Welcome to the new combined Blog!

Russ Miles
Sep 13, 2017 · 1 min read
Songs, Tech and People

This is the new home of the Geek on a Harley and other blog posts from Russ Miles & Associates. It just felt like the right time to bring these two things together, especially as there’s going to be so much to announce and discuss in the coming year! Some sneak peeks of what is coming down the road include:

  • Updates on Geek on a Harley tours in 2018, including the Road to Everest!
  • Updates as the Antifragile Software book is (finally) brought to fruition and published. There’s been a LOT of movement around that book and finally everything has slotted into place so I can’t wait to announce it here and serialise some of the key messages.

Other upcoming topics will also include:

  • Why Chaos Engineering REALLY matters
  • Why GitOps matters
  • Why Cloud Native is the new Microservices
  • Updates on the new-look Antifragile Software book

… and much more besides!

I hope you enjoy this new-look combined blog! 2017/18 is going to be absolutely epic and so this will be the place to get all the latest information.

Russ Miles, Russ Miles & Associates and the Geek on a Harley

Russ Miles (the Geek on a Harley)

Blog of Russ Miles & Associates, and the Geek on a Harley

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