How I Finally Came to Appreciate Running on the Treadmill

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson
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3 min readJan 15, 2019

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For runners, the natural environment to be is outside — To face the outside conditions, to feel our feet hit the earth’s surface, and to be one with the elements. But, mankind has come a long way in the development of machines and technology which has created an impact on altering that natural environment.

With running specifically, treadmills have significantly contributed to the shift from running outdoors to running indoors. This has essentially created a disconnect between being in our natural environment versus a controlled setting.

Since the invention of treadmills, there has been an ongoing debate within the fitness community as to whether or not running on the treadmill is actually beneficial, or even good for your body at all.

In a recent article published by Runner’s World titled, “How Effective Is Treadmill Running Compared to Running Outsideauthor Ashley Mateo highlights the benefits of both. When it comes to running outside, she explains,

“You’re also going to activate more muscles when you’re running outside because you don’t have to run in a totally linear pattern.”

She goes on to provide more benefits with the research to back it up. She then transitions to the benefits of running on the treadmill. For example, she cites Selena Samuela, a Peloton Tread instructor when she writes,

“…there is a benefit to occasionally going easier on your joints: It can keep you healthier longer. Runners notoriously deal with impact and overuse injuries, and “running on a cushioned belt is certainly more forgiving than running on a hard surface,” Samuela says.”

For some runners, they’ll gladly run on a treadmill to replace certain harsh conditions that can be faced when running outside such as frigid temperatures or the scolding heat. For others, just the idea of treadmill running is a downright infraction against the entire nature of being a runner.

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson
Runner's Life

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