Introducing Runratio

Bankole Ogunbowale
Jan 27 · 2 min read

Runratio unlocks the insights in your income statements and aims to make taking your company to the next level a little less daunting.

Without having access to the analysts employed by much larger companies, how are you supposed to keep track of your financial metrics and compare your performance over time? How do you know for sure which areas are outstanding, and which areas have room for improvement?

These problems are what inspired me to build Runratio, a benchmarking platform that measures your financial performance and compares your performance against competitors of a similar size.

How it works

Many companies still track their financial metrics using Excel spreadsheets or accept the basic dashboards provided by their accounting software. We help you stay on top of the financials while spending your time creating value for your customers.

Runratio syncs the periodic data from your accounting software and summarises your income statement into three categorises (revenue, cost of sales and operating expenses). Once your income statement is categorised, Runratio calculates a full suite of accounting ratios that cover the entire income statement, giving you insights into revenue, profitability and cash flow.

Runratio also compares your performance over time against the competition, allowing you to focus on the areas of the business that need improvement and keep your foot on the peddle when you’re leading the charge.

Stop guessing and start growing.

Runratio was created to help companies answer questions like:

  • How are we performing compared to our competitors?
  • Which areas of the business have room for improvement?
  • How is our USP reflected in our income statement?

Without answering these questions, how can you be confident that you’re running your company in the most efficient way possible?

Monitoring your financial performance when building a company is like taking a headlamp with you when spelunking: It won’t get you through the cave, but it sure does make the journey easier.

Give Runratio a shot — Get started.


Benchmark your financial performance against companies of…

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