Relica: Photo-sharing on a Bitcoin Blockchain

I was granted access to Relica in the last few weeks and finally had a chance to make uploads to the platform. It is a photo-sharing app like Instagram that puts hashes of your images on-chain via Bitcoin SV ($BSV). Users can make posts and earn more cryptocurrency through engagement with their content.

For those that are curious about cost …and comparison shopping. This picture was 6¢ to upload on Relica when it first opened beta access. At the time the image could be loaded to Twetch at an equal cost. There are advantage points to make here in terms of Twetch regarding image dimensions and quality (file size) for desktop and mobile uploads (which is also available to mobile Relica users) on that platform which also grants you access to their more developed interface and active user base. How many social platforms can we all afford or choose to pay to use? Time might tell as we see these networks truly begin to compete for eyeballs outside the rabid BSV sphere which is still a niche attraction for many in the larger cryptocurrency fray.

There is an early adopter promo on Relica right now making the price to upload images such as this Partyline Chat promotion (which required resizing) only 1¢. I’m not certain how long this promotion will continue but it certainly makes the platform more affordable to users for now.

Bistagram was an early favorite of mine on BSV and you may recall my coverage of that platform from 2019. Relica is very much the same opportunity. There are no filter options and only images with square dimensions will be properly displayed at present. There are a number of directions the platform could take. If it focuses on social engagement and community building as well as competing with the photo imaging features, there are useful ways to build profitable mechanisms for photo distribution or licensing which other developers could implement as well.

I’m of the opinion that websites monetized with BSV should go with the pop-up pre-approval for a preset amount of money to be available for engagement. Swiping is not only a hassle but impedes engagement. Developers should consider this feature for all sites that will rely on audience development and engagement for monetization. Lower the barriers to velocity. The amounts can be set low.

If you want a photo-focused social experience monetized by BitcoinSV, Relica is probably the leanest and has a UI/UX that will feel the most like Instagram. Of course this means users have the option to comment or 💙-like a post for the cost of a BSV microtransaction. Have a look at it for yourself by signing up with MoneyButton which is the only login option right now.

You can also watch this review of the platform:



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