Computer 2, me 0

[Image: Photographic self-portrait of the female author wearing a light blue baseball cap, wireless earbuds, and a blue T-shirt]

Again, today, I managed to turn MapMyRun on, start it, then somehow stop it. (I suspect it’s when I switched to my C25K app. But if MMR only works when it’s in the foreground, how’s a girl supposed to manage the music she runs to?) So I don’t have a great track of what I did today. But it was the same route as last week, and I think around 31:30. Roughly the same, I guess. Week 3, day 1, so 2x[90s/90s/3min/3min].

I still haven’t quite gotten back into the groove where I think about anything but running while I run. Partly maybe it’s the city running — I like the trails better but the one nearest me is all torn up right now and I don’t like them enough more to go driving for it for a short run like this. Plus today I had no car. But I hoped when I came home the work I still need to do tonight would have sorted itself out in my subconscious. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t. The intractable problem still seems intractable.

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