Sha Wars partners with Partyline Chat for Live Event Proof-of-Work Predictions

The live discussion podcast Partyline Chat has partnered with Sha Wars to enable live voting during broadcasts. Listeners and participants of the stream can now use the blockchain to record the outcome of their predictions using bitcoin.

“Sha Wars is a public proof of work prediction market that hosts on-chain events to gather sentiment data on current issues and debates. We’ve partnered with Partyline Chat to host our first live-interactive event between Chris DeRose and Jal. Join us on Sunday the 27th to participate!”, said C0in Alchemist of Sha Wars.

Sha Wars embeds proof-of-work prediction outcomes made possible by batching votes for the winning contestant to a bitcoin transaction that is sent to the blockchain. Anyone can participate in predicting the winner of the matchup by boosting their favorite contestant with bitcoin through a RelayX or MoneyButton cryptocurrency wallet.

“We’re very pleased to incorporate Sha Wars into the fold with Partyline Chat to extend the experience beyond the livestream that listeners have come to enjoy since we started broadcasting together in 2018.”, remarked Partyline Chat Operator Michael Finney. “Very much looking forward to expanding into new opportunities as a result of adding this feature to the discussions.”

Join the Partyline Crew on Sunday September 27th to listen to the discussion between Chris DeRose and Jal live on Twitter and Periscope. Vote for your favorite guest on Sha Wars set you prediction in stone!

About Sha Wars

Sha Wars is an unchain prediction platform dressed up in the retro 8-bit aesthetic familiar to gamers of the last millennium. Using BitcoinSV, participants can influence the outcome of a matchup by contributing to their favorite contestant via microtransactions recorded to the blockchain.

About Partyline Chat

Partyline Chat is a Socratic discussion group that operates like a pickup basketball team. A core group of crew members is typically on the stream but participants vary between broadcasts for access to the variety of guests that make appearances to talk cryptocurrencies, technology at-large, and their social impact.



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