London Marathon Training update: weeks 1–5

January, huh. I started the year feeling ROUGH. Hungover, shattered, flabby…

First week was hard. Going back to work, quitting booze and junk, starting a new regime. What a cliche! I stuck to around 80% of my plan. It became clear really early on that my poor shins couldn’t take the sudden increase from 2 runs per week to 4, so I went for 3 and included an easy run, a tempo and a long run. Plus Pilates and Spin.

Apart from that first clunky week, I’ve loved it. I’ve loved mixing it up at the gym. I’ve loved running in perfect sunshiney wintry weather. I’ve loved cleaning up my diet and using this marathon as a reason to truly look after myself, more than ever before. I’ve not touched a drop of alcohol, either; my friends know they probably won’t see me until May!

Mid-month I attended a Lazy Girl Running workshop, run by running coach and writer, Laura Fountain. Most of us were first time marathoners, running Manchester, London, or Brighton. The very first thing Laura said was: “It’s just running” and straight away I knew this would be a great course for me, Little Miss Takes-it-too-Seriously. We spent a couple of hours talking about training, nutrition, all useful stuff and we all got to ask lots of questions before a session on technique in Finsbury Park. I learned loads actually and made some friends, plus it was a great excuse to do something running related. Oh, and I learned that actually I don’t know what intervals are…

Other exciting news: I got published! Women’s Running Magazine asked me to write my reason to run story for one of their Inspiration features. It’s in the March issue and online, here.

I finish the month 7lbs lighter and at around 10 miles for my long run. Next month I will increase mileage and number of runs per week from 3 to 4, as well as being more disciplined with interval sessions.

I’ll leave you this time with a quote which Laura shared at her workshop:

“When you begin with the finish line in mind, you miss all the fun stuff along the way” Sophie Amoruso