Castr: Podcasting & Audio on the Blockchain

Over the last few weeks I’ve been exploring a new audio distribution platform intended for podcasters. Castr is your sonic interface for the blockchain. It allows you to embed an mp3 file into a transaction with a Money Button wallet via BitcoinSV. Once the transaction is complete, listeners can stream the track in a browser right on the site.

I’ve been testing the fidelity of uploads with a few different types of audio. The first piece I uploaded was a spoken word performance with a sound effects present at times. One really great feature on Castr is the ability to select the compression quality of the upload. This, of course, can alter the listeners experience — however, the two options are 20MB ($) and 50MB ($$$) which is a fairly decent range for a speaking voice. A file under those thresholds will not be compressed and will have full fidelity provided you selected the correct target.

Castr is fairly barebones at the moment but provides fields for Title, Description, and Album Art for each upload.

User profiles are fairly standard — providing options for a Title, Description, Category, and Language, as well as a Channel Art upload option. However, aspects of these options are not yet integrated on the frontend. It is also nice that RSS distribution is on the developers radar too. Because these files are stored on the blockchain, the mp3 files are available to download.

I was able to compress 2 hours of the most recent Partyline Chat broadcast down to about 41MB, resulting in an upload that cost approximately $9 USD (including a cut for the developers). If you would like to CHEER for a broadcast, you’ll need a MoneyButton wallet as this functions like “tipping” sending a ~1¢ microtransaction to the content owner.

Head over to my account to have a listen and check out Castr for yourself:

You can also watch the article:



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