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Overcome Perfectionism, Beat Procrastination

Hey Productivity Seekers,

Just get over it, they tell you. Take imperfect action, they say. The problem for us perfectionists is that, while that is good advice and moves our stalled projects forward, perfectionism is not done with us.

This week I outlined the 3 phases we need to go through as procrastinating perfectionists to move our projects forward, but also to be comfortable with what we have produced. When to rein our perfectionism in, and when to let it reign.

The written article is here:

And the podcast version is here:

I also announced our exciting collaboration with ReadItFor.Me that enables me to bring you 3 of their best personal development book summaries, free to access, every week. You can listen to the bonus podcast episode about this here:

Or you can skip straight to getting involved by clicking below…

This is amazing content and I am really excited to be able to bring it to you.

Until next time, have a productive week,




Productive Thinking about Personal Development and Habit Formation

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