How to share confidential information securely online.

You have finally hired a virtual assistant, independent contractor, or a new employee to help you with your tasks. Great job on deciding to delegate. As the saying goes — “Delegate to elevate”. Now the next step is to share your credentials with the new hire so that they can start their jobs. For example, you may need your virtual assistant to help with Instagram engagement by liking posts, leaving comments, and replying to comments and messages. How do you go about sharing your Instagram login information without compromising your password?

First of all, it’s unwise to share your password via email or by text. We have all heard of someone who has been hacked and has lost a lot of money or very confidential information. If this happens to your business, it may really cripple you in all sorts of ways. By the day, hackers are becoming increasingly savvy to new security measures and internet safety is something that should be taken seriously. Reading this article is the first step in ensuring that your business is protected online.

If you are running a business that handles very sensitive information or you need to share the passwords of your online platforms with someone else, you need to ensure that you share the confidential information in a secure manner. The most secure way to send confidential files and information is by using apps and softwares that make use of end-to-end encryption to ensure that your details are safe. End-to-end encryption doesn’t only protect your files from hackers but also prevents the host from viewing your data.

Businesses that do not adopt formal cloud-based sharing softwares are at the risk of major security breaches. The employees in search of convenience will resort to using personal cloud-based services that are prone to hacking and other irregularities such as malicious softwares finding their way into your system such as viruses and Trojan horses that are tailored to monitor you. Remember that information about a business contributes significantly to its success or failure. We would not want information such as your bank account details and passwords to your social media sites falling in the wrong hands.

The rule of thumb when it comes to sharing files online is always to confirm the permission settings. This is where you start. Ensure all the settings are as you want them to be. For example, when the permission setting is ‘Allow the public to view’, that means that anyone with the right link can be able to access your file. Also, ensure that you remove any files from the cloud that are no longer needed there. Change your passwords at least once every ninety days. These simple steps go a long way in ensuring that your data is secure.

Before choosing softwares for sharing files securely you need to consider the following.

  • Price.

You will need to know the pricing packages. Remember to always work within your budget. While checking out the price, also ensure that the software you settle on can support the size of files that you want to share. For some of the softwares, you will also need to pay for the particular bandwidth that you need.

  • Business-grade security.

Before settling for a software, you will need to have researched and known how it will protect your data. Some of the features that you can look out for are: that you access control of the files that you share. It would be nice if there is a feature that makes sure that the file cannot be reshared. This can be done by having the file automatically deleting itself after being viewed. This is especially important if you are dealing with cloud-based softwares. Also, ensure that the security measures in place meet the legal requirements for compliance.

  • Compatibility.

Some of these softwares are only compatible with particular devices and operating systems. To ensure that your workflows seamlessly, do some thorough research and ensure that the software you choose is compatible with the devices and the operating system that you use.

  • Consider an integrated service.

Well, what is better than a system which has features allowing for other services like email security? Such a system would definitely be more of service than a system that only allows sharing of files. You will be getting more value for your money if you choose a well-integrated software. Some of these softwares allow for video calls.

  • Ease of use.

The system that you choose should be intuitive both for you and the people that you intend to share the password with. There is nothing as annoying as systems that require hours of training before you can use them. It is only natural to go for systems that are easy to use.

Here are the best softwares and apps to use.


As a business owner, you may need an extra hand in running your business affairs. When incorporating new people into your team, you need to share with them log-in credentials into the different sites and applications that you use. LastPass makes this easier for you. You do not need to stress about changing your passwords every other time when you get a new team on board or using the same password for everything.

With Lastpass, your new team members will be able to log in to the different sites without having to know all the specific passwords for those sites. This ensures that your security is top-notch every other time.

LastPass works for both your mobile devices and your browser, once you fill in your LastPass password, it will automatically fill in the login details for all the sites that you had previously accessed using it.

The free version of Lastpass is very efficient but if the need arises, you may consider changing to the premium version.

Citrix ShareFile.

Say your business deals with very sensitive information. Maybe you have a contract with the department of defense. Citrix ShareFile has excellent security features. It is especially useful since if you are hacked, the files will be useless to the hacker. Not only that, Citrix ShareFile offers folder permission controls, user usage controls, identity-verification tools, file-expiration options, and file-sharing options.

Citrix ShareFile also has a firewall and antivirus protection. If a computer is stolen or owned by a fired employee, you can wipe restricted files remotely from any computer logged into your account. You see what I mean when I say that Citrix ShareFile is perfect for when you are handling sensitive information.

The icing on the cake is that Citrix ShareFile offers brand customization, meaning that instead of your employees and partners seeing a Citrix site, they see your company logo and branding consistently throughout the sharing site.

For business use, you will have to pay $100 per month. If you are planning to use it with your team you will pay $ 60 per month.


SugarSync is another secure file-sharing platform that you can use for business activities. It has end-to-end encryption. You can set permissions to allow individuals to access, view, or edit specific files. The platform also allows you to remotely wipe devices of sensitive data in the event that a device is lost or stolen.

Like other secure file-sharing platforms, you can share files without providing access to your account. For business accounts, teams can access shared folders from their own individual accounts, and individuals outside the company, such as clients, can use a public link to view specific files.

The pricing packages for SugarSync depend on the size of the files that you want to send. For 250GB you will have to part with $9.99 per month. For 500 GB you will have to part with $24.99 per month. For all these packages that I have covered they only support one user. For 1000 GB you will have to pay $55 per month this comes with some really cool features. For example, it supports up to three users and also allows remote memory wiping.


Egnyte is a hybrid cloud and local storage solution that also has excellent security features. The hybrid of a hybrid system is that if one system fails, you still have access to important files via the other source. It also means that it can detect changes to files and sync them to keep both copies up to date.

Like the rest of the softwares, it has end-to-end encryption.

Egnyte also offers a custom branding feature so your logo, branding, and messaging are reflected.

Pricing packages for Egnyte are as follows: The team package costs $10 per employee each month and the business package costs $ 20 per employee each month.


Dropbox is a very popular cloud-based software. The creators of dropbox aimed at creating a centralized system where its users could store all their information. It is very convenient for small and medium-sized businesses that do not require advanced features.

Dropbox does have standard security features: Files are password-protected, and encryption keeps your files safe. However, Dropbox does not provide identity verification. If your password and link to files fell into the wrong hands, your information could be compromised. Never use it to store sensitive information that could put you at the risk of identity theft or potential stalking.

Personal plans for Dropbox support up to 2GB of data.

Since we have covered the ways you can share sensitive information online. All that you need now is to get a virtual assistant to help you out with all your work. Runnovate virtual assistants are trustworthy and very dependable. Get one today by filling out this get ‘Get Started Form’. For questions, email



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