Review: DHB SS17 running kit

So what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t review some freebies once in awhile?

I’m so excited that DHB Sport have asked me to be one of their brand ambassadors.

DHB Sport, available from Wiggle, are a pretty well known brand in the cycling world, and are now launching their running range.

Tights: DHB Sport Trainers: Asics

I wore their winter running tights for my photoshoot with Jenny Macare in the, er, winter and loved the fact they are nice and long (I am 5’ 10”) and don’t go see-through on the bum or knees. Plus they have a MASSIVE zipped pocket at the back which easily fits my keys and inhaler and probably a gel if need be. I loved the reflective panels too.

My Winter shoot with Jenny Macare. Top: J Crew x New Balance Tights: DHB Sport
Happy post: my parcel from DHB Sport

DHB Sport sent me a selection from the SS17 range. Unfortunately, my lovely parcel of goodies arrived at the same time as my post-marathon break began. Now I am back in the game I have been testing it out, not just for running, but for gym classes too. The run singlet has been perfect for my pilates class, as have the printed capris. The singlet is amazing value and much better quality than some of my Nike or Adidas kit. The capris, however, have been relegated to emergency gym kit only as their lack of drawstring means they cannot withstand running or circuits classes. No zipped pocket either, just a small gap presumably for a polo mint or two, no room for much else. I do love the print though!

Singlet: DHB Sport Tights: Nike

The pink short sleeve run top comes in loads of colours and starts at just a tenner. It is the perfect alternative to vests if they aren’t your thing, and have a lovely long fit that doesn’t ride up.

Pink top to match my face…

I’ve also trialled the lighter version of their technical run tight which are full length and have the same great features as the winter tights I already own, but with trendy mesh panels at the back of the knees. They are almost identical to my Nike dri fit leggings but so much better quality. The drawstring on all my Nike tights eventually perishes or unravels, but the one on the DHB tights is made of much better quality. This sounds like such a minor thing but as all runners know, it’s important!

I’ve got my eye on their ombre print capris which I think are just the thing for Pilates and am looking forward to giving my longer tights a proper test drive then the weather cools down. With no item more than around £30, DHB Sport is definitely worth checking out, just make sure you check the pocket/zip/drawstring details if they are your thing.

I have been sent a selection of running kit in exchange for an honest review in my own words. I have not been paid for this review. The full selection is available at

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