The Flying Bike Run Club in Seattle is one of the many groups that combine running and beer

19 beer and running clubs for 2019

Exercise more, meet new people and try different craft beers

If getting healthy but still having fun is your New Year’s resolution, here are 19 (of many) beer and running clubs around the globe you can join.

East Bay Beer Runners

Location Bay Area, California
Every Tuesday night a group of runners with varying running experience meets at a local brewery or craft beer bar, runs between 3 to 6 miles, then returns for drinks. To date, nearly 4,000 members have joined the MeetUp group. Past events have taken place in Oakland (The Trappist, Beer Revolution, Drake’s Dealership), San Leandro (Drake’s Brewery, 21st Amendment), and Berkeley (Fieldwork Brewing, Triple Rock).
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Alpine Dog Brewery Tuesday Run Club

Location Denver, Colorado
Runners meet at Alpine Dog Brewery at 6:15 pm every Tuesday, with out and back routes around Cheesman Park; workouts are open to all levels of runners. Following the run, enjoy happy hour specials all night at the brewery.
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Location Toronto, Canada
Born out of the brutal Canadian winter of 2014, Toronto’s RunTOBeer doesn’t let the frozen northern weather stop the large group from running to different breweries. Regular runs take place on Sundays, but they also host the Mikkeller Running Club on the first Saturday of every month. They also organize a series of trail runs with Muskoka Brewery on Tuesday evenings once a month through spring/summer, and training runs for each local Canada Running Series race on Thursday evenings. It has partnerships with two of North America’s five IAAF Gold Label Marathons, coorganized the international beer run at Craft Brewers Conference (with the Fishtown Beer Runners & Mikkeller Run Club), features brewery-sponsored road trips and has its own beer mile crew.
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Sloppy Moose Running Club

Location Sacramento, California
Founded in 2013, the Sloppy Moose Running Club is a group of laid-back runners who meet at New Helvetia Brewing Co. on Thursdays for a 3-mile run followed by beers, food and laughs. Bonus: There is a dog-friendly patio out in the back.
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Big Ugly Running Posse (BURP)

Location Chesapeake, Virginia
The Big Ugly Running Posse meets every Wednesday at Big Ugly Brewery for a 1-, 3- or 5-mile route followed by beer at the brewery.
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Fishtown Beer Runners

Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“To the professor!” That’s how the 11-year-old beer and running club ends all of their group runs. It’s a toast to the professor who authored a research study finding that beer was better for runners than water following a run. The ranks of the group have swelled to nearly 4,000 Facebook members and the club even has its own documentary.
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Hash House Harriers

Mountain Momma Hash House Harriers (M2H3). Photo via Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

Location Worldwide
On On! Founded in 1938, the original “Drinking Club With a Running Problem” is the “largest non-competitive running club in the world,” with locations on all seven continents, every major city and tiny little alcoves across the globe. They are known for their elaborate traditions and major events in each city, such as the legendary Red Dress Run. Just Google Hash House Harries with your city name, and you’re likely to come across a club close to you.

Mikkeller Running Club

Location Worldwide
Mikkeller has running groups around the world, from San Diego to Seoul, and even has its own iPhone app. The club is founded by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, creator and owner of Mikkeller, who is a former competitive runner that earned scholarships in the US and set some Danish track records. But the main goal of Mikkeller Running Club is social with a finish up at a bar that serves Mikkeller.
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Running for Brews

Location Nationwide
Running for Brews started with just one location in Florida in 2010. Today, there are more than 25 locations across the country that combine weekly runs, social events, themed runs, and charity events runs, all finishing at a bar or with beer.
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Flying Bike Run Club

Location Seattle, Washington
Flying Bike Run Club runs from Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery every Wednesday evening, with an average of 20–50 runners participating. The group consists of runners of many different skill levels, running 3–5 miles with a pace for every runner. Jogging strollers and dogs are welcome.
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River Horse Run Crew

Location Ewing, New Jersey
Join the River Horse Crew for a running tour to burn off some calories and immediately drink them back up. The route is designed with a 2-mile or 4-mile option, with a diverse group of ages and paces that welcome everyone.
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Flying Irish Running Club

Location Spokane, Washington
The Flying Irish Running Club has an impressive 4,300 likes on its group Facebook page, and it looks like many of the members show up for their social runs. Here’s how they describe themselves: “We didn’t invent running, social runs, post-run cold beverages or even being Irish but we are the biggest and best at doing them all! WE RUN SPOKANE!!”
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Dirtbag Runners

Location Worldwide
Dirtbag Runners is a community of trail runners and ultrarunners that are fond of getting together for camping and beer miles in backcountry locations like Yosemite and Reyes Creek. “Run Free. Get Dirty.”
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Run Wild Missoula

Location: Missoula, Montana
The Montana running group organizes more than a dozen races each year, including the Missoula Marathon and monthly beer-themed runs. Each month, a 3- and 5-mile route is offered at a different brewery location on the last Wednesday of the month, and at the finish line, a social gathering with libations and food awaits.
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Pioneer Beer Runners

Location Western Massachusetts
The Pioneer Beer Runners, or PBR for short, organize weekly group runs to and from local breweries along with impromptu runs scheduled through the club’s Facebook group.
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Heist Brewery Run Club

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Location Charlotte, North Carolina
The Monday night runs range from 1–5 miles. With a Frequent Runner Card, you get a complimentary menu item after eight stamps, and each event comes with prizes and raffles and a live band. An optional annual membership program for $25 includes other perks and a HBRC tech-shirt. Note: There are many, many beer and running clubs in Charlotte.
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The Road Sodas

Location Indianapolis, Indiana
“Indiana On Tap’s premier club for runners with a drinking problem” meets weekly for runs from breweries such as MashCraft Brewery, Broad Ripple Brewpub, and Flat12 Bierworks.
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Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners

FREEEEEEEEEDOM! I ran with this group during a visit to Boston — and they go hard. Their official motto: “WE RUN, AND WE RUN FOR FREEDOM AND BEER. WHO DO WE RUN WITH? KIER BYRNES OF COURSE.” The Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners have been running for freedom and beer in the Boston area since 2007. Their “Follow me to the beer!” shirts are a fixture at races — I have one myself — and they keep up some club traditions while celebrating after the race.
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Big Boss Run Club

Location Raleigh, North Carolina
More than 1,000 members have joined the Big Boss Run Club Facebook group, where members live by the motto “no pain, no beer.” The runs continue on Sundays through the winter at Big Boss Brewing, ending at the tap room.
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