Wine Adventure Trail Run @ Warwick Wine Estate

We all knew it would be a wet day, from a week before the race the weather was already predicting upwards of 70% rain showers, steadily increasing as the days went on, by Saturday it was sitting at 93% so there was no doubt.

Photo by Chris Hitchcock

Around sunset Saturday evening it started pouring, and my never tested Waterproof Running jacket was added to race prep pile. After all, what is heavy rain shower to a real trail runner (guess I am one now).

Fast forward to Sunday morning and as best I could tell the rain had not let up much if at all, the wine farm was nothing but mud as far as the eyes could see, and yet plenty a runner had arrived, sporting all their colourful raincoats, and few more crazy ones dressed as if it where a summers day.

Having never run in such conditions before, I had no idea what to expect, and that pretty much added to the excitement, only 1 small change in the goals for the day, forget the time target and make down in one piece. Awesomely enough I had only missed what would been my target by about 3 minutes.

Nearing the finish line.

As it turns out, at least 78 other runners had arrived for the wet, wet, wet 15km run, and while I cannot speak for all of the rest, I most certainly hope they enjoyed it as much as I did, a familiar route, made more spectacular by a hole new perspective.

Thanks to the winter season now, in a few days time my shoes, that are now clean, should be dry enough for my next run. Part of me even hopes that for my next race, in about 2 weeks time, the weather tosses in a good downpour just for the funzies.

Help me as I raise fund for the animals while I run for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in the Sanlam Cape Town peace Trail Run 22km.