Onto some techy things

When you are a creative technologist without time to build the ideas and discoveries you have because you cannot stop yourself thinking and producing creatives ideas and theories it can mean that your role is to lead not to do things. If it happens that you have real business and HR management skills, I would have you as my leader but let me tell you that I am like you.

Techy things arent necessarily products of the internet of things. They could even not need electric power. Techy things are about interesting things that make things better for the benefit of everybody but if they happen to deserve one party without hurting other parties they are also techy.

Sofware is eating the world said a famous venture investor and entrepreneur, Technology is eating both of them I say. Phagocytosis is a natural functionality, it is only about attractivity and you clearly know that if the world is like it is that’s partly because things like planets and stars revolve around other things and soon or later it is likely that they will collide and form new things. To say that attractivity is the mere fuel of phagocytosis and collisions.

I have already written an article about the phagocytosis that was highlighting startup acquisition. This article was a techy article like this one. That’s what I am doing every day working on techy things and it is very likely that you also are.

for another techy thing, you can also look at Book Dojo and the data-driven books, book-driven platforms that Book Dojo offers to Book communities and book lovers. If you want to be part of Book Dojo you can use this form.

Book Dojo a data-driven book publishing startup



This is the blog of the Founder and CEO of Book Dojo a mail-only startup publishing data-driven books and building book-driven platforms for book communities and book lovers.

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