Sometimes running is a pain in my abs

Sweaty selfie. [Image: Photographic self-portrait of the female author wearing sunglasses on her head, wireless earbuds, and a grey T-shirt]

I always forget how much core is involved with running. But since it’s always my back that starts to hurt first, I have been trying to consciously brace my core as I run. The last two days I’ve been feeling my obliques with every step. Maybe someday we’ll discover the hidden six-pack in my belly. More likely, it’ll be a six-pack of beer, though.

What do you run to? I’ve been using the Spotify playlist “Rock Me Up!” which is … fine … but today somehow we got back to the 1990s and I felt like I was in high school what with the Papa Roach, Dookie-era Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. Which I guess is ok — I mean high school was one of the many times I’ve been a regular runner —but didn’t really fit my mood today.

2.05 miles
Average pace: 15:20
90 seconds run/2 minutes walk

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