Product Lifecycle

  • Write out your idea/product lifecycle
  • E.g. a cook engaging with a new cooking app might be:
  • Planning / Shopping / Cooking / Eating / Sharing
  • Some aspects can be before/after actual interaction with product
  • Think about what that means and how it ties together
  • Will your product be integral to each phase? Is it weak in any phase? Is it unnecessary in any phase?
  • What can you leave out? What is it critical to be a part of?

I want to create a dating experience that is both online and offline.

The online experience will be familiar, it will be similar to online dating today but better. Making small interventions in the interface and baking in conversational games to help create connection, reduce anxiety, reduce ghosting, so that people are more likely to go out on dates.

The next part of the experience is in person. I’m imagining curating a space for dates to occur. Maybe there’s a bar where people can match in person or have in-person interactions for matching. This part is not yet clear to me.

One thing that is certain is that I’m playing in a specific part of the journey, bridging the online and initial first date. I think that’s the part that is most critical to intervene. It’s not that important that I provide support throughout the relationship, partially because it’s not scalable and it will be too difficult.

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