New PR Released! — Revving up for Season 2

Henry Felerski
Sep 3 · 5 min read

Alpha Season 1 Power Rankings

At the end of Alpha Season 1, the team released Power Rankings for Pre-Alpha Season 1, Alpha Season 1 NA, and Alpha Season 1 EU. There were some surprising changes in the order between the pre-season and regular season rankings. It comes as no surprise that Pugsy and PAIKOr both remained at the top of their regions. Jackson, Oliwonder, and Rawin fell down or off the rankings. In NA there were significant jumps up the rankings from RingWorm and Yogurrt while EU stayed more stable. Both regions saw plenty of newcomers with their now divided PRs.

Looking into Season 2 we will have rankings for not only NA and EU but three new regions. Oceania, South America, and Asia will all feature a weekly circuit with their own circuit rankings.

Looking Forward

The first Rushdown Revolt tournament this weekend is the Australasia Arcadian. This will be the first of the new series of arcadians pitting two regions’ up and coming talents against each other, similar to the Pacific Showdown. This first one will be open to players in the OCE and Asia regions. So far, there are nine players signed up, most notably Keyblitz who won Oceania Throwdown #3. L0m and SirYellowJacket are signed up with both players improving placements in the OCE tournaments. The only players from Asia signed up are Mauripops and Pixelcorb. This will be their second Rushdown Revolt tournament. You can catch it (or compete in it) on Saturday September 4th at 4:00 PM AEST/ 2:00 PM SGT.

The rest of the weekend’s events are the circuit tournaments. They are Rushdown Revolt Season 2.1 for Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, and Asia. The EU, NA, and OCE tournaments have $350 bonus pots while SA and Asia have a $200 pot bonus.

Kicking off the Season 2 circuits will be EU in the second tournament this weekend. We’ll see a similar amount of competitors to the first bracket with ten entrants currently signed up. Of course PAIKOr is seeded first after winning every tournament in last season’s EU circuit. Missing from the list of attendees is Douchlas, PAIKOr’s closest competition who ranked second in the region last season. ProMeteor will be taking the second seed instead. Coming off their Arcadian win, bad will be in attendance with a relatively low seed of fifth. The EU Season 2 debut bracket is also on Saturday September 4th at 4:00 PM CEST.

The Rushdown Revolt Season 2.1 Europe bracket with preliminary seeding.

South America is one of the newest regions and they have the third tournament slot for the weekend. They have the largest number of entrants with twenty-three! Although new in the region, Rushdown Revolt seems to be incredibly popular in SA. All of the Top 4 from last week’s SA bracket will be returning with PELA2, Naru, JeZuK, and Mesen. This will be SA’s third Rushdown Revolt tournament. The winner of the first SA tournament, Jayka, is from Jamaica which makes them an NA participant. Jayka will be competing in that region instead. PELA2, Naru, and JeZuK all put up good fights against each other in the previous brackets so it’s hard to say who will come out on top. You can watch these players fight for a top spot on Saturday September 4th at 2:00 PM EDT.

Another region returning to competition will be North America. There are currently thirteen players signed up including the returning season champion Rancid. Other notable attendees are Jorane, who was second last season, and Yogurrt, who placed second at the EU and NA combined bracket at The Big LEVO 3. Pugsy, ranked number one on the Alpha Season 1 Power Rankings, is currently not signed up which isn’t too uncommon to see. This bracket will start on Saturday September 4th at 7:00 PM EST.

On Thursday night, NA had Midweek Rushy #20. This was a packed tournament of nineteen players. After losing in Winners Quarters, Brock made their way through Losers Bracket and back to Grand Finals before resetting the bracket and winning the tournament in two close 3–2 sets. Their rival in Grands was Yogurrt who only dropped one game prior to Grand Finals. Bubby was eliminated at fourth after losing to Brock 3–0 in Losers Semifinals and Rancid took third when Brock beat them 3–0 in Losers Finals. Taking two sets off of Yogurrt isn’t easy so Brock is a player to keep an eye out for this weekend!

The next tournament goes to the Oceania region for the first ever OCE circuit. This will be another packed bracket with thirteen entrants so far. Here SNC will look to defend their tournament win streak of two while Xenix, on streak of second places, looks to take a win. YNeos is currently absent after their second place finish at the Pacific Showdown last week battling NA. This growing region will be playing on Sunday September 5th at 4:00 PM CEST.

Earlier this week, OCE battled it out at Rush to see it Thursdays #3. There were eight participants. Xenix got themselves a bracket win defeating Alastair BL, Lichgo, and Zyfa. This was Zyfa’s debut tournament, and they surprisingly took second. SebPro101 took third after getting to Winners Finals and taking a DQ for the rest of the tournament. This worked out in Zyfa’s favor who lost to SebPro101 in the Winners Semifinals and would have needed to beat them in Losers Semis to advance. It will be interesting if Zyfa can keep up with the high caliber players again as they return for Rushdown Revolt Seasion 2.1 Oceania.

To end off the weekend will be the Asia region, getting their second Rushdown Revolt tournament ever. There’s a small turnout right now with five players signed up. Steeb and Splash, first and second place from the previous tournament, will both be returning. Last time, Steeb didn’t drop an entire game and I’m excited to see if they can do it again. Currently not signed up is Crono who finished third place at the last event. The tournament for this newest region will take place on Sunday September 5th at 9:00 AM UTC.

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