRYYY so much about it all, I let some of the fun go and got too serious. I won’t let this happen next year.

I am soon going to write a post about my plans for 2017, as well as something I am working on with the title ‘How to train for a marathon and not become a boring twat’……

Until then, thanks for reading.

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