Agenda for Higher Order RxJS Mapping Operator

What will you learn in the Higher Order Mapping section? In this section I will first teach you what higher order mapping is and you will learn why you need higher order mapping operators. Next I will explain what exactly is the problem that higher order mapping operators are solving. How higher order mapping operators work? And you will see an example how it makes our life easy while dealing with higher order observables. So let’s see what you will learn in this section. Next I will show you what the important higher order mapping operators that you should know as a developer. Finally I will show you the order fetch problem where we had a nested subscription and then I will apply a higher order operator to solve that problem. This way it will give you a concrete understanding of higher order mapping operators so let’s begin with higher order mapping operator definition.




I am a Senior Software Architect, mentor & successful PluralSight Author, professionally I am an expert at Angular, Express, Node.JS, Object Oriented Design but with a particular focus on Service Oriented Architecture, DDD, MEAN stack and Asp.Net.

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Rupesh Kumar Tiwari

Rupesh Kumar Tiwari

Pluralsight Author, Developer and Trainer. I help students and professionals to become Full Stack Software Developer in less than a Year.

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