Second Reform Church Thrift Shop

Welcome back to Rutgers everyone! I hope everyone’s semester has been going awesome so far, ours at RES is off to a great start. We have a lot of things coming up to keep an eye out for, but right now I wanna talk about the Second Reform Thrift Store. How many of you knew there was a thrift store just diagonal from the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house on 8 Stone Street? Not most of you I’m sure, but RES is ready to change that. One of our main projects we’re in the process of currently is remodeling the processes of this store to raise profits and bring business to a good cause. Thrift stores resell used or donated items for affordable prices, and we want you to shop there. All profits from this thrift store go to the church’s food pantry, and every item bought helps a little. We’d love to know what kind of products you’d like to see in the store, and to see everyone come out and support it. The sop is having a Fall Festival October 27th where you can come view fall attire and halloween costumes as well as enjoy complimentary hot chocolate and cookies! If you or your organization is willing to volunteer and help out this awesome organization reach out to res members particulary Gianna Midure and Rahul Chakraborty through Facebook. The link for the Facebook page is listed below where you can view some of the selection of clothing and find out more information for events.

Here’s some of the awesome stuff in store right now, thanks to Gianna for the pictures!