Real athletes run others just play games

Running: Starting From Scratch

Because of Incurable Inflammatory + Neurological Diseases

I’m an avid runner (or I was until circumstances beyond my control…

Doing the impossible

Know your limits and know your mantra

You can’t do this.

Stop. Quit.

Today is National Running Day

The top four reasons why we run

Today is June 4th. It’s National Running Day. Today is a month before Independence Day. Be patriotic…

7 Simple Strategies for Beating Runner’s Block 

Real Solutions To Help You Find Your Motivation 

You know, those days where you know you *should* go for a…

I Don’t Run

A 47 second movie I made about the first mile I ever ran in my entire life

Sarcoidosis Journal…

Volume 11 — Running Again

Pounding Pavement

My relationship with running from loathing to my first marathon

Watching a child with a higher-than-optimal Body Mass Index stumble off the track in exhaustion gave me a sense of hope. I could join him. Maybe we’d become friends and make finger paintings together. In the interest of potential friendship, I further reduced my already Eeyore…

Scorched Earth

We moved to San Elijo Hills in 2005. At the time, I was training for triathlons and just starting to get into trail running. One of the things that drew me to the area was the…

Tomorrow Is The Brooklyn Half Marathon

Here’s how to get ready for it.

Tomorrow will be my second time running the BK Half, my third half marathon in total, and my…

How Fitness Taught Me To Succeed In Life

In school teachers kept asking me “Julian, what do you want to do in life?” and I would respond with the rubber stamp answer “Something that makes…

Things that happen on a run streak

30 going on 50

It’s no secret that my training has been going well these past few months.


running on pure grit

Collapsing more than contracting, my muscles ache as each foot scrapes and kicks back the red dust behind me. Blood, vigorously boiling in my veins, begs me for more oxygen, but every breath in is dried up as soon as it hits my desert lungs. Steady breaths hiss behind me, slithering down my neck. They seem so precise, so perfect, effortless…

Time to take my running into next level

2014 is my second year of regular running. Recently I checked some summary data (me being geek and stats freak) and it turned out I ran about 1000 km so far. Not too much, but from zero to that in a year — I’m happy with that. Now, when I have set goals for this year, there is time to focus on…

Running for the first time in a year and a half. 

You have to hate a hobby to love it. (And celebrate with nachos)

Am I ready for this?

After finishing 70.3 Auckland (and sucking at it!) I knew that it’s time to step up and tackle that 3 headed beast they call Ironman. In the…

Routinely Running

A Street Ballet

It is simply labeled “Blues” — a jazzy three-note riff played four times before landing on the tonic. And then again, with a minor…

Boston Strong

My Race, The Race, Our Race

“You don’t become a runner by winning a morning workout. The only true way is to marshal the ferocity of your ambition over the course of many days, weeks, months, and (if you could finally come to accept it) years. The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials.”

On Being A New Runner

The joy of inexperience

One of the benefits of being a new runner (in my case, just over 18 months) is the constant positive feedback loop you…

So I Started Running (Again)

The Trail Along River & Back, And More

One fine cool afternoon in the Spring of 2012, for some less-than-fully-understood reason, I…


Real athletes run others just play games

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