Just Don’t! It Drives Me Nuts — Series #7

1. SOS! All top priority.

“Type and print this out for me. Hurry, see to it right now!”
 “Forget about anything else, now this is our top priority.”
 “Listen, drop whatever you’re doing. All hands on this now. I need it now!”
 Excuse me, three SOSs in half a day? But do you have anything that’s not super urgent?

2. Your office Gangnam Style

“Oppa Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style. Op, op, op, op, Oppa Gangnam Style. Op, op, op, op, Oppa Gangnam Style.” Could you please turn that off? And don’t even hum it, OK? It’s really NSFW.

3. Last minute withdraw

If you can’t do it, why didn’t you tell us earlier? Now it’s the delivery time and you tell me “Sorry, I can’t.” What’s the point of your sorrow for such a last minute withdraw. What am I supposed to to?

4. The borrower who never returns, aka robber

May I borrow your charger? My iPhone battery is low. Sure, do remember to return, OK? Don’t make me regret.

This is our seventh installation of the cartoon series “Don’t! It Drives Me Nuts.” You may find our previous installations in our blog.

Any other office headache that you just can’t stand? Write a comment to let us know. It might show up in our next update.

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