What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to You?

As a part of Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society (RES), it’s pivotal to understand the meaning of “entrepreneurship”. Rather than just a means to make money on your own accord, entrepreneurship has a deeper meaning to business leaders. Starting your own business involves a unique frame of mind that is only found in a special few individuals. Here at RES, we foster and encourage that mindset in Rutgers students to help grow the community that takes the innovative world forward. Interestingly, entrepreneurship varies in definition, subjective to the person you ask. We asked RES board members for their input on the meaning of entrepreneurship, helping us to gain some insight into the minds of the future business leaders at Rutgers.

Abhi Vyas, Sophomore
President of RES

“Entrepreneurship to me is the ability to do what you want and love doing it. As a pre-med student, I wasn’t too passionate about what I was working on and I was always interested in business but never knew why. So, spring semester freshman year, Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society held an event and the event was a RISE case competition and a hack-a-thon combined. We built a chatbot that would allow people to text doctor’s offices…What I realized then was I could do technology and business and make money doing it; that was so important. Since then, I’ve been able to start a couple different ventures and went all in [with] entrepreneurship and it’s been an incredible ride. I learn something new everyday and establishing Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society on campus has been an incredible journey. We’re able to inspire individuals to do and we’re able to give people the opportunity to do things that they didn’t think they would do before and show them that entrepreneurship is an alternative to the traditional paths in life- finance, law, medicine…”

Chris Sha, Senior
Marketing Director

“Entrepreneurship is taking control of your life and creating your own future.”

Jhanvi Virani, Freshman
Head of Internal Structures

“I feel like entrepreneurship is an opportunity for anyone to see an issue and be like, ‘I can fix that’. And basically that’s what business does to you. Business acumen that you can collect through various experiences, through classes, gives you the outlet and the opportunity to take any issue and actually take action and fix it and create some sort of impact in your community.”

Nikhit Kethidi, Sophomore
Events Coordinator

“The first time I met Abhi, he came up to me and said, ‘Hi, my name is Abhi, do you want to come to my room?’ And as shocked as I was by that statement, you realize that Abhi is a go-getter type of person and he tries to go out of his way to do as much as he can. That’s kind of the base of what entrepreneurship is, where you’re trying to do the most with this idea that you have and try to make it a reality. And [for] me, being a person who loves thinking or loves ideas but has never had much thought of doing something with those ideas, entrepreneurship is a way to do that.”

Rahul Chakraborty, Freshman
Events Associate

“You basically determine what you want to do. You find the problems you want to solve and you have to create a “why” behind the story; you don’t just want to create the next app. You find something you’re passionate about, you find a problem, and you work on it. I really think entrepreneurship is about getting people together. Honestly, this club, I joined it and I told all my friends about it and now a lot of people are joining it. And it’s some way to keep in touch with people. Because I don’t have time to meet with everyone, but if everyone’s in this community, we could all be working on something that we’re passionate about together…if we’re working in a thrift shop together, that means something [more] than just going out.”

In all the variations of the personal definitions of entrepreneurship, there is an underlying theme. The common factor is to change anything and everything you can in your control. Entrepreneurship is not just a business mindset. As mentioned, it brings everyone together. RES consists of pre-med students, computer science students, history majors, as well as business students, all looking to make a change in the world.