Because Tony was trying to design an Happyness Engine

Happiness as engine, An engine of Happiness is what we all need but not happiness that hides behind secret failures and pains but Real happiness which gives always the sentiment of successful achievement on every factor that one can use to measure success.

I am from those who think and believe that everything is engineerable that’s what makes me like engineering systems, when I started studying mechanical engineering in 2003, I had already guessed the importance of system engineering and was more interested in this field than mechanical engineering and I had been already able to design and program a dynamic web application with PHP MySQL but my process was I think more innovative than what used to be done because I was generating the application with adobe Dreamweaver and tweaking the code according to my need this was better than trying to build it from scratch. Starting from scratch had at those times the benefit of clean code. By not knowing I choose a startup mindset, let's make it work right now and let's clean the code after because once the application working we even can program tools that can clean the code and make it SEO friendly and this would develop our development tools building skills. That’s the path I had taken using WYSIWYG software for generating the code and editing the code to my need while building tools that help me in the process of editing.

You clearly see the similarity with Book publishing in which the code is replaced by words, ideas, and knowledge customly arranged in a way that eases the reader's comprehension and utilization. I Just could title this article From users to readers but users readers fit best what I mean.

getting in one year an engineering degree that very few highly good students get in Three years is just a favor of God because even if I thought I was as clever and motivated as those who got it in three years the generosity of knowledge sharers, the books I god early in Africa, this computer of my father and his internet connectivity he gave me full access without caring about money when it was really not cheap and him frankly not a rich man in bank account by surely in cultural capital. Said this famous concept coined probably by Bourdieu.

I am happy because I own my own engine of happiness and have control of its speed what matters is not me but how to help others get control of their happiness engine. Understanding people and past and actual societies was an obligatory step for engineering just better engines.

Rest in Peace Tony Hsieh Maybe you will have a place in 100X Africa and in the Personal Computer Museum of Senegal and Valentine Re-deployable Buildings will play the role of connecting the PCMS with the Touristic Tech Vacation Concept.

All of this is for 10X to 100X engineers only.


Rest in Peace Tony Hsieh

Tony gave me with his book a clear proof of the practical working of one of the niche detection tactics that I have read from the Book of Gary Halbert.

So I am the CEO of Book dojo and here I am honoring another CEO who passed away some months ago. Tony Was a good and successful entrepreneur.

if you Need to onboard yourself into Book Dojo here it is.

Soon the first data-driven book here

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