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How Running in Circles Can Be an Uplifting Experience…

Photo Credit: Unsplash stock by Olivier Fahrniu
Photo Credit: Gary Keil clipping Google Maps satellite picture outlining the 3DATF course. NOTE: Obviously not quite a ‘circular’ route but close enough!?
The 2018 3DATF trophies (I couldn’t find a picture of mine but it was just as beautiful!). Thanks, David Lettieri at for creating such amazing awards for us runners!

Enter in the additional 24 hours… that turned into SO much more

Stepping up the game

My strategy: Taking the ‘fifth approach’

My 215 miles over 72 hours — cumulative display. For example, I kept a 13 minute 42 second per mile pace for 49 miles (taking 11 hours 11 minutes) and then took my first rest (of about 3 hours) taking me to the end of my first 14.4 hour ‘fifth.’ Repeating a number of times until the end of the race but with the overall pace slowing accordingly.
Photo Credit: Gary Keil; showing my 75-year old mum walking one of the last loops with her baby boy!



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Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Neuroscientist, chronic pain specialist, mental/physical resiliency training professional, ultramarathoner & triathlete, philosopher, theosopher and chocoholic.