2022 Reading List

In 2022 I read the fewest books of the last few years, but also some that were of considerable length so maybe things balance out. It was a busy year, not everything I read is on this list but the majority are here — particularly the ones I liked.

The variety was all over the map, in my opinion. There are alot of books still on my list from over the years that I haven’t acquired or gained access to yet. Always looking for recommendations as well, if you have a few to offer.

Anyway, lets do it…

The Book of Enoch | R.H. Charles

Suppose a Sentence | Brian Dillon

The Club | Leo Damrosch

Desert Solitaire | Edward Abbey

The Man in the High Castle | Phillip K. Dick

Under a White Sky | Elizabeth Kolbert

The Beginning of Infinity | David Deutsch

Maps of Meaning | Jordan B. Peterson

Bleeding Edge | Thomas Pynchon

The Power of Fun | Catherine Price

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee | Dee Brown

Meditations | Marcus Aurelius

The House of Morgan | Ron Chernow

Against the Day | Thomas Pynchon

You Are Here | Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks for reading!



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