Build and Scale Your Remote Team: The Running Remote Conference 2018

There’s no denying it.

Gone are the days when remote work was just a corporate perk!

Now, it’s THE way to build your team.

According to ‘The 2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce’ report, 3.9 million people, or 2.9% of the total U.S. workforce, worked from home at least half the time in 2015, an increase of 115% from 1.8 million back in 2005.

And why not?

You can hire top talent from anywhere across the world.

Find great people at a fraction of the benchmark salary in your city.

Your employees are happier! According to a TinyPulse report, remote workers are happier because they have the freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want.

You have less attrition. Companies like PwC, Paylocity, Contently and Manulife use remote work opportunities as a key employee retention strategy.

You save tons of money by avoiding lease costs and related overheads. American Express saves $10 million to $15 million annually because of its remote work options.

But you have questions, right?

If you are running a remote team, you know that it takes time to figure out exactly how to realize the gains of a virtual workforce.

What are the best approaches to managing your team?

How do you hire people who can perform well in a remote setting?

How do you manage salaries and payments across several countries with ease, and without paying expensive transfer fees?

How do you keep a distributed team motivated and engaged?

How do you build trust in a remote team?

What should go into your remote team technology stack?

How can your people manage distractions while working from home? Or maintain a work-life balance? Both are common challenges for remote teams.

Rather than waste time and money trying to experiment and figure out these answers yourself, wouldn’t it be best to ask the experts?

Why not ask leaders from companies like ToDoist, Buffer and Time Doctor who have mastered the science and art of building and scaling remote teams.

Running Remote: World’s 1st Remote Work Conference

The Running Remote Conference 2018 in Bali will answer your most pressing questions about running remote teams.

Why should you attend?

Get actionable strategies from CEOs and senior leaders from Buffer, Atlassian, Todoist, GitHub, GitLab, Time Doctor and many more companies who have successfully built and scaled multi-million dollar businesses with remote teams.

Learn how to solve remote work challenges like communication, work-life balance, and employee motivation.

Network with Founders, CXOs and HR leaders of other companies who are also running remote teams.

Showcase your products and services to hundreds of conference attendees by becoming an event sponsor.

Meet freelancers and digital nomads who you might hire as a part of your remote team.

Give your remote team the holiday of a lifetime in an exotic location!

Who Should Attend?

> Entrepreneurs who run a remote team or about to start one

> Remote workers or freelancers who work from home

> HR, community & workplace managers

When and Where?

The event is taking place in the breathtakingly beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia (more details below), on the 23rd and 24th of June 2018.

The Speakers

Joel Gascoigne, Co-founder & CEO, Buffer

Founded in 2010, Buffer has exceeded $15M in annual revenue. The company has a remote team of 80+ spread across 50+ cities on five continents. Buffer is constantly experimenting with company culture with the vision of helping create the workplace of the future.

Sara Sutton Fell, Founder, FlexJobs &

FlexJobs is an award-winning, website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance and part-time job listings. In 2015 Sara launched as a resource for organizations and workers to learn and share remote work best practices.

Amir Salihefendic, Founder & CEO, Doist

Remote-first CEO of Doist, the company behind Todoist, and Twist, having nearly 50 people in about 20 different countries. Amir believes that a product stands a better chance of resonating with a global workforce when it’s created by people around the world. For him, working remotely is the way of the future.

Dominic Price, Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian

Your greeting from Dom!

Dom is the head of R&D program management at Atlassian, where his responsibilities span five global R&D centers. Atlassian is behind popular collaboration tools such as Jira, Trello & Hipchat.

Lara K Owen, Director of Global Workplace Operations, GitHub

Your greeting from Lara!

Head of Workplace at Github, Lara Owen is responsible for ensuring their remote team scattered across the globe remain cohesive and productive from wherever they work.

Liam Martin, Co-Founder & CMO, Time Doctor &

Your greeting from Liam!

Time Doctor and are productivity SaaS companies with 100% remote teams of 80+ employees distributed across 26 countries. Liam also consults on outsourcing and process design.

Dmitriy Zaporozhets, Co-founder & CTO, GitLab

Your greeting from Dmitriy!

Dmitriy made it to the Forbes list of the most successful people under 30-years-of-age in the Enterprise Technology sector in 2017. Since its launch in the Y Combinator, GitLab has taken on more than 140 employees.

Sarah Kuehnle, Head Of Product, Dribbble.Com

Sarah has helped Dribbble’s team develop remote working processes and frameworks. She’s had experience of being a remote designer, engineer, and product manager.

Indrek Pällo, Chief Representative, Estonia e-Residency

Named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired, Indrek with and these ingenious Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. E-Residency is a new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia.

