They don’t have a book to study

This is a requiem for book readers and lovers from all around the world because we could be seen as selfish, or foolish when we are deeply concentrated in front of our printed book or our device reading while others are talking about things that may not be talkable in our point of view but book lovers and reader are empathic they don't judge other because of their behavior because they just happen to see the world differently and that’s ok.

If you are a book lover and reader bothering yourself by all these interruption-driven social signal around you, be patient and focus on your passion about book and knowledge because your power will be clear to everybody when you will be in sync with all other like you and me and together we will push thing further with the medium of books and all these mediated technologies that happen to be the result of late passionate bookish like us.

books are knowledge containers and at Book Dojo, we won't let them be the tools of business-driven marketers who package dump knowledge in order to sell more average products in the background. that’s why Book Dojo focuses on publishing Data-driven books a new category of books that soon fill our shelves and maybe our e-readers.

It is for sure not for everybody it is for the communities of book lovers only and it is here

Long-life to You, long life to Books



This is the blog of the Founder and CEO of Book Dojo a mail-only startup publishing data-driven books and building book-driven platforms for book communities and book lovers.

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