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There are barriers. And then there are a load of ice covered tree roots
  • As a writer, words are powerful to me. I have two statements that I make to myself: ‘It will end’ and ‘It’s only running.’ Even repeating the phrases, until I’ve forgotten how shitty the run is going, can occupy my mind until I’ve got over it.
  • I remind myself that nobody is making me do this. It’s meant to be fun. If it isn’t, I go home, have a cup of tea, move on.
  • I use visualisation a lot. I imagine ticking the plan on the fridge. I imagine the medal. I imagine what I will say about my run (positive or negative) on social media. I think about the end goal (current goal: finishing a 40 mile Ultra). Visualisation has got me through long runs, spin classes, meetings…
Love me a medal, this one is a beauty
  • There’s a lot to be said for enjoying the space you are in — I try to remember to look up, savour not being in a car or office and breathe it in
Being outside is my favourite…
  • I feast on love. Sounds the worst kind of sucky, but thinking about my love for my 5 year old son can give me a boost for a good few miles. I think about getting home and having a big cuddle. I think about his tiny arms around me. I think about his little face in the palm of my hand. I think about the ridiculousness of his world sometimes. It keeps me going and makes me happy.
…actually no. This is my favourite
  • A new one comes from something I read about checking form. When my legs are folding and my shoulders drooping, a burst of high knees, deep breaths and strides usually resets my gait and gets me feeling fresh again.



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