Ideation: 50 ideas in 20 min

Sorting my thoughts 🤔

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking. I almost have too many ideas about the things I want to incorporate into my thesis. It started to feel overwhelming. I had a great suggestion from my fellow classmate James to generate as many ideas as possible. So I time-boxed myself to generate 50 ideas or thoughts in about 20 minutes.

I wrote a new post-it every 30 seconds. Whatever was on my mind.

Synthesizing these thoughts 💭

I took a step back and I started to notice that some were themes. Some were design considerations, some were topics I’m interested in, and others were approaches I wanted to use. So naturally, I decided to organize them into groups. This revealed to me the kind of experience or the type of project I want to design.

What do I want to get out of thesis?

In some ways, this helped me figure out what I want to get out of thesis. What do I want my work to reflect? What are my goals? How do I want to approach my work?

While I want to let the problem and topic shape outcomes, I wanted to make sure I was designing my own process as well.

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