Sean Hodges, Lead Developer, TransferWise

Sean is a senior software developer at TransferWise with an extensive background in Web and mobile technology. He has a passion for creative and modern product development, working with small to medium-sized teams in an Agile environment.

Justin — Empire Flippers (Justin Cooke), CMO, Empire Flippers

Greetings from Justin

Justin is a digital nomad (i.e. homeless), but spends most of his time in Manila, Bangkok, and Saigon. He now runs a 22 person team that is scattered across SE Asia and South America. The company’s management team is technically “location independent”, but they all get together every 3–4 months to spend a month working together.

Andrea Loubier, CEO, Mailbird

Andrea has been recognized as a top thought leaders and woman entrepreneur in South East Asia. Andrea is passionate about women in tech, millennials, identity and the new office. Being a self confessed travel addict, she started building her own company while traveling.

Steve Munroe, CEO, Hubud: Ubud Coworking & Community Space

Hubud is one of Forbes’ top 10 co-working spaces on earth. Steve is Hubud’s prime schemer and evangelist for new ways of working, learning and living. He is also the founder of Co-working Association of Asia-Pacific. Hubud is a co-working space in Ubud, Bali opened about three years ago. It is a collection of members at any one time that are freelancers, tech teams, creatives, video journalists, writers, dreamers and everything in between.

Eiji Han Shimizu, Mindfulness Coach

Eiji is a TED Resident, an award-winning filmmaker, publisher, and educator. The focused theme of his work has been our most important emotion of all: happiness. His documentary film, HAPPY, has won a number of awards from film festivals, become the #1 documentary on iTunes. Eiji has an MBA from the University of Miami and is certified in Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania.

Omar Zenhom, Co-founder and CEO, WebinarNinja

Greetings from Omar

Omar is the Co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, an easy-to-use webinar platform. Founded in 2014, over a million people have already attended a webinar with WebinarNinja and it has become one of the fastest growing self-funded software companies in the world.

Stuart Jones, Founder, Coworkation

Founder of Coworkation, Stuart Jones is a person with a great energy and vision towards new ways of seeing the digital work of the modern times. He is the creator of environments to stimulate inspiration, creativity and clarity through the fusion of passionate people and stunning locations.

Trimikha Valentius, Team Lead Developer, Ogilvy Australia

Trimikha is the Team Lead Developer at Ogilvy Australia, which has a remote team of 80+. He is a web, game, and Interactive application developer with experience in various platforms, directly managing a remote team of 12.

Reg Cheramy, Co-founder and CEO, Stormboard

Reg Cheramy is co-founder and CEO of Stormboard, a real-time online sticky note and whiteboard collaboration platform enabling remote teams to quickly capture more ideas and opportunities and turn them into outcomes.

Marit Martin, Co-founder and CEO, Hundred5

Marit is the co-founder and CEO of Hundred5, a candidate-screening software used by remote companies to discover whether the candidate has what it takes to do the job — as early as the beginning of the application process.

The Venue

Running Remote will be held in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali happens to be known as the Silicon Valley of Asia and it’s an extremely popular place for holding company retreats and co-workations.

The event will take place in Fivelements, Bali.

Our venue: Fivelements, Bali

Fivelements, Bali is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat that brings you to the ancient traditions of Bali. Embrace authentic Balinese Healing, Living Foods and Sacred Arts in this peaceful sanctuary.


We have partnered with several hotels in the vicinity, and you have attractive discounts of up to 64%. These are our partner hotels.

Event Tickets

A full price pass is for US$999. But right now, you can still get the Discounted Pass for US$850 only.

And there are also group discounts for teams. Get in touch with us at

Here’s what’s included in your two day pass:

  • 2 Full Days access to all talks & panels
  • Snacks & beverages
  • Delicious lunch buffet
  • Discount at our partner hotels
  • Special Offers from our partners
  • Access to presentation recordings
  • And Much more…

Hubud can also organize tours and team retreats. Get in touch for more information.

Who’s Organizing the Event?

Running Remote is being organized by Hubud and sponsored by a group of companies who are passionate about remote work.

Gold Sponsor: TransferWise, Heetch Sweden

Silver Sponsors: Transformify, Time Doctor, Hubud: Ubud Coworking & Community Space, Justin — Empire Flippers, Visuer Interactive, Remote Work Hub, Newswire, WebinarNinja, Intellyo

Bronze Sponsors: Kinetic Business Solutions, Balsamiq, Slido, Estonia e-Residency, ScrapingHub, Crunchbase, Coworkation

Also, huge thanks to our community partners:

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Learn, Network and Grow

Running Remote is an opportunity to get actionable strategies from some of the best known experts who are successfully running remote teams. It’s also a great place to network with people to hire, get hired, or showcase your services to a highly engaged audience.

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