Finding Affected Builds in Nrwl Nx Monorepo

In this article, I will explain how to know which applications or libraries are changed in your nx monorepo workspace.

First time building Nx Monorepo

First Time if you get the source from repo to your local machine and run.

npm run affected:build

Notice all of the applications and library projects will build.

Once the build is done Nx will remember which projects are compiled successfully.

Next change the log.service.ts inside logger project in branding service.

Affected Dependency Graph in Nx Monorepo

Next lets check the dependency graph to know which are the apps and libraries affected by our changes.

Run npm run affected:dep-graph

See it is showing we have change logger project and it is being used in customer-user-editor and onlinestore-admin so all of these applications and projects are affected.

Nx can identify which are the projects changed. Which is great!

Build only Affected Projects in Nx Monorepo

Now you can run below script to just build affected projects only.

Run npm run affected:build

Notice it is only building affected projects only.

That give us performance while developing since we only build and test the projects that we change.

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Originally published at on January 24, 2021.




I am a Senior Software Architect, mentor & successful PluralSight Author, professionally I am an expert at Angular, Express, Node.JS, Object Oriented Design but with a particular focus on Service Oriented Architecture, DDD, MEAN stack and Asp.Net.

